Name: 81
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 09-14-03
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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Meeting Minutes for 010-05-03 (Meeting #07)

Meeting Start 6:38pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheately - LATE
Br. Martin (elder) - LATE
Br. Aldridge
Br. Branson
Br. Meizlish - ABSENT
Br. McCann
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas - ABSENT
Br. Martin - EXCUSED
Br. Abernethy
Br. Murphy - ABSENT
Br. Brumbaugh
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous - EXCUSED
Br. Prosser
Br. Ferguson
Br. Powers
Br. Faulkner
Br. Kincheloe
Br. Heck
Br. Siegel - ABSENT
Pl. Kuntz
Pl. Bagwell
Pl. Williams - EXCUSED
Pl. Bolton
Pl. McCarroll

*Quorum not acheived

President's Report
    -11:30 am tomorrow, Student Advisory Board meeting for College of Engineering, anyone want to go?
    -Triangle is invited to Siard's/Chandra's wedding on January 3rd, bachelor party on December 31

Vice-President's Report
    -MPA: Aftermeeting at 9:30pm tonight

Treasurer's Report
    -I hate lying to you guys
    -I have no bills or chocolate
    -I do have current balances for actives, but not pledges
    -$8657.09 is Accounts Receivables, due to our largest debtors graduating, but payments have been made also

Secretary's Report
    -Contact list updated, will be posted soon
    -Alumni debt letter also updated

Rush Chairman's Report
    -Open rush starts after retreat

Chapter Editor's Report
    -Nothing to report

House Manager's Report
    -Work day went well today
    -House manager expressed displeasure of DRC for breaking new vaccuum cleaner
    -Next Sunday 2:00pm is next work day

Steward's Report
    -Chore list went out just now
    -Problems with finishing dishes, they should be clean and put away, all of them
    -Close up bagel bags when you get a bagel
    -The sink: if you rinse food off, do so on the side of the sink with the garbage disposal, the left side
    -For clean-up crew, clean the griddle

Scholarship Chairman's Report
    -MPA: I'll get a study night set up with him

Social Chairman's Report
    -Don't have a date for the zoo trip yet
    -Like to find someplace we can watch the OU/Texas game
    -Babylon 5 will be an hour after OU/Texas

Athletics Chairman's Report
    -Officially registered now
    -Will find out when the first game is on Wednesday
    -You must have a picutre ID for the first game, and fill out this form (passes them out)

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
    -Siard was here for a bit

IFC Representative's Report
    -Meeting at Phi Kappa Sigma this Wednesday

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
    -Got a thumbs up, we can keep doing my plan
    -Lambda Chi Alpha running a "Campus Kidnap".  One of our members is "kidnapped" and is held for a ransom of canned goods
    -Cleaveland County YMCA is looking for Big Brothers

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
    -MPA: We got cake from them, they had a BBQ yesterday
    -At 12:45pm Saturday, we got a call asking if any of us knew how to grill

Historian's Report
    -Take pictures of house destruction for posterity and Event Horizon

WebMaster's Report
    -AKH says he had a problem with the mailing list, don't believe him

Public Relations Chairman
    -KAF is new PR Chair
    -I have had no significant relations with the public

Pledge Educator's Report
    -We had our first meeting, it was fun, I gave them stuff

Pledge Class President's Report
    -Pl. Williams - President
    -We're the best pledge class so far
    -We will release our letters during retreat
    -We have pledge education on Wednesday
    -MPA: Mike green this tuesday on Kappa Sigma lawn

Executive Committee Report
    -Did not meet

Rush Committee Report
    -Did not meet

Social Committee
    -Did not meet, but needs to
    -Wednesday after dinner

Old Business
    -None to speak of

New Business

Action Item List


Br. Wheatley
    -Sooners are now 5-0
    -Road construction to Dallas is getting better

Br. Martin (elder)
    -Amazing news: TU has won three football games in a row

Br. Aldridge
    -No comment

Br. Branson
    -Hell of a week and hell of a weekend
    -Up until 5:00am last night
    -Oklahoma chapter of Triangle played first game of Pong in M4nZor last night
    -Narrowed it down to a list of grad schools that I'll apply to

Br. McCann
    -Over the weekend, I was in the air for 12 hours, asleep for 14, and in San Diego for 23

Br. Gilland
    -My team won our game of Pong
    -Jello-fest rules
    -Football in the rain on Saturday rules as well
    -Next week full of test

Br. Abernethy
    -Life is daily filled with joy and surprises

Br. Brumbaugh
    -My pledge class has deserted me

Br. Hafner
    -My pledge class has largest percentage here
    -Stargate is awesome
    -Will watch Stargate upstairs to combat B5

Br. Collie
    -Thanks to KAF for giving me head during the meeting

Br. Ulmer
    -I have watched so much TV this weekend

Br. Pounder
    -Still can't think of anything

Br. Anderson
    -(After waking up) Sleep is a wonderful thing
    -We now have wireless hooked up at hour house, it is a wonderful thing as well

Br. Prosser
    -New Symbol
    -After watching 20-30 episodes of Family Guy, it's a lot better than what I thought before

Br. Ferguson
    -Glad I've gotten around to watching B5
    -I hate having homework all the time

Br. Powers
    -Been a good week
    -Scottish pop band coming to Oklahoma, want to see them

Br. Faulkner
    -Ballet is no longer the only class I've fallen asleep in
    -Missed B5

Br. Kincheloe
    -Life is fairly good
    -Half-Life 2 was delayed as expected

Br. Heck
    -Been a long week
    -Got my first 2 test out of the way, think I did good
    -Given up drinking
    -Half-life 2 source code was leaked
    -My sister is a sophmore, busy doing something combining nicotine and DNA

Pl. Kuntz
    -Weekends can be like toilets: there are points where it's the only thing you're waiting for, but they can be full of crap as well

Pl. Bagwell
    -Realized I have a test worth 25% of my grade in a class the day after Retreat

Pl. Bolton
    -Learned we can't throw people off the roof in between mattresses

Pl. McCarroll
    -I've got a test this tuesday in Discrete Math with Dr. Page
    -I've returned the member of the week award

Tool of the Week
    -DJP for giving it to MPA for last week

Final Announcement
    -AKH for the party

Meeting End 7:30pm