Name: 6
Title: Meeting Minutes for 9-17-2000
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 9-17-2000

Meeting Minutes for 9-17-00 (Meeting #5)

Meeting Start 6:31pm

Roll Call


*minutes for past two weeks passed

President's Report
-Alumni and Corp Board met today, things are looking up
-House Stuff was discussed, please get your tasks done
-MEY, please get your fee breakdown done

Vice-President's Report
-Formal Pledging is next Sunday
-Banquet for WOW and local founders is being set-up with the University
-Retreat is also being setup (12th of October)
-Aftermeeting is at 9:30pm

Secretary's Report
-Webpage is up to date
-Revamping is underway

Treasurer's Report
-We are fully insured
-We cannot simply ignore our payments
-Please pay your bills!

Rush Chairman's Report
-Good job last week, most everything got done
-Tuesday we have ASK's dinner and a movie (they are bringing 16 +/- 1), we are looking at 40-45 total
 -Please show up early to help setup, perhaps around 4:30pm
 -Clean-up: MEY,MWY,SCS
-RUSH duties are assigned at Aftermeetings
-Next Sunday is Formal Pledging

Chapter Editor's Report
-We have one month till next EH issue
-Article List will go around next week
-The house will represent a large portion of this issue
-I've been trying to get a few quotes and perhaps a color photo on the front (doesn't look possible)

Social Chairman's Report

Scholarship Chairman's Report
-(JMG) I'd like an Algorithm study group…
-Monday sounds good

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
-There was a meeting and a picnic
-Alumni did show up
-Doing something about the lack of area codes on the Alumni list

Pledge Educator's Report

IFC Representative's Report
-We'll clean out the box soon

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
-Pancake breakfast will be this Saturday
-Adopt and Area, we are interested in this (starts next week)

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report

Historian's Report
-I have photos
-I'm working on some new albums

Executive Committee Report
-New developments with the House Contract
-Open Discussion on the Housing Problem:
 -Mrs. Marks will not let us leave without 90 day notice
 -We can have six people stay here for two months or until new owners are found (not likely)
-Other Options: 1) Half Off the Rent, but Utilities will go up for those here
 -Other Options: 2) She can keep the deposit and we’ll leave ASAP ($1000)
 -(MAB) Ten people are in house now, one is moving out. If we move three in to the manor, the six   remaining can live here. That means TNL couldn't move yet
 -(JWK) Are we going to get the deposit back anyway?
 -(MLD) YES. We have done stuff for the house
 -(TNL) I can terminate lease at any time
 -(HPM) That means one person in house needs to find a place to live
 -(SCS) That could be me
 -(BMG) HPM,JDP, and TNL could move in.
 -(MPA) I already have other arrangements
 -(MBW) Who is staying here: TDM,MLD,SCS,BMG,JWK,AML
 -(SCS) Let's make sure we get out deposit back
 -(HPM) We are cleaning up before we leave
 -(TNL) So no one needs my apartment (correct)
-Exec is canceled for next week

City Council Report
-(TNL) They bicker about BS.
 -Main discussion was about buying trash trucks
 -Two zones changes took place
 -You can changing zoning easily or get a permit (easier than I thought if they like you)

Old Business

New Business

Action List
-(HPM) Call Mrs. Marks about the deposit
-(MEY) Breakdown of utilities (Tues)
-(JMG) Get the area codes
-(MBW) Work on numbers
-(JMG) Pick up shit from IFC office
-(HPM) Neighborhood meeting


Br. Wheatley
-goodwill pile has now vanished

Br. Bryant
-I might get a project from Tinker for my Thesis
-I'm turning into an AE, better than Civil
-Alumni Picnic was fun, wish more actives would have been there

Br. Watson
<Informed us about how to officially enter a discussion section>
-Good to be here

Br. Dickinson
-Classes are very boring, but I am getting paid
-Nick and I went to 30 against Seth and Ira, and we won (1/3)

Br. Kraft
-Had a busy week
-I unwound Friday with Nate

Br. Yarrison
-I had my backpack returned, my faith in humanity has been restored
-Shamrock went to press

Br. Powell
-I talked to Mercer
-Picnic was nifty
-Douglas Adams book is very cool
-I'm passing 1/4 of my classes at this point and I am ill
-Financial aid office has yet to give me money

Br. Martin
-I'm sick twice this week
-I've finished my networks project, and it works! You should see it!
-We are moving into the manor a lot sooner, yeah!

Br. Garner
-Nothing but shit since last Saturday (worse than that)

Br. Aldridge
-This week I found out I have firestone tires (with flaws)
-Friday I succumbed to plague
-I got to see the Way of the Gun, it was interesting

Br. Rogers
-Alumni Picnic was alright, volleyball was better
-PDE is not as bad as you might think

Br. Ycedo
-We are insured cause I saved the day
-I get to see my baby in two weeks

Br. Branson
-I don't know how I survived, but I did
-I can still write well, my paper got passed back as an example of what papers should be
-Turned in GUI project, thanks MPA
-Paid for the picnic yesterday, out of my own pocket
-Thanks MPA for keeping me out Friday

Br. Lewis
<middle finger>

Br. Siard
-I'm going for my Masters
-I'll get my Masters in CS in five years
-Dr. Das is to blame

Br. Williams
-My birthday week was fun, I call it a week
-A very relaxing weekend, I slept way too much
-I'm feeling good, very very good…
-Space Cowboys was entertaining
-Other than tests, I'm clear for this week

Br. Rye
-My week was a blur
-I called the doctor on Thursday for an ingrown toenail
-I get to go to surgery soon
-Had a fun Friday night
-Minister took my out to lunch on Tuesday

Br. Meizlish
-My week has kicked ass
-Work is work, I'm phone support, but pays well
-Dating life is going exceedingly well (Mary)
-She'll be here Tuesday night
-I'm dating an ASK, God help me
-And Branson's a bitch

Br. Scott

Br. McCann

Br. Kirkpatrick
-Some short balding French man is stalking me online
-I won the friendly competition (only a friend but what the hell)
-Life is FUN.

Br. Gilland
-Friday night I went out with Branson and Trevor, I got to see a genuine Skank
-Big Daddy Boran is my Pimp, and I'm very happy because he treats me good

Br. Craig
-Judicial Board meetings will be my weekly entertainment

Pl. James Alan Thomas
-It's all Branson's Fault, the plague anyway
-I think Maddog was playing with those curly balls, that's why he won…

Pl. Lucas H. Mulder
-Not Present

Pl. Aaron Garth Martin

Guest: Quincy
-I got a knew oil filter
-My girlfriend brought me a circular saw from back home
-Yes, I have a girlfriend now
-This morning was absolutely beautiful riding weather

Added Br. Rogers
-The Harley?

Added Br. Aldridge
-I have references for being a Guinea Pig

Final Announcement
Mulder and Aaron for increased membership

Meeting End 7:30pm