Name: 68
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 04-21-02
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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  Triangle Meeting Minutes for 04-21-02


Meeting Minutes for 04-21-02 (Meeting #13)

Meeting Start 6:34pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Powell - LATE
Br. Aldridge
Br. Rogers
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis - ABSENT
Br. Williams
Br. Rye
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott - ABSENT
Br. McCann - ABSENT
Br. Kirkpatrick
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin - ABSENT
Br. Abernethy
Br. Cantu
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer - LATE
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Anderson
Pl. Reif - ABSENT
Pl. Vargas
Pl. Prosser

* Minutes from the April 14th, 2002 meeting were passed.

President's Report

    -Request by Br. Fong that revisions to the national constitution be propogated online rather than new paper copies. Any objections will be directed to him by email
    -People interested in leadership school please talk with me

Vice-President's Report

    -Aftermeeting will be at 9:30 
    -Dinner Wednesday, 7
        -Cook: MAB, ADH, MPA
        -Clean:  MDM, RDB, others

Treasurer's Report

    -Bill should be out for May, out next week
    -Accounts recievable is getting pretty high. Please talk to me if you have solutions for the summer. 
    -Still looking for a treasurer in the fall. I'll talk to people after the meeting

Secretary's Report

    -Nothing to Report

Rush Chairman's Report

    -TRA: BMG, get with AGM

Chapter Editor's Report

    -There will be prizes given out to the people who turn in their articles in first

House Manager's Report

    -Nothing to report

Social Chairman's Report

    -Nothing to report

Scholarship Chairman's Report

    -TRA: Study
    -MDM: This week, get with MAB for calculus tutorial. Wednesday is a big study date for calc. 

Athletics Chairman's Report

    -Nothing to Report

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report    

    -Nothing to Report

IFC Representative's Report

    -Greek week was last week. Children's carnival was Friday, got lots of left over candy
    -Next week is at Phi Kappa Sigma

Philanthropy Chairman's Report

    -A bunch of us went and did the carnival on Friday. We ended up painting ourselves because the children were scared.  

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

    -ASK had their retreat this weekend.

Historian's Report
    -Have a new photo album coming from a publishing place online. 
    -TRA: if you had anything to tell Jimmy about philanthropy, let him know. 
    -BMG: I helped run Groovefest
    -TRA: Donated money to bowling for kid's sake
    -TRA: Donated lunch to Women Build volunteers yesterday

Public Relations Chairman

    -Need contact info for News for Norman people.

Pledge Educator's Report

    -I had a really good meeting today. Wish everyone could have showed up

Pledge Class President's Report

    -We had a meeting today, that's about it
    -Haven't finished my essay

Reaper Report

    -KLR: FE? 
    -JCK: Send Becky my tux measurements
    -ADH: Remind me to go to my chem study session 
    -SMP: Remind Jimmy to send me my pictures.

Executive Committee Report

    -Did not meet
    -MAB: We need to meet sometime.

Rush Committee Report

    -Did not meet

Old Business 

- No old business.

New Business

    -MAB: I move that we consider the motion to ammend the local constitution to allow graduate students as actives
        --Refer to ammendments--
    -KLR: Baccealareate degrees for graduates? MAB: So ammended as germaine. 
    -Tabled for next meeting

Action Item List

    -MAB: Need to harrass alumni about insurance
    -MAB: We need to find someone to mow our lawn
    -BMG: I need to mow my lawn


Br. Wheatley

    -I will be moving at the end of May to a new location. I found me a spot on the west side of norman. 
    -This next Wednesday is secretaries day. 

Br. Powell

    -Took my fifth test in Spanish
    -Due to a Paris trip, my Spanish teacher is ending the class a week early
    -Old people who drive expensive cars suck...
    -Nearly pushed a police officer off the road as he tried to merge.

Br. Aldridge

    -K-Pax is a pretty good movie
    -My thanks to people who watched a really crappy movie 
    -My work on transcendendent virtue ethics continues

Br. Rogers

    -FE is done
    -Because it wasn't terrible, it only took 4 pints at the Library to wash it away
    -Played for a contra this weekend
    -Payed for the FE myself because my department sucks
    -Got in the mail a CD that friends and I made at dance camp

Br. Branson

    -I refuse to respond
    -Software is finally over. Couple of rum-and-cokes later I'm fine
    -Went to see "As you like it"at the University theater. Some of the actors overdid it
    -Tau Beta Pi got to partially painted the pyramid in front of Felgar

Br. Williams

    -I had a horrendous week
    -And software and like any good spirit, haunts us after it's death

Br. Rye

    -Had a paper due thursday
    -Weekend was dramatic 

Br. Meizlish

    -As you like it was directed by Dr. <blank>'s wife
    -Dr. Cohen is back in town and teaching next semester
    -Lot to do this week
    -Calc test this week 

Br. Kirkpatrick

    -Yesterday was about the biggest storm chase bust ever
    -LEft about noon, and sat there until 9pm. 
    -Have two presentations in grad level classes

Br. Gilland

    -OU Awards ceremony sucks
    -Had a presentation in complex variables
    -McCann and I went to Omniplex w/ my niece. 
    -I hear that the ASK retreat went well
    -Groovefest was here today. It was the best so far

Br. Thomas

    -Opening gates to hell involves large metal gears and lawyer sacrifices

Br. Abernethy

    -Applying too much pressure to a can of tuna is a bad thing 

Br. Cantu

    -Nothing to report

Br. Murphy

    -Nothing to report

Br. Brumbaugh

    -Parents were down over the weekend
    -I have keys to my car now
    -Have been hauled out to jury duty in Washington county

Br. Hafner

    -Beautiful day at the lake. 

Br. Collie

    -Reserved apt. for next semester, but I sitll haven't enrolled

Br. Ulmer

    -Bought metal gear solid on thursday, went home on Friday, and I was late to the meeting

Br. Pounder

    -Accompanied Br. Wheatley in storm chasing as navigator
    -City of Elgen has a TV 

Br. Knous

    -While cleaning out hte tents from Road trip, I found a pressed penny from Yosimite
    -Had a excellent weekend
    -A little super glue goes a long way

Br. Anderson

    -Due to the military being them, my camp dates have changed, I'll be leaving May 15th

Pl. Vargas

    -I had a wonderful weekend.
    -Saw Harry Potter for the third time
    -Software and robotics is done
    -Spent two hours cleaning my car today 

Pl. Prosser 

    -In addition to making 100 on ES, I was the only one to make 100 on the Digital Design exam

Final Announcement

    Carnival Guys (Carnies)

Meeting End 7:11pm