Name: 95
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 03-02-03
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 03-02-03 (Meeting #8)

Meeting Start 6:33pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley - ABSENT
Br. Aldridge
Br. Branson - EXCUSED
Br. Lewis
Br. Siard
Br. Williams
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott - ABSENT
Br. McCann
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin - ABSENT
Br. Abernethy
Br. Cantu
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh - LATE
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Anderson
Br. Vargas - ABSENT
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson
Br. Deeg - ABSENT
Br. Powers - LATE
Br. Faulkner
Br. Kincheloe - LATE
Br. Hinrichs
Pl. Heck
Pl. Siegel - ABSENT
Pl. Kuntz

*Quorum achieved, vote to pass previous minutes
*Passed by consent

President's Report
    -Need a check for the three pledges

Vice-President's Report
    -Skipped this week when scheduling aftermeeting for tonight
    -Want to do a quick aftermeeting right after the business meeting, but can't
    -No aftermeeting tonight
    -Retreat begins at 6:00pm on Friday night
    -Saturday at 10:00-11:00am, we leave for Romano's, drivers already selected

Treasurer's Report
    -Have a complete report
    -Account receivables = $13,016.25, up 2.5% from last month
    -New bills out, due in two weeks
    -Those not able to pay full bills, make a minimum payment for dinner and parlor fees
    -Have 3 receipts with no names, want to match them up
    -Have payment plans out, return within a week, takes 5 minutes to fill out, humor me
    -Budgeted rush is over, Br. Hafner is $800 under budget
    -$3500 in the bank after deposits, $2100 will go to National Active Fees

Secretary's Report
    -The Webmaster will begin getting the minutes no later than Monday after the business meeting

Rush Chairman's Report
    -Rush goes on

Chapter Editor's Report
    -Doing crazy editing
    -Not sure when it will be out, will work until it is, maybe by this week

House Manager's Report
    -We'd like a house

Steward's Report
    -MPA: We will not charge for last week's dinner, since it did not happen
    -Next week's dinner will happen as normal, Kappa Kappa Gamma dinner is not optional
    -Cook: TDM, DRC, JAM
    -Clean: JAM, JLK

Scholarship Chairman's Report
    -Was not around this Wednesday, anyone attend study session?
    -Same time, same place this week, 7:00pm in Union by the jukebox
    -Next round of tests coming up, if you need help, come to me
    -Pledge meeting set up for Tuesday afternoons, so no conflict with study sessions

Social Chairman's Report
    -We'll have a party when we get the house
    -Won't organize anything without a place to hold it in

Athletics Chairman's Report
    -Nothing to report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
    -No relations with Alumni this week

IFC Representative's Report
    -MPA: Meeting on Wednesday at Kappa Sigma

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
    -Adopt-an-Area after business meeting

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
    -People have met all 3 of ASK's candidates; they do exist (really)
    -Candidate Ceremony is today

Historian's Report
    -Got KAF the pictures he needed
    -Will work on President's Trophy

WebMaster's Report

Public Relations Chairman

Pledge Educator's Report
    -First meeting this Tuesday after dinner
    -Have chapter membership sheet, make any necessary corrections

Pledge Class President's Report

Reaper Report
    -Nothing to report
    -If you have things to reap, e-mail me

Executive Committee Report
    -Did meet today before business meeting, discussed retreat and budget concerns

Rush Committee Report
    -Disbanded last week

Old Business
    -Nothing actionable for this week

New Business

Action Item List


Br. Wheatley

Br. Aldridge
    -Today at 8:30am, my neighbors had a screaming match
    -I am plagued
    -Congrats to KAF for his accomplishment

Br. Branson

Br. Lewis
    -Had a meeting with a capstone partner who did not show up
    -For the next two weeks, more capstone

Br. Siard
    -MOO3 sucks

Br. Williams
    -Pardon me? (His answer when told it was his turn for Anouncements)

Br. Meizlish
    -Had a busy week, looking forward to nicer week
    -Done far to much work, looking forward to rest
    -No homework over retreat

Br. McCann
    -I had 3 tests on Wednesday

Br. Thomas
    -Have one test on Thursday, it will suck away my soul

Br. Martin

Br. Abernethy
    -I hate Foundations
    -Pre-ordered new Zelda game, have not played it yet

Br. Cantu
    -Currently have a 105 average in one of my classes
    -I'd be ashamed to have a drag queen champ (KAF) in my line, but we're desceded from Mercer and Wheatley
    -I have the smallest USB flash memory in existence

Br. Murphy

Br. Brumbaugh
    -Life is going well
    -Landlady is horrible

Br. Hafner

Br. Collie
    -Got a job

Br. Ulmer
    -Like to thank SCS in my time of dire need
    -Gateway is bad, don't buy from them
    -I like MOO3

Br. Pounder

Br. Knous
    -Addendum for VP report: If you have an alternative bedding type, bring it to retreat
    -My week was homework-tastic

Br. Anderson
    -3D studio Macs rock
    -Only with computers can you worry about how small yours is and get away with it

Br. Vargas

Br. Prosser
    -New symbol
    -New version of my game, in this version you can throw fireballs and meteors at spiders and cranes

Br. Ferguson
    -Uhhhh...I need to eat something, been two days since I have

Br. Deeg

Br. Powers

Br. Faulkner
    -I am proud to announce, I won the Cate center drag queen contest
    -Now have a bike, sans demons

Br. Kincheloe
    -Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are going to suck, rest of the week will be good
    -Been a long week

Br. Hinrichs
    -Much homework

Pl. Heck
    -Talked to my boss this week, I can go on roadtrip
    -Put my webpage back up, gotten 1600 hits

Pl. Siegel

Pl. Kuntz
    -Metro Prime 2 got final green light
    -Still have to write a paper about Jews on the high plains

Tool of the Week
    -Dual tool
    -DJP for misquoting the time of the pledging ceremony in the meeting minutes
    -JLK for not getting an aftermeeting room for this week

Final Announcement
    -KAF for his accomplishment this week

Meeting End 7:05pm