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Title: Meeting Minutes for 9-24-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 9-24-2000

Meeting Minutes for 9-24-00 (Meeting #6)

Meeting Start 6:556pm

*minutes passed with amendments

Roll Call

President's Report
-Next weekend the business meeting will be held at the Manor
-Meet at 6:00pm outside the Manor
-Greek Week applications are now out, pick one up if you wish
-Mike Green Event (Alcohol Education Speaker) Walker Adams Mall, Tuesday 9:30pm

Vice-President's Report
-We have a room on the 18th for Local Founders (3-5pm)
-Retreat is Oct 14th, that weekend, Could we do it here at the new house
-Aftermeeting is at 10:00pm
-Tuesday Dinner: 6:30pm Cooking: TDM,AGM,HPM  Cleanup: MPA,MWY,MEY

Secretary's Report
-Minutes and the webpage are okay
-Pledges get me info

Treasurer's Report
-We paid rent

Rush Chairman's Report
-I need to meet with the Pledge and we need to sign the IFC form on Hazing
-Rush Events are happening this week! Dinner on Tuesday, Make your own Event

Chapter Editor's Report
-I will hold off on the sign-up sheet for articles, due to the house
-The House will be a big part of it, but I want other stuff

House Manager's Report
-(HPM) Have your stuff together to be ready to move
-(JDP) We can get free boxes, get with me

Social Chairman's Report
-Intended to get the Social Calendar out, didn't do it
-Party Planned for next weekend, is now just whatever on Saturday night

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-Study group on Wednesday for Algorithm analysis and anything else
-Study night will also be here tomorrow night

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-I have the area codes

Pledge Educator's Report
-Congrats to the new pledges
-Announcing the process of the meetings, find me after the meeting

IFC Representative's Report
-Missed the meeting, I didn't know about it
-(HPM) Can't tell you when it is
-I'll be at it

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Dance Marathon is coming up
-Tonight our area needs to be cleaned up, South of Catlett (DO THIS ONCE A MONTH DAMN YOU)

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report
-I took a bunch of photos

Executive Committee Report
-We did not meet
-We will meet on Wednesday at 7:30pm

Old Business

New Business

Action List
MYW - Get on me about the pictures I need to make in an album
Pledges - Email them ME
TNL - Social Calendar out by Monday
JDP - Get a butload of Address Change forms
HPM - Contact James Parker about a minor living in a chapter house
MPA - Get invitations to WOW and Local Founders


Br. Bryant
-I need to go by the storage place and close it out Garner is helping him

Br. Dickinson
-I am now working at Service Zone!
-There is something wrong with ONE of my brakes

Br. Kraft
-Had a good week, Career fair was pretty good.
-I have an offer

Br. Yarrison
-Great week, 3 interviews

Br. Powell
-Happy Fall for everyone
-I got my TV back from my Dad's Place, and a new printer
-I got to sleep in this weekend
-My tires were flat as I drove back from OKC… The whole way…

Br. Martin
-Career Fair went…
-Holy Fuck Nutz (In response to that I have been called by Raytheon)

Br. Lowe
-I'm too busy

Br. Garner
-USA Women's Water Polo had a devastating loss last night

Br. Aldridge

Br. Rogers
-Carrier Fair sucked ass unless you were CS or Chem E
-I had no interest…

Br. Ycedo

Br. Branson
-Long week
-I got myself destroyed on Thursday… Let's hear it for the curve
-Dinner with IBM on Thursday (KLR) - Fuck you… It was for ACM (KLR) Fuck you…
-SCS and I are seeing Sideman this Weekend

Br. Lewis
-Pretty good week

Br. Siard
-Hmmm…. In theory I'm going to see Sideman this weekend…
-I got an 80 on a GUI test…
-I got triple digit compile errors down to one…!

Br. Williams
-Kick Ass weekend, Ren Fair in Kansas City was Awesome
-This week should go pretty good

Br. Rye
-Longest weeks of the semester…. Everything that went wrong, went wrong
-I got the plague
-Drama occurred, worked through that…
-Saturday, my car was towed!

Br. Meizlish
-Ren Fair was cool, but it was not sunny, it rained…
-Interesting and cold… Shows were cool

Br. Scott
-9:30 tomorrow morning, EVERYTHING IS DUE
-I can't get rid of a job, and I didn't go to Carrier Fair

Br. McCann
-I went to Carrier Fair in Tee-shirt and shorts

Br. Kirkpatrick
-I hate cold weather!
-This is the first day of hell then
-I issued my first forecast, Pray for lots of clouds this week

Br. Gilland
-Week has been pretty good
-I love cold weather
-next weekend I get to go watch a game and make fun of old friends…

Br. Craig
-Carrier Fair was fun. MIS people kept getting in my way!

Pl. Thomas
-Well, If you don't like cold weather you should be shot
-US got trashed in the Marathon

Pl. Mulder
-I've met most you, but I have not been around
-I went through three women this week
-Tests popped up on me, but I got to take make-ups
-Anyone that went out to Paintball fields, expect me, died…

Pl. Martin
-Carrier Fair was fun

Pl. Amen
-I'm too busy… <Cut and paste from Br. Lowe's>

Final Announcement
Quincy for membership

Meeting End 7:42pm