Name: 58
Title: Triangle Meeting Minutes for 10-27-02
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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  Triangle Meeting Minutes for 10-27-02

Meeting Minutes for 10-27-02 (Meeting #10)

Meeting Start 6:37pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Martin - LATE
Br. Aldridge
Br. Rogers - LATE
Br. Lewis
Br. Siard - ABSENT
Br. Williams
Br. Rye - ABSENT
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott - ABSENT
Br. McCann - LATE
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Br. Cantu
Br. Murphy
Br. Brumbaugh
Br. Hafner
Br. Collie
Br. Ulmer
Br. Pounder
Br. Knous - ABSENT
Br. Anderson
Br. Vargas - ABSENT
Br. Prosser
Pl. McGuire
Pl. Ferguson
Pl. Deeg
Pl. Powers
Pl. Faulkner
Pl. Kincheloe
Pl. Hinrichs

* Minutes from the October 13th, 2002 meeting were passed.

President's Report
    -Nov. 10th will be the officer nominations at the meeting at retreat.
    -We don't have a Dec. 1st meeting.
    -The rest of the semester will have meetings

Vice-President's Report
    -Aftermeeting at 9:30pm
    -I am going to bother people about final numbers for the banquet.
    -Dinner Tuesday
        -Dinner: JAM, TDM, MCU
        -Clean: SMP

Treasurer's Report
    -New bills will be out next week. Still overdue bills out.

Secretary's Report
    -Nothing to report.

Rush Chairman's Report
    -Got to talk at the pledge meeting.
    -Rush goes on.

Chapter Editor's Report
    -Write your articles

House Manager's Report
    -Nothing to report

Social Chairman's Report
    -We had dinner last night at Dr. Grady's, and Jello on Friday. 

Scholarship Chairman's Report

Athletics Chairman's Report
    -We had a soccer game today. We are now 1.5/1/1.5

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
    -Br. Rogers is here this weekend. 

IFC Representative's Report
    -Need to find a new one, this one has failed.
    -DJP Volunteers (for real).

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
    -Not here.

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
    -They have their board of directors coming in, along with some alumni.
    -They're doing alirght.

Historian's Report
    -Good pictures at Dr. Grady's last night
    -Wheatley has sent picutres on a CD to Chuck Rice. 
    -PT: Nothing

Public Relations Chairman
    -Supreme Court got a hit in the newspaper for our win.
    -Participated in Open House.

Pledge Educator's Report
    -We will do the tour next week.

Pledge Class President's Report
    -We'd like to thank the rush chair.

Reaper Report
    -Not here.

Executive Committee Report

Rush Committee Report

Old Business
    -No old business.

New Business
    -No new business

Action Item List
    -TDM: Talk to price college people.
    -ADH: Be advised in Geology
    -AGM: I have to enroll tomorrow
    -HPM: Get back in contact IBM
    -KLR: Call Lockheed for job


Br. Martin
    -Dinner at Dr. Grady's was awesome, his children attacked me on sight at church.

Br. Aldridge
    -It's good to know that
    -Eva Saturday is good
    -Good to know that we'll be done with X
    -I've learned Charm Women, Level 5, it's useless.

Br. Rogers
    -Been fun being back. I leave Tuesday.
    -The day I left for the airport, I got a job offer.
    -Good to meet the new guys
    -Maryland sucks

Br. Lewis
    -It's never a good party until the old-ass alumnus throws up.
    -I'm working on my project, it's going rather well

Br. Williams
    -Due to complications in my schedule, I can no longer pursue my English major, switched to minor, graduating in May

Br. Meizlish
    -I was attacked with plague this week. I finished my calc test on thursday, was sick afterwards, leaving currently.
    -Physics test this week.

Br. McCann
    -I had an assist today. Up to 5 points

Br. Thomas
    -My pledge brothers kick ass.

Br. Martin
    -I've not been around much. One of my buddies from houston came in. Partied

Br. Abernethy
    -I had an amusing week. Nothing like listerine on crack...
    -Soccer was good today
    -Had fun at Open House.

Br. Cantu
    -Went to Stillwater yesterday, went to the original Hideaway
    -Friday played pool and drank.
    -Possible second job coming up.

Br. Murphy

    -If I had the patience I'd do vodka now, but I think I'll stick with potato soup.

Br. Brumbaugh

Br. Hafner
    -I got to go to a field trip and break rocks with my hammer.

Br. Collie
    -I want to start over.

Br. Ulmer
    -I got some more people hooked on Diablo II

Br. Pounder
    -I don't give piggy back rides, end of story

Br. Anderson
    -This past week was pretty crazy at work. Two people quit.
    -My new hard drive came in this past week.

Br. Prosser
    -I've finished the first stage of my Java game. It's at
    -I spent 29 hours working on it, I've got 8 hours of homework backed up.

Pl. McGuire
    -I would like to thank Aaron, I would like to condemn my legs for killing me and my advisor for not being there, and my professor for the test coming up on monday.

Pl. Ferguson
    -I don't like being mildly sick. Better to be really sick or not sick at all
    -I'm pretty tired and out of it.

Pl. Deeg
    -My head hurts, I have no money, and Dan needs to be around little kids more.

Pl. Powers
    -On the road trip, someone left a book in my car, I also left it in my car, so get it later.

Pl. Faulkner
    -I think in all four of my midterms all last week.
    -Celebrated by watching Eva
    -Week was good

Pl. Kincheloe
    -I have new shoes
    -Swearing off women until another likes me again.

Pl. Hinrichs
    -Nothing happened, seems I missed alot, damn. Study for test, damn. 

Final Announcement
    -Open House people

Meeting End 7:02pm