Name: 555
Title: 09.22.2019
Last modified: 2019-10-06
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Business Meeting #6  September 22 2019

Active Roll Call (P – Present, N – Not Present, E - Excused):
Br. Darren Midkiff - E
Br. Triston Warren - P
Br. Harrison Powell - N
Br. Ross Trujillo - P
Br. Sam Korth - P
Br. Joseph Parackal - P
Br. Gregory Maddra - P
Br. Sam Penwell - N
Br. Noah Craig - P
Br. Thomas Fugate - P
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Br. Alton Rayburn - P
Br. Bryce Goetz - P
Br. Tristan Hull - P
Br. Devin Bingham - P
Br. Mandeep Saha - P
Br. Sam Saley - P
Br. Putnam Franklin - P
Br. Grant Davidson - N
Br. Jordan McFadden - P
Br. Chris Lamb - P
Br. Thomas Palmer - P
Br. Thomas Hill - P
Br. Ty Harris - P

Lindsay Ross
Cameron Yanchien
Leah Pomerantz
Matt Atterbery
Trey Grizzle
Pierce McCallum.
Zach Monahan
Brayden McKelvey
Ayman Elyoussoufi
Trevor Cooper


Exec retreat is this weekend at Br. Stocco’s house. We have decided to try to have officers come out for a day. I will post three days in official, so please like the days that you can make.
Wi-Fi: Waiting on the response on the quote

Congratulations to new members. Korth will start pleducation soon. Official is important, don’t mute it. You will be kicked out. Retreat is on the calendar, will post it in the new member chat.

Accountability report:
Social: All in good standing
Academics: All in good standing because grades haven’t been received
House Manager: Sam Penwell, Harisson Powell
Philanthropy: I’m waiting until after the philanthropy hours deadline to collect this.

Second payment is due in two weeks.

Risk Management:
Please wear closed-toed shoes to workday.
Mandatory video training: Please register sometime soon. 5 videos, each about an hour each, must be done in order.

We are no longer having scheduled rush events, please post in brotherhood for other events.

New Member Educator:
Alright, new members, we will meet here right after this meeting. Will get some administrative things figured out. For officers, I will post a poll for which week you can present your position to the new members.

I haven’t received grades yet, so please send me your current and last semester GPA as a screenshot of your unofficial transcript.

I have not heard back from anyone but ASK, so as of now, we have pumpkin patch on the 5th. Carpooling poll will go out.
Movie Night: Tuesday 8:00, Tombstone

Turnout yesterday was very low. You have to get your hours by the first to be able to attend social events. Am going to get us registered for Build-a-thon.
Parackal: Greek service week is in two weeks. You can go on any of the days to help other organizations.

House Manager:
I am going to list things I want you to do for Mop Head. Clean every stain off of the walls.
Warren: Shower curtains on the third floor are kind of gross.
Hull: Second floor ones are too long.

House Director:
This friday they are spraying for things. Leave your door open to have it sprayed. Friday at 11:30 am.

Athletics Chair:
Absent, sign up for stuff.

Just uploaded pictures of pinning. There is a pictures folder, find them there.
Korth: Post it on Instagram

ASK Liaison:
Same as what I said for Social.

Volunteers for Cooking: Ty Harris, Noah Craig
Volunteers for Cleaning: Ross Trujilo, We will make someone else

Board of Directors President:
I am the head of the alumni organzation. I am a grad student here, I live five minutes away with another alum. We do about four meetings a year to discuss what we can do for the chapter. We do alumni events. Local founders day (40th) is November 18th, will celebrate on the 16th. There is no home game that day. 6:30 to 9:30. Free for everyone to come. Superlatives might happen. Will be at the Madison Square Event Center by the Lowes. Food should be decent.
Parking Lot: We are trying to get a parking lot because we don’t have enough spaces for all of us to park. We want a paved lot, but the historic district makes that hard. We need to get a design drawn up by an architect. He has ideas. I am going to get everything set up for Founders and then try to fund getting the drawing made after that is over.

Old Business:

New Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes - Pass
Proposed minimum requirement: 11 - 0 - 0
Get voting rights during first semester as an active member.

Lindsay Ross: I am the president of IGC, and we are your council. We are going to be doing a few less events than we used to.
Leah Pomerantz: VP of Finance, I control how much money goes where. I prepare invoices. One thing we are working on is a SGA event.
Alene Basmadjian: I am VP of Public Affairs, please let me know if you have events coming up that are open to everyone. New Member event at Star Skate happening in October. Follow IGC instagram OU_IGC, and facebook and orgsync.
Joseph Parackal: I work for these guys.
Ross: I know I can rely on you to be at the events.
Cameron Yanchien: I am also in GDP with Lindsay. I am here on behalf of OU Votes. I apologize for my attire. OU Votes is a student run organization. The STEM field has the lowest rate of voter registration and participation. For the next three weeks, there is a competition between councils about who can get the highest rates of voter registration. There will be forms at your house for you to register. If you are already registered to vote, you will be counted towards the overall percentage that is counted., check if you’re registered. Screenshot that, send it to whoever is in charge of this so they can post that to the google drive. One more thing, the census is coming up. If you are living here, you are located here for the census, not at your other homes elsewhere.
Hill: How do we switch districts?
Cameron Yanchien: If you have changed locations, you can fill out an Oklahoma form and your location will be updated. Those will get turned in to us and we will send them off. If you are thinking about changing, Oklahoma is a closed party system.
Lamb: Tuesday at 6:30 I will bring a ton of chicken to the house. There will be plenty. Show up then if you want to eat.
Cooper: Tonight at 7:15, intramural sand volleyball. It is a lot of fun. Come on out
Maddra: ACM for AWS is being cancelled because a professor merged it into an actual class.
Cooper: Someone in e-club wants to know if we could host a build night for the homecoming float.
Fugate: When I hauled off the trash that costs money, I would like to be refunded.
Hill: If you live on the second floor, put your stuff on the storage shelf. It doesn’t look good.

Brother of the Week:
Trash Cleaners for trash cleaning:
Goetz for tutoring:
Fugate for driving: Winner

Mophead: Hull for microwave