Name: 545
Title: 04.21.2019
Last modified: 2019-04-28
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Business Meeting #14  April 21 2019

Active Roll Call (P – Present, N – Not Present, E - Excused):
Br. Adam Aab - P
Br. Wyatt Maney - P
Br. Trevor Cooper - P
Br. Steven Narum - P
Br. Darren Midkiff - P
Br. Mathew Borum - P
Br. Triston Warren - N
Br. Greg Arleth - P
Br. Nate Grady - N
Br. Harrison Powell - P
Br. Ross Trujillo - P
Br. Sam Korth - P
Br. Joseph Parackal - P
Br. Gregory Maddra - P
Br. Colin Plunkett - P
Br. Jack Zoellner - P
Br. Sam Penwell - P
Br. Matt Wilson - N
Br. Noah Craig - P
Br. Thomas Fugate - P
Br. Jordan Masterson - N
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Br. Walter Wilson - E
Br. Jarand Kennedy - P
Br. Alton Rayburn - P
Br. Bryce Goetz - E
Br. Tristan Hull - P
Br. Devin Bingham - N
Br. Mandeep Saha - N
Br. Sam Saley - P
Br. Putnam Franklin - N
Br. Grant Davidson - P

Mr. Camil Gosmanov - Not present
Mr. Chris Lamb - Not present
Mr. Jordan McFadden - Not present
Mr. Thomas Hill - Present
Mr. Thomas Palmer - Present
Mr. Ty Harris - Present


This week is I-week and there are events almost every night, so please try to come to as many of those as possible, and please pay me back for Endgame. If people don’t pay me back I will get a list together and find you to get the money for it. Please get with me if you haven’t filled out leases.

I-Week is next week, please let me know if you can’t make it so I know. Please try to be there for Friday and Saturday all day. Happy Easter. Happy Day to those that don’t celebrate it.

I sent out a survey to the new guys last weekend, and I have gotten three responses, but still need responses from Jordan and Chris, so if you are either them, or their big, please have them fill that out. I need that done by the end of the day.
Other than that, if you are running an event, check the calendar and make sure it’s there. If you don’t see it there, let me know so I can put it there so people actually show up.

Nothing to report. Pay your dues.

Risk Management:
I week is dry week. Heard back from Standards Committee, and no fines.
Now required to register every social event with OU for their risk management policies. Cooper: We have always had to do that, but we haven’t been doing that. We can now get a strike for not doing it. If we do something at the house it doesn’t really need to be done. They would like to have an idea of where people under their insurance are going to be.
RM: Someone put a weather radio somewhere.

Pledge Class President:
Having issues meeting up for the project.


New Member Educator:
I-Week, new guys have pretty much guessed every event. I will post all of the slides in the drive for new guys, and please study for the new member test. You need 100% to pass. Practice your prompt. Three essays will be due at TPP they are a page each.

Because of the small amount of time left in the semester, I will not be requiring that everyone meet with me. I will be meeting with all of the new guys to make sure they are on track and to try to get them help where I can. If you are struggling and need help, please reach out to me. I am trying now to get ahold of people’s grades and will possibly reach out to those with a GPA that is close to the requirement to ensure their success through the rest of the year.

Cool, so, nothing going on this week because of I-Week. Saturday of dead week after Bryce’s mini big event, there will be a T-ASK Cookout. They want us to make hot dogs and hamburgers, and they will bring sides. That will run for a couple of hours. Volunteers for that evening, new guys you will be active so you can volunteer too.

I will be setting up our event this week, and I will try to provide lunch. Please DM me if you helped with the Drone competition.

House Manager:
We are out of paper towels, and that is my fault; they will be here in a couple of days. Use rags to wipe stuff up and not toilet paper. I am going to try to get rid of stuff that looks bad before the end of the semester. If there is something that looks bad that you don’t want to be thrown away, please tell me otherwise it will probably go. Front table is for packages only.
Maney: please clean the rugs when you clean the foyer. There was a ton of dust in them.
Penwell: Some clothing found in the DHR, please take it if it is yours. Also a box of parts and pieces.
House Manager: Move in day is coming up soon, so please get rid of things you don’t want. Don’t leave things in the fridge over summer break. On Friday night if there is any food in the fridge there will be punishments. We don’t want things put on other people’s shelves.

House Director:
So Summer live in is happening, waiting on one person for info on leases. Sent out to Fouts today hopefully.
Cooper: Starting this summer, we have to tell Mike which rooms we are doubling up this summer, and he is going to list those. Only concern I have about this summer is that there will be new furniture into every room of the house. Beds included. The doubled rooms will get bunks. When it comes to doubling, you will pay reduced rent. It will be around $300 per month. Summer living will be $560 per month (ish).
Midkiff: First of all, recommend putting people’s stuff in the gym for the summer. Is he increasing rent for the summer? I was reminded when we were talking about shelves, I left for break and the serial sampler decided that my stuff was free game.
Cooper: No he will not be
Fouts may be here this week? No idea. Hull, Parackal, Arleth, Rayburn, Midkiff, Saley. If you can’t make it and want to be there please send me any concerns you have. This will be about the parking lot.
Penwell: In the official map of the historic district there are literal lines around houses that have removed people from the historic district.

