Name: 9
Title: Meeting Minutes for 10-8-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 10-8-2000

Meeting Minutes for 10-8-00 (Meeting #8)

Meeting Start 6:31pm

Roll Call


*minutes did not go out

President's Report
-Thanks for finding the new room, we'll be in the governor's room next week
-Crimson Room the three following weeks
-We need to get our picture taken for the yearbook, Tuesdays before dinner sound good

Vice-President's Report
-Retreat will not be next weekend, it is moved to Nov 11th
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30 (a.t.m.)
-Meet at the manor Tuesday for going out to dinner
-invitations will go out this week!

Secretary's Report
-Sorry the minutes didn't go out
-Webpage status: Normal

Treasurer's Report
-I'll get you all bills real soon

Chapter Editor's Report
-Reminder, please get your articles working
-I still have a few empty slots
-I don't know if we will have enough content for this issue, publication date may be moved back
-Articles are still due in two weeks

House Manager's Report
-Thank you for helping out last week
-The boiler has been lit
-Get keys from me today

Social Chairman's Report
-We will have to re-plan everything soon

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Study Session will be this Wednesday
-Tuesday will be the general Study Sessions

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

Pledge Educator's Report
-We had our second meeting
-We will be meeting at the manor for future meetings
-Secretary speaks next meeting

Pledge Class President's Report
-We enjoyed having Hugh at our last meeting
-It was nice of Trevor to hang around with us
-Nothing much else exciting happened
-(MDS2) Next time I plan to sing and dance…

IFC Representative's Report
-They didn't call me, I have missed the meeting
-(HPM) It was fun, they voted on the most attractive female on campus (I need names)
-(HPM) Oct 17th is the next meeting

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Who is cleaning up tonight? - MWY,HPM,AGM,SCS

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report

Executive Committee Report
-EXEC will meet at 12 noon in the Union for Lunch

Old Business

New Business

Action List
(HPM) - Flyer about the new neighborhood meeting, and meet them
(AML) - Legislation together for the new officerships
(JDP) - Call parents about insurance
TNL - The leaves need to be raked -Monday Evening
MWY - Get a hold of noise control, see how loud is too loud


Br. Wheatley
-Freeze warning tonight

Br. Bryant
-There was a football game this weekend, it was fun
-I guess Coach Stoops has a job for the next 10 years

Br. Dickinson
-I got a job interview with IBM, looks hopeful
-"She knows where she would like to put me…"
-I'm out of the upstairs

Br. Kraft
-Had my first test this week (aced it)
-Weather outside is nice
-I sent out 10 resumes, I got a call from Vegas

Br. Yarrison
-Let's hear it for fall

Br. Powell
-Hmmm weather nice
-Multimedia's tech help is a bitch
-Algorithm Analysis is a bitch
-I borrow my mom's car
-Chaos lecture at the UMC was cool

Br. Martin
-Fun week
-I had a few interviews this week
-Thursday night I took a mini-vacation
-My dog drew my blood
-But it was fun
-Upstairs Apache is no longer ours

Br. Lowe
-If you live in Salt Lake City you need to go to Wyoming for beer

Br. Garner
-UTEP representing
-OU representing

Br. Aldridge
-After a week of despair, the Chaos theory was cool
-I had a good Friday with Rach and Jeremy

Br. Rogers
-I went to Dallas this week (Contra Dance)
-Jenn Langston did not duct tape me to her bed

Br. Ycedo
-Little girl did not get on the plane despite the fact I bought her a ticket
-I had a good weekend, but crazy (good)

Br. Lewis
-<waves hand>

Br. Siard
-Yeah the boiler at the house is on
-I haven't gotten enough sleep
-Something is wring with the router

Br. Williams
-This weather kicks ass
-Good weekend, and good week, preparing for hell
-I have two midterms this week, ugh…
-Other than that, life is good

Br. Meizlish
-OU kicked ass, then the second half started, not much changed
-Stupid people need to burn in hell
-Life is going extraordinarily well
-Dating life is great, not this happy since freshman year

Br. Scott
-I went to Dallas, the game was my first
-It was a good one
-I sat close enough to spit on the Longhorns on the 50
-I have a massive headache

Br. McCann
-House is now quieter

Br. Gilland
-Game was most amusing
-I watched with Maddog and Trevor
-Steph was cussing at ABC

Br. Craig
-School sucks
-Think I'll graduate

Pl. Thomas
-I kinda watched the game
-I saw that Boren cancelled class, I'm all for these football games now
-M&M and Dido on SNL was cool

Pl. Martin
-I interviewed with Northrop, it's cool
-I stayed up till 7am playing Counter Strike

Pl. Amen
-BEVO, it's what's for dinner
-I got my metal for my bed, I can build that now

Pl. Abernethy
-Slow weekend, got lots of sleep
-Cool game, we need more games for more school off

Added Br. Rogers
-I want to get married in front of the Manor

Final Announcement
-AML And TNL for the manor clean-up

Meeting End 7:13pm