Name: 562
Title: 11.17.2019
Last modified: 2019-11-24
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Business Meeting #14  November 17 2019

Active Roll Call (P – Present, N – Not Present, E - Excused):
Br. Darren Midkiff - E
Br. Triston Warren - N
Br. Harrison Powell - N
Br. Ross Trujillo - P
Br. Sam Korth - P
Br. Joseph Parackal - E
Br. Gregory Maddra - P
Br. Sam Penwell - P
Br. Noah Craig - P
Br. Thomas Fugate - N
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Br. Alton Rayburn - P
Br. Bryce Goetz - P
Br. Tristan Hull - P
Br. Devin Bingham - P
Br. Mandeep Saha - R
Br. Sam Saley - P
Br. Putnam Franklin - P
Br. Grant Davidson - E
Br. Jordan McFadden - P
Br. Chris Lamb - E
Br. Thomas Palmer - P
Br. Thomas Hill - E
Br. Ty Harris - P
Mr. Matt Atteberry: - P
Mr. Trey Grizzle - E
Mr. Cameron Harizal - P
Mr. Zach Monahan - P



Got an email from Fouts with money that the chapter owes. I need everyone to send a screenshot of the greekbill screen that shows how much money they owe. The weight is now on you and not the chapter. Get your invoice history from that so we can fix any problems.
Founders was really cool.

I-Week is this week. Go to stuff.


The final payment of dues is Dec. 1. The weekend before finals.

Risk Management:
Keep up with the tightrope stuff.

New Member Educator(s):

The last academic meeting of the semester will happen when we get back from fall break. Once final’s grades are in, I am going to have you send me your unofficial transcript so I can dig a little deeper and see if this new system really did help as much as it seems like it has.

I-Week. Thanks for coming to founders’. We will be doing a white elephant gift exchange. DATE

Thanks for coming to the philanthropy event yesterday. We are also doing a canned food drive. You can get your hours, up to two, by doing this. If the chapter donates 100 cans I will throw a pizza party.

House Manager:
Work day starts at 2:00. Just because you get the cleaning done before business meeting, that doesn’t matter. Be there at 2. We had 5 people who had reasons not to attend, so thanks to those that cleaned the basement. I have gotten everything that I thought was necessary with the parking money. Send me ideas if you have any.

House Director:
Joe has pawned off most of the house director stuff to me. I am looking into a new repair guy. We should be able to keep the house open for Christmas. Alc check came Friday after tea party. House will be closed to guests for Friday and Saturday.

Pledge Class President:
For the project, I have basically finished the drawing and measurements. I would like to go later to Lowe’s and get the stuff for the project.

Athletics Chair:
If you didn’t catch the game, we finally pulled one out. Go OU. Go Sports. I am still finalizing the details on the Winter workout program. I will start it around Thanksgiving. Sports.

Send me pictures from Founders’.

ASK Liaison:

Volunteers to Cook: Cameron Harizal, Ty Harris
Volunteers to Clean: Alyssa, Bhakta

Old Business:
Change 5 committees to 4 committees in the constitution. - Passes

New Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes
Hull is opposed. The minutes right now are not fit to be passed, and no one noticed. I would suggest that we not pass these minutes because they have not been properly reviewed by the chapter.

Hull: I am going to be placing shirt orders this week. You have until the end of the day today to check the Member Info. document on the drive and tell me if you want to change your size, otherwise I am using the size that is in that document. After that, if I haven’t placed the order I can still change it, but I won’t guarantee that past today.
Rayburn: For those that can’t go home this Thanksgiving, you are welcome at my family’s. I do need a head count so we can get the right amount of food.
Korth: I am going to try to do a New Years’ Party Here During December
Hull: We will be doing Assassins during Dead Week.

Brother of the Week:
Thung for Tea Party: Winner
Maddra for helping to Fix Sigma:
Stocco for money:

Mophead: Gregory and Grant for cleaning after Tea Party