Name: 83
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 10-19-03
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 10-19-03 (Meeting #09)

Meeting Start 6:30pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheately
Br. Aldridge
Br. Branson
Br. Meizlish
Br. McCann
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas - ABSENT
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Anderson
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Heck
Br. Siegel - ABSENT
Pl. Kuntz - ABSENT
Pl. Bagwell
Pl. Williams - EXCUSED
Pl. Bolton
Pl. McCarroll

*Quorum achieved, vote to pass previous minutes
*Passed by consent

President's Report
    -Friday, October 31 is Engineering Open House, 9:00am to 1:00pm, we sponsor the rubber band car race event, we need three volunteers
    -Got a thing in the mail for belly dance lessons
    -Breast-fest is October 22

Vice-President's Report
    -Retreat is this weekend, starting with dinner on Friday at normal time
    -Aftermeeting at 9:00pm tonight

Treasurer's Report
    -Paid a lot of stuff this week, including $625 for blankets
    -Have not been receiving any payments, give me money please

Secretary's Report
    -Nothing to report

Rush Chairman's Report
    -I want a Rush Committee meeting over Retreat

Chapter Editor's Report
    -I'll be sending out reminders for articles this week

House Manager's Report
    -General question: Do people want the next work day before Retreat or after?  If before, 6:00pm on Friday, if after, noonish on Sunday
    -Vote is taken, majority votes for Friday at 6:00pm

Steward's Report
    -If you drop food anywhere, pick it up
    -I scrubbed the floors, found two dried cherries, I was less than pleased
    -Chores will be out this evening

Scholarship Chairman's Report
    -We had our study session this week, it was amusing that as soon as it began, everyone went to their rooms
    -Study night does not begin when I get here, it begins after dinner, and runs until around 10:00pm

Social Chairman's Report
    -SEF sent out a link to the Festival of Sin Invitation; if someone is not formally invited, they will not be allowed in

Athletics Chairman's Report
    -Nothing to report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
    -Haven't seen any around

IFC Representative's Report
    -Just because I'm guessing that I can't go to the IFC meeting this week, can anyone else go?  KAF and LRK volunteer

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
    -We got a thumbs up this week, we'll be cleaning up after the meeting

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
    -They are doing very well, their Retreat was this weekend, they had the police called on them
    -They have assigned bigs and littles

Historian's Report
    -The pictures are on my computer, I can put them on Frankenbox
    -MAB: There are pictures on the table for you, I found them in an old box from Monnett

WebMaster's Report

Public Relations Chairman
    -Sadly, no relations with the public this week

Pledge Educator's Report
    -We had a fun trip around Norman, thanks to MWW for leading the way
    -Pl. Bagwell is the least annoying, he's doing the best on the quizzes

Pledge Class President's Report
    -We have decided we don't like the Pledge Educator
    -Pledge aftermeeting at 9:00pm

Executive Committee Report
    -Didn't meet, we will at Retreat

Rush Committee Report

Social Committee
    -Didn't meet, it will meet this week, same time as last week, 8:30pm, my room, Wednesday

Old Business

New Business

Action Item List


Br. Wheatley

Br. Aldridge
    -Been a suck-tastic week
    -I'll be going home for a funeral, my grandmother died

Br. Branson
    -I turn 23 on Friday, much celebrating will occur then
    -We Furried Justin's room

Br. Meizlish
    -My last week as been a surrealistic nightmare
    -Tuesday, I got very sick, lasted until Friday
    -A small party was crashed by a belligerent drunk, Norman police were called and directed to my house     

Br. McCann
    -Had my Micro-econ final on Friday, it was easy
    -Started playing Diablo, haven't stopped

Br. Gilland
    -I know most don't write many papers in a year, but if you do, give them to DRC, he'll help to raise it by a letter-grade, at least
    -I went shopping with Jen for her Festival of Sin costume, it's very sinful, and therefore makes me very happy

Br. Martin
    -This week sucked
    -My car works now

Br. Abernethy
    -Life is constantly full of delights and joys

Br. Murphy
    -I'll probably get something other than potatoes this year

Br. Brumbaugh
    -Never had so much fun seeing people get their heads cut off

Br. Hafner
    -Week went from suck to all right to suck to all right
    -Need someone to teach me sequences and series

Br. Collie
    -My group presentation was postponed for the 2nd week because the teacher was not there
    -This afternoon, I was paralyzed on this couch that I'm sitting on

Br. Ulmer
    -The world is broken and will not be repaired

Br. Pounder
    -Now that it has happened three times in a row, it is more or less a given that my girlfriend will be doing my laundry from now on
    -The only stipulation is that I treat her to a nice meal each time, so today we went to Pearls
    -I had no cash at the time, so I now have to pay her back

Br. Knous
    -Week drastically improved
    -Tricia came down, spent the weekend here
    -Got a new dress coat
    -Wrote lots of Assembly
    -Beat my other ROTC friends yesterday at the Fitness test

Br. Anderson
    -Week was uneventful, free time spent working on character design for Animation class
    -Found a new card game made after dot-hat-sign series

Br. Prosser
    -I'm officially an open source developer
    -My game was downloaded 50 times, puts me in the upper 94th percentile

Br. Ferguson
    -Turning 20 tomorrow, don't feel I'm mature enough to be 20
    -Parents dropped by with a desk for me, formally owned by the government
    -They also brought a cake (at first misheard as "keg"), should be eaten soon
    -I hate Data Structures

Br. Powers
    -I have pneumonia, drugs don't work
    -A fan fell on my head today
    -I found my other shoe so I don't have to wear my sandals anymore
    -I'm feeling hazy at the moment
    -New Imperial Guard Codecs rock

Br. Faulkner
    -I made a 47/50 on a paper I wrote in between classes last week
    -My best friend was down yesterday and today, we ran amuck
    -On the whole, shibby
    -On Wednesday, I had to get a mouth splint thing that has made my enunciation even worse
    -MAB: it's not that worse

Br. Kincheloe
    -Decided to put my bouncing to better use
    -I ran on Friday, and I'm noticeably less bouncy

Br. Heck
    -Bobbi Joe is on Disc 2 of Final Fantasy 9

Pl. Bagwell
    -My Dad's birthday is today
    -Got an external hard drive for my laptop, I needed it
    -Lost most of my video games, but where ever they are, they're all in the same place

Pl. Bolton
    -Did lots of studying, homework, and I put some dry ice in a fountain on the South Oval

Pl. McCarroll
    -Been Playing Final Fantasy Tactics for Gameboy Advance
    -Studying, tests, stuff like that

Tool of the Week
    -Typhoid SMP

Final Announcement
    -Pl. McCarroll: I nominate myself
    -DJP: tally
    -MAB: DJP for his mad tally skills

Meeting End 7:00pm