Name: 561
Title: 11.11.2019
Last modified: 2019-11-24
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Business Meeting #13  November 10 2019

Active Roll Call (P – Present, N – Not Present, E - Excused):
Br. Darren Midkiff - E
Br. Triston Warren - E
Br. Harrison Powell - N
Br. Ross Trujillo - P
Br. Sam Korth - P
Br. Joseph Parackal - P
Br. Gregory Maddra - P
Br. Sam Penwell - E
Br. Noah Craig - P
Br. Thomas Fugate - E
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Br. Alton Rayburn - P
Br. Bryce Goetz - P
Br. Tristan Hull - P
Br. Devin Bingham - N
Br. Mandeep Saha - P
Br. Sam Saley - P
Br. Putnam Franklin - P
Br. Grant Davidson - PP
Br. Jordan McFadden - P
Br. Chris Lamb - P
Br. Thomas Palmer - P
Br. Thomas Hill - P
Br. Ty Harris - P
Mr. Matt Atteberry: - P
Mr. Trey Grizzle - P
Mr. Cameron Harizal - P
Mr. Zach Monahan - P



Wi-Fi Committee: We will call them, say we heard they gave us a quote, and ask them for it.
I have a list of everyone who owes Mike Fouts money. I will be meeting with all of you.

I have created 3 groups for the committees that we discussed on Friday. The first committee will need to be ready to present their conclusions during next week’s after meetings. I will be mostly providing oversight like making sure you’re, but I will also attend the meetings if I am able to.
One accountability topic: By the Minimum Requirements document, we must attend 40% of business meetings, and two people have not come to enough meetings for that to be possible this semester even if they attend every future meeting. These brothers are Harrison Powell and Mandeep Saha. We must review their active status. This does not require any kind of vote unless someone wants one, it only requires that we discuss it here.
Harrison: My opinion as academics chair and secretary is that Harrison has been massively overwhelmed with school and has been trying to focus on that, which I suggest we not fault him for. He has only had attendance problems this semester and some of last semester. Does anyone else have anything to say about this?
Saha: I have been going through some stuff for the last few weeks. I will give any details later. I will make up work days. I will try to start coming to business meetings.
Mandeep: He hasn’t really given me many reasons why he hasn’t been able to come to stuff. I know there is some personal stuff going on, and that he has been less able to come around because of that, but for the most part he doesn’t give me a heads up as to why he can’t come to meetings, but will sometimes let me know afterwards. If anyone else has anything to say, let me know.

We will be using $100 of exec discretion for the pledge class project. Pay your dues.

Risk Management:
Person at nationals hasn’t replied about FHSI stuff. It may happen during dead week and it will be mandatory. They will pull our charter if we don’t complete it.

New Member Educator:
You’re doing better. Tests are getting a lot better. We will go over more history and meeting structure this week.

I forgot to send out academics meetings last week because I thought I already had, so I will do that this week. My bad. If you have a class that you want some extra help before finals, please let me know and we can make that happen. You guys are doing awesome. We just have a few more weeks, hang in there!

Friday evening at 7:30 Stephen Thung is having a bachelor party at the manor. He will do it as a Tea Party. Formal dress required. It is a lot of fun. Saturday is Founders. 6:30 at tapworks.

Build-a-thon is cancelled for this semester. Sat 16th 10am-Noon, we will do a clean up day. Please wear letters when we’re doing this. Also, two hour cutoff is Nov. 24th, which is the day after initiation. We will meet here at 9:30. Supplies will be provided.

House Manager:
Stuff is on the way. Sorry, I don’t control the rate of delivery. I have made rules. You’re free to add rules. We will follow them. We will come up with punishments for people that don’t follow them.

House Director:
People will come try to fix the hobart. I don’t know when.

Pledge Class President:

Athletics Chair:
I am putting together a winter workout program. Will have more later. Sports!

Send pictures of stuff so we can put them on the website.

ASK Liaison:
No ASK event this month.

Spaghetti and Biscuits
Volunteers to Cook: Harizal, Hill
Volunteers to Clean: Rayburn, Hull, Lamb

Old Business:

New Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes - Passed
Change 5 to 4 committees in constitution.
Parking Money - I have had two suggestions this semester.
$400 for some House Manager Equipment: Passes
Hill, printed prices for TVs we wanted to buy. The basement TV is really heavy and old. I have looked in the $300 range. We can get a 55” smart TV 4k: Passes
Suggestion to buy two mounts $50ish: Passes
Suggestion on a cart. $125: Passes
Suggestion for arcade cabinet. Cost $350. Chris will purchase it from the chapter next semester if it is not used. Passes
Suggestion for polaroid style camera film $120 and tax: Passes
Suggestion for chapter keyboard $300: Passes
Suggestion $100 for painting living room: Passes
$20 for mounts for swords: Passes
$40 for viewing pictures: Passes
$20 for condom drawer: Passes

Hull: We’re doing a LAN party this Thursday at Carson. Noah is going to run it. Hill or myself will send out emails. Please come. This will be a recruitment event, so we should treat it as such.
Franklin: We will be completing the tightrope stuff this Saturday as a group. Please come.
Hull: Would anyone like to be on a solarium improvement committee? We will go through to tools, make sure we have a set of stuff, get rid of old trash in the cabinets, etc. Rayburn, Korth, Atteberry, Hill, Grant, Cameron, Hull, Trujilo
Parackal: Next home game is TCU. If you want to hang out for Thanksgiving, let me know
Ty: I will take you to my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving
Alton: Let’s go grandma’s house hopping
Chris: $5 Chicken on Tuesday
Rayburn: Joseph won IGC president

Brother of the Week:
Amanda for unmentionable: Winner
Trevor for the meeting:
Vikas for going to the card shop:

Mophead: Korth for Pumpkins