BoD President:
He told me that we can’t use that parking lot. I told the neighbors that they will have to deal with it.
11 Proposals at TNC this summer. Here are the important ones.
Associate membership: Makes it easier for them to be members (2/3rds vote of AC)
Active Councilman is a position on National Council. They want to remove that person’s vote for legal reasons.
Legacies don’t have to be STEM majors to join.
If you go on a Co-Op we won’t have to pay national active duties.
Midkiff: Until they provide some sort of explanation, they have just made stuff up. I don’t think we can discuss this a lot.
Cooper: 15% ABV rule is not something we are voting on. That was approved by NIC, so that is just going to take effect next fall. This has already been approved August 27th 2018.

Athletics Chair:
Sports are almost done. One soccer playoff game left with ASK. We may not have enough to go. If you can go Tuesday at 5 we may be able to play.

Nothing to report. Trying to collect stuff for the slides, so far not many people have submitted stuff. Please put stuff in the folder so I can get it into the slideshow. Get it to me by wednesday.

ASK Liaison:
Absent and NTR

Jarand and Vikas to cook
Two people to clean: Arleth and Ross to clean

Old Business:

Change Academics Accountability: 14 - 0 - 7: Passes
If a member of the Active Organization fails to attend a required academics meeting as defined by the Academics chair, they will lose their right to attend social events. The member may have this right restored by making up the missed meeting in a manner deemed acceptable by the Academics Chair.
Sergeant at Arms: 0 - 9 - 9
Add Sergeant at Arms to Executive Council
The elected officers of the Active Organization shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, House Manager, Academics Chair, Recruitment Chair, Social Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Risk-Management Chair.
Executive council shall consist of the Active President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Risk-Management.
Allow SAA to compel attendance at meetings to meet quorum
A quorum shall consist of three-fourths of the members of the Active Organization. If a quorum is not present, a three-fourths vote of the members present will allow the Sergeant-at-Arms to compel the attendence of the absent members. Such a vote may not compel the attendance of members whose absence has been excused.
Officer duties of the SAA
The Sergeant-at-Arms shall have the responsibility of maintaining order at all business meetings of the Active Organization. He shall enforce order at the discretion of the President. The Sergeant-at-Arms will provide, or be provided with, a ceremonial mace to be used as follows: the mace will be presented in front of the member who has been found out of order and then firmly tapped against the ground in front of the member 3 times. He shall also act as a parliamentarian, settling disuptes regarding points of parliamentary procedure according to Robert's Rules of Order. He is additionally responsible for removing, through the use of any reasonable means, any member who, upon being removed from a business meeting, refuses to leave the premises. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall also, when so empowered by a vote as described previously, compel the attendance of absent members at chapter meetings as follows: he shall inform the member that their attendance is required and, if can be reasonably done, escort the member to the chapter meeting. Assistants may be temporarily appointed to help compel the attendance of members.
SAA Accountability
If a member of the Active Organization fails to attend a chapter meeting when compelled to do so by the Sergeant-at-Arms, the member will loose their right to attend social events until they have attended all chapter meetings for two consecutive weeks

Define Social and Brotherhood events - Postponed
The Social Chair shall have the responsibility of planning major social events, providing brotherhood events, and provide two Greek and two non-Greek social events per year. A social event is defined as any recreational activity planned by a member of the organization and announced at business meeting. A brotherhood event is defined as a social event whose attendance is restricted to members of the organization. He is also in charge of communicating and planning with the alumni for Founders’ Day. The accountability report of the Social Chair consists of the attendance of all members at the major social events.

New Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes - Passed
We have to vote on Zoellner: postponed to AM

Arleth: I picked these rooms because of effective floor space. Largest is the second floor carpeted room.
Cooper: Neal’s room will be a double, Joe Scaggs is planning on living in there next year. Don’t know how we will handle in house superintendent. Will talk to them later. I think that it will be okay because of the state rule: someone 21 or over known as the superintendent.
Penwell: Believe it has to be a grad student or literally anyone.
Rayburn: You also said that we could alum someone early right?
Cooper: We don’t know about that yet. We will see.
Arleth: The effective usable floor space is better in these rooms. Only one I am concerned about is Jack’s room, which is probably the smallest of them. It does have it’s own bathroom.

Korth: Paintball was fun
Plunkett: If you ate burritos out of my freezer, don’t
Maddra: Doritos are too expensive in the vending machine

Brother of the Week:
Aab for Friday:
Joseph and Darren: Winner

Mophead: Alton for helping replant the planters outside.