Name: 567
Title: 01.26.2020
Last modified: 2020-02-02
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Business Meeting #3  January 26, 2020

Active Roll Call (P – Present, N – Not Present, E - Excused):
Br. Triston Warren - N
Br. Harrison Powell - P
Br. Ross Trujillo - P
Br. Sam Korth - P
Br. Joseph Parackal - P
Br. Gregory Maddra - P
Br. Sam Penwell - P
Br. Noah Craig - P
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Br. Alton Rayburn - P
Br. Bryce Goetz - P
Br. Tristan Hull - P
Br. Devin Bingham - N
Br. Mandeep Saha - P
Br. Sam Saley - P
Br. Putnam Franklin - P
Br. Grant Davidson - P
Br. Jordan McFadden - P
Br. Chris Lamb - E
Br. Thomas Palmer - P
Br. Thomas Hill - P
Br. Ty Harris - P
Br. Matt Atteberry: - P
Br. Trey Grizzle - P
Br. Cameron Harizal - P
Br. Zach Monahan - P



I was gone last week, so I have a lot to say, and I am going to talk fast. I won’t take questions now unless it’s essential, so take notes and ask them in official later.
100% tightrope completion --- No fines
Slack for committees, then official
100% by next semester. You can have meme stuff wherever.
I will be learning this too, so bear with me.
Composites --- Some time in February --- APPOINT SOMEONE TO PRINT IT
Emails to student orgs --- Going to their meetings.
IGC JBoard applications are open. PLEASE APPLY. Talk to Joseph or I
IGC is making a mailing list. They will be sent to actives list so we can be more involved with IGC.
If we have an Alc Check, please like the message if you are handling it, and don’t otherwise. That will give me some assurance when I am not able to be here.
They are making lots of progress on the house. Fouts is not happy with the speed. Him and I had a very passionate conversation at LTW about it. He has been calling almost every day.
If you want to live in over the summer, let me know. Rent is cheaper, and we need 5 people.
As soon as I get contracts for next year, I will start talking to you about those leases. If you can live here, please do. I know some of you are tired of it, and that’s to be expected, but I really feel like the chapter culture has been improving a lot and having more people here is going to help that.
If you have other things you want me to look in to or work on, tell me!
Pinning Feb 16th
Retreat is being planned, we’re looking at tulsa right now
Monday meeting about what I learned from LTW, notes from the conference is in my mailbox.
Appointed Br. Hill, Davidson, and Franklin to standards board

I’ve added all of the events to the calendar that were sent to me. If you don’t see your event or an event that should be on the calendar, DM me the date, time, and location.
Make sure you are staying on top of signing in PNMs because we had some trouble with a few people this past week not signing in.

Budget passed, NTR

Risk Management:
Full walkthroughs by Triangle higher ups will be going on in the house this semester, including rooms

New Member Educator:

Continuing to message brothers about academics
CASH scholarship application is due Feb. 15th

Not many people are responding to doing events so far
Feb 13th - Valentine’s bake sale


House Manager:
Do not drain mop buckets in the basement shower

House Director:

Athletics Chair:
Going to start writing down stuff on the board for intramural sports

All pictures that have been taken down have been put in a scrapbook

ASK Liaison:
Restarting board games and coffee with ASK - Feb 12th @ the manor
DM me about snacks you would like at the event

Chapter Dinner: Stir Fry
Cook: Cameron and Ross
Clean: Vikas and Korth

Old Business:
Robert’s Rules amendment:
10/3/8 - PASSED

New Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes
Need to add full text of the amendment before passing

Korth: Feb 2nd will be having a Super Bowl party
Rayburn: Desk in the basement is a project for a few of the brothers for playing DnD

Brother of the Week: Warren, Rayburn, and Penwell for running business meeting last week

Mophead: Korth