Name: 8
Title: Meeting Minutes for 10-1-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 10-1-2000

Meeting Minutes for 10-1-2000 (Meeting #7)

Meeting Start 6:45pm

Roll Call

*minutes for past week passed

Guest - Mrs. Kuntz
-Welcomes us to our new home
-It was 42 years ago that first woman was moved in upstairs
-If you have any questions, I'll be around

President's Report
-We officially own this manor!!! (BIG APLLAUSE)
-Ready to start doing actual work
-Thanks to those who helped move us in last week
-I'll keep you updated on what is happening with the city
-I have the president's packet, pick up your stuff officers

Vice-President's Report
-Didn't get the WOW and Local Founders invites out, I'll get them soon
-We'll try to do retreat here
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm
-Tuesday Dinner: Unpacking: MWY,AML Cooking: TDM,MAB,KLR Cleanup: MPA,TNL,JMG

Secretary's Report
-The webpage is fixed and FULLY updated now
-Stephen Mercer helped me update the Member Tree
-Sorry the minutes are getting out late, I'll work on that

Treasurer's Report
-(JMG) If you want a bill, talk to Br. Garner
-(JMG) Please Pay

Rush Chairman's Report
-RUSH events are Tuesday Dinner and Study Night
-Anime Night too…
-We have one bid out, let's work on it

Chapter Editor's Report
-I have an article list to pass around
-We don't have a whole lot to write about other than the house
-Please include Officer Reports
-Pledge Class Article
-Please sign up for articles (or add one! Even better!)
-They are due two weeks from today (Oct 15th)

House Manager's Report
-I got a couple of things… I'm scatterbrained though…
-Thanks for help moving, MWW especially
-People have a problem with us backing out of the parking lot
-Keep the pavilion clear for turn around space
-If you want keys to your rooms or the house, talk to me
-I will be implementing a suggestion box (I.E. E-Mail me with subject "House Suggestion")
-Please sign up for 2 hours of work this week
-I want to form a house committee (formally brought up next week)
-I want to create a community relations chair, please give me input (appointed by the house manager)
-(GRG) We have to play by some rules
 -Do nothing illegal!
 -Legal Parking places is about ten cars
 -Don't back out of the lot!
 -No drinking on the balcony
 -You have things to do, this is a team effort…
-(TNL) Don't open the windows!
-If I see anything descriptive around this house, your ass is mine!
-Messes that are left out will be dealt with, clean up after yourself!
-(TNL) If you don't live here, stay out of the car port area, I need the space
-(TNL) Temp house number: 405-447-9975

Social Chairman's Report
-There is no party this weekend
-Social Committee meeting is this Wednesday

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Study Night is now Wednesday at 6-7pm

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-I found the directory, I will find it later

Pledge Educator's Report
-We had out first meeting, we have officers
-First quiz and introductions

Pledge Class President's Report
-We have officers: (done via paper/rock/scissors)
 President: JAT
 Vice-President : TRA
 Treasurer: QVA
 Secretary: AGM
-We took a quiz (how do you feel?)

IFC Representative's Report
-I got the stuff…
-I don't know when the meeting is…
-We'll see…

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-I need volunteers for tonight: MWY,MAB,JMG,AML,Q?A,HPM
-Meet here right after the aftermeeting
-Phi Mu is holding a Croquet Tourney, Retreat Weekend
-Applications for the 2001 Greek Week Chairman
-Adopt a School is also out

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
-(MAB) Thinking about a joint dinner here (they cook)

Historian's Report
-Get a group picture at the new house after this meeting EVERYONE!

Executive Committee Report
-Updated info…
-I haven't gotten in touch with Mrs. Marks…

Old Business

New Business

Action List
HPM - Seal deal with Mrs. Marks
MWY - Get a camera for the Historian's Office
HPM - Come up with a flyer for the neighbors and the actual meeting
AML - get legislation for the new officers
JDP - Call me parents about my insurance


Br. Griffin

Br. Wheatley
-Wow we have a house
-Pizza and Dr. Pepper was the first meal

Br. Braynt

Br. Watson
-Great to be here, about time…

Br. Dickinson
-Found a copy of Masters of Magic that works with win 98!
-Working at Service Zone is enough to fry your brain

Br. Kraft
-Life is good

Br. Yarrison

Br. Powell
-Bookstore was selling books today
-Cool stuff for sale
-Network in the old house is up on the first floor
-I'm well medicated now <coughs violently>
-I cannot get over the idea that this room used to be medical green

Br. Martin
-My legs didn't want to work today without pain
-I'm real excited about being here
-We have new responsibility

Br. Lowe

Br. Garner

Br. Aldridge
-Library sale was really cool
-JDP is under quarantine
-My current address is LIMBO

Br. Rogers
-I have a little bro now!
-The line hasn't died
-And we have another Aerospace major!! <booo…>
-Another non-CS major?? <yea!!!!!>
-I got paid on Friday for being a TA and got two new computer games!

Br. Ycedo
-(JMG) Anyone that spoke to mike and knows what he said, don't say anything to anyone
-(JMG) Don't tell anyone else

Br. Branson
-College Bowl is coming up
-We'll do the Masters Division as an ape could have done amateur
-I need six people for a team of four, talk to me, due Oct 13th
-I saw Sideman, it was a neat show
-I need a ride to the airport Thursday night at 7pm (MBW _ I'll do it)

Br. Lewis
-I've had a long long week and weekend
-All my stuff is moved
-I need a vacation

Br. Siard
-Thanks for helping me move last night and this morning
-The third floor is and will be green again
-Volleyball next Saturday, 11am at Reeves

Br. Williams
-Good good week, classes are becoming tolerable, or rather, inanity has been reached.
-However… I am now broke for about eight days (I barely made rent)
-But other than that… Things are going good.

Br. Rye
-Drama Sucks
-Beginning of last week I got my car up +$200
-I might not get that back…
-I want to get out of Oklahoma for a weekend

Br. Meizlish
-Work is tedious, and bills are eating money
-But, things are getting under control
-Life is good

Br. Scott
-I made a B on midterm <collective shock>
-I'll go to Texas next weekend
Br. McCann
-Foosball Table is heavy…

Br. Kirkpatrick
-Not going to waste your time

Br. Gilland
-Life is getting better
-classes are getting taken care of

Br. Craig
-I will be here next semester, so I will be moving in
<scholarship chair panics>

Pl. Thomas
-I am beginning to appreciate non-game days

Pl. Mulder
-After chalking, I took a 6ft brunette to IHOP and starting driving
-I hit New Brussels Texas about 2am
-This is pretty serious
-I saw my first concert
-I got to walk around the State Fair
-I bought a new bed, it's a queen!
-Can't wait for this weekend

Pl. Martin
-Interview with Northrop when well
-This week sucks because of tests

Pl. Amen
-I got my car fixed, I hate alarm systems
-Last week's Hockey game was bad (16-0)
-There is another one tomorrow, I won't make it, take my place, please…

Pl. Abernethy
-My speedometer stops working after 70…
-AIAA meeting on Tuesday, go to it
-I don't have a love life
-I got a cool book though

Mrs. ???
-I'll get the ICE Machine fixed

Added Pl. Mulder
-I'm no longer in ROTC, only National Guard
-I told them to shove it

Added Br. McCann
-I still do not have plague :)

Final Announcement
-Pl. Abernethy for membership!

Meeting End 7:46pm