Name: 67
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 4-14-02
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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  Triangle Meeting Minutes for 4-14-02


Meeting Minutes for 04-14-02 (Meeting #12)

Meeting Start 6:37pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Powell - LATE
Br. Aldridge
Br. Rogers
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis
Br. Williams
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott
Br. McCann - LATE
Br. Kirkpatrick
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin - ABSENT
Br. Abernethy
Br. Cantu
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous
Br. Anderson - ABSENT
Pl. Reif - LATE
Pl. Vargas - ABSENT
Pl. Prosser - ABSENT

* Minutes from the March 31, 2002 meeting were passed.

* Minutes from the April 7, 2002 meeting were passed.

President's Report

    -OU Hillel is supporting the celebration of Israeli Independence Day
    -Greek Awards banquet, Tuesday night 6pm, at the Union Ballroom. We can have up to 8 people go for free.
    -National is updating the official Member Manual. Comments go to the website. 
    -Had a meeting Thursday with Pan-Hellenic/IFC, we cannot have alcohol at the Bid-Day party. Instead is going to have a concert. 
    -Bowling for Kid's Sake (sake), came and went, but we're still taking donations. <hat passes>
    -For those who signed up for Greek Affairs carnival, I will have information later this week.

Vice-President's Report

    -Woo, we had a banquet last night. I'm happy
    -Aftermeeting at 9:30, Monnett house
    -Dinner Tuesday, 7pm, Monnett
        -Cook: KLR, DRC, JAM
        -Clean: JDP, recruit as needed
    -Need to setup I-week and stuff

Treasurer's Report

    -The take from alumni was about $400+ :-)
    -Balance: ~$2900
    -Still have accounts recievable out, please pay.
    -I will Destroy NBA

Secretary's Report

    -Nothing to Report

Rush Chairman's Report

    -Not here! :-O
    -TRA: I'll get in touch with people who have volunteered to help

Chapter Editor's Report

    -First issue will be coming out end of May. 
    -Articles due, tuesday 30, April.
    -I'll send out warnings.
    -Still need to get Windows Publisher

House Manager's Report
    -Nothing to Report

Social Chairman's Report

    -We had a party last night
    -That's about it

Scholarship Chairman's Report

    -March 29th is the last day to drop a class
    -Fall freshman GPA was 3.01
    -I have a list of websites that might be useful to you. 
    -Have a list of resources for advisement, testfiles, etc.
    -Have a sheet that details scholarship programs
    -Standing invite to Center for Student Life seminar for stress relief, study habits, time management, etc.
    -MAB: We need to do the review for Calc II after tuesday

Athletics Chairman's Report

    -Next saturday we have been invited to a coed sand volleyball tournament. At Kappa Sigma fraternity house. $20/team.     

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report

    -We had a lot of gypsies. Some of them gave money, so they're good gypsies

IFC Representative's Report

    -Greek week is next week, I don't have a schedule. 
    -Pi Kappa Sigma has proposed that we ban drinking at our houses.
    -MAB: if you ban drinking at my house, I will cut off all your <expletive deleted>
    -IFC wants to not be useless

Philanthropy Chairman's Report

    -Pi Beta Phi bingo night. They're exited to invite us. Next Tuesday from 6 to 8 at their house. 
    -Tickets are $5 in advance, $7 at the door. 

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

    -Looking for RSVP numbers for their picnic. 

Historian's Report

    -I'm going to get a hold of chuck and get pictures from banquet online.

Public Relations Chairman

    -Last Friday, the president and I were interviewed by News for Norman about the manor
    -TRA, please email to the list when it comes out on TV

Pledge Educator's Report

    -I don't know where the pledges are
    -Meeting tomorrow at 7 at the monnett house
    -Big brothers, let your littles know

Pledge Class President's Report

    -Not here 

Reaper Report

    -KLR, did you get your stuff together? KLR: yup
    -RZC, DD? RZC: no
    -KLR; ask me next week about FE?

Executive Committee Report

    -Did not meet

Rush Committee Report
    -Did not meet

Social Committee Report

    -We met. 

Old Business 

- No old business.

New Business

-No new business

Action Item List

    -TDM Topic for history paper - No new business.   
    -MAB: Need to harrass alumni about insurance
    -TDM: Software project


Br. Powell

    -Last week there was a power outage at OCCC, so my class was cancelled, which means we made it up yesterday and I was not able to go to the banquet and party
    -Mel tried to teach me two words in spanish. I failed
    -Bombed my engineering test, grade went from 92 to 93
    -Moved 50 bags of fetilizer, at 40lbs each. Two words: Moo poo

Br. Aldridge

    -Thanks for dinner wednesday
    -Thanks to Cody for Friday night
    -Thanks to everyone for Saturday party / banquet

Br. Rogers

    -I made a little bit of cash yesterday playing the trash can as a drum
    -Keep me in your prayers, FE is this saturday    

Br. Branson

    -Gave my presentation at URD yesterday morning.
    -Things got better and better last week as things started to fall into place
    -Still working on Software
    -After tuesday, I can drink myself silly
    -PSP festival at my house monday, copius amounts of alcohol...
    -My mother got me more knives. Very new, Very sharp

Br. Lewis

    -Had fun a the party last night
    -Falina got lost, shauna got drunk
    -I'm looking for Falina's purse. It's blue suede

Br. Williams

    -There is too much code
    -MAB: Amen

Br. Meizlish

    -This week was supposed to be ugly, I did very well on my tests
    -I'll be working w/ Dr. Abraham in his lab. Cool
    -Really cool to see MDS here
    -This week should be much nicer 

Br. Scott

    -The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated
    -My schedule is improving, I'll get to be around more
    -I'm getting my academic situation under control
    -Hopfully I'll see much more of you this semester

Br. McCann

    -Thursday night was an all-nighter on my robot. At 10:30 it failed, at 4:30 it passed with flying colors
    -Not quite done with software
    -Interveiw w/ EA Wednesday
    -Got Hero's of Might and Magic 4
    -13 ghosts is actually a good movie

Br. Kirkpatrick

    -I have a headache, because I've slept 30 of the last 40 hours
    -Hopefully I'll have a grad school announcement soon

Br. Gilland

    -Not a whole lot going on. Playing lots of GTA 3. 
    -Picking classes for scotland
    -My neice and nephew want to see Kendra

Br. Thomas

    -Think I'm going to get a new nose piece for my glasses

Br. Abernethy

    -I have pictures from the road trip if people want to see them.

Br. Cantu

    -Robot project done, Software almost done, and I barely did anything :-)
    -World Music is just a sick sick euphamism for crazy people's fetishes with drums. 

Br. Murphy

    -Nothing to report
    -Kicked Stocco's ass at chess

Br. Brumbaugh

    -Never mind

Br. Hafner

    -Got a crap load of stuff in my van. Can we unload it sometime

Br. Collie

    -Ni. The contest continues 

Br. Ulmer

    -The last week was full of mild surprises

Br. Pounder

    -I got an invitation to join the honor society

Br. Knous

    - I along w/ my roommate also got that invitaiton
    -My ethernet card has been cooked. Moderately roasted. New one coming.

Pl. Reif

    -I hate people who use malloc, sizeof and pointers to make arrays 

Final Announcement

    -JAM, TNL

Meeting End 7:21pm