Name: 525
Title: 10.21.2018
Last modified: 2018-10-28
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Business Meeting #10  October 21 2018

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):
Br. Adam Aab-P
Br. Wyatt Maney- p
Br. Trevor Cooper- p
Br. Steven Narum- NP
Br. Darren Midkiff- p
Br. Mathew Boren-p
Br. Triston Warren- P
Br. Greg Arleth- p
Br. Hunter Befort-NP
Br. Nate Grady- p
Br. Harrison Powell- NP
Br. Ross Trujillo- ex
Br. Sam Korth-p
Br. Joseph Parackal-p
Br. Gregory Maddra- p
Br. Colin Plunkett- p
Br. Jack Zoellner- p
Br. Sam Penwell-P
Br. Matt Wilson- P
Br. Noah Craig- EX
Br. Thomas Fugate- EX
Br. Jordan Masterson- EX
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Br. Walter Wilson - p
Br. Jarand Kennedy-EX
Br.Alton Rayburn-EX

Augusto Batista-
Bryce Goetz-
Devin Bingham-
Grant Davidson-
Juan Ramos-
Mandeep Saha-
Ross Roll-
Sam Saley-
Tristan Hull-1
Jeremy Davis-
Putnam Franklin-

Others: Ms. Linsey Ross


President: Mike Fouts was here this week, if you have any questions for Mike, talk to Neal. We will be replacing all the washers and dryers for 2 brand new washers and dryers. I talked to Jeff Boles regarding 17 November about our founders day banquet at a venue in OKC. Although it is a home game and dads day on Nov 17.


Secretary: I've updated the Triangle calendar so everyone should have access to it. Get with me if you don't have access.

Treasurer: 2nd round of dues are today, please get with me if you haven't paid yet.

Risk Management: Don't torrent stuff. TBHC has promised to reimburse us regarding filling up our emergency kit.

Recruitment: N/A

New Member Educator: I'm going to be doing a lot of makeups today and throughout the week. Please be here tuesday and thursday at 6:30 so pledges can get a chance to blackbook you.

Academics: I've messaged everyone regarding study hours, you will have until thursday to get your hours if you plan to go to Festival.

Social: IGC family feud is this week with multiple sororities/ fraternities. Next week we may plan a paintballing event. I still need people to volunteer for festival this weekend. I plan to have a date party this semester. We will have a dinner thing and come back to the house afterwards. I can find you a date if you need.

Philanthropy: N/A

House Manager: We will plan to enroll in a supply program to get stuff for the house. Please keep up the sinks on the third floor. Work day will be at 1:30 next week due to Festival.

House Director: N/A

Pledge Class President: We are learning our stuff, we haven't had a lot of time to hang due to Retreat being canceled but we will change that over time.

Athletics Chair: Sport, Sport, Sports, we had soccer practice yesterday. Racquetball sign ups is next week.

Historian: History, History, History, i've updated the google drive with pictures.

Parking Chair/Steward: Next week is a home game against Kansas State at 2:30. I need help starting at 11:00. I also need 2 volunteers to cook and clean.

ASK liason: N/A

Old Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes - PASSED
4 posted amendments:


Section 3: Alumni status from the Oklahoma chapter of Triangle may be awarded after 8 active semesters (including pledgeship), completion of a Bachelor's Degree or higher from the University of Oklahoma after one semester of active status with the Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle, or by two-thirds favorable vote of the Active Organization and majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Part II Bylaws - 13,2,5 - PASSED
Article 1
Section 10

The Risk Management Chair shall have the responsibility of managing risk, ensuring that a safe atmosphere is provided on Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle property and maintaining security during all Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle events. The Risk Management Chair shall appoint a Safety Officer at the start of each academic term.

Section 11

The Safety Officer shall be responsible for ensuring a safe living environment inside Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle property. They shall conduct weekly inspections using a checklist approved by the House Director. They shall be responsible for recommending improvements to Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle property and said property’s life safety equipment.

Article 10
Section 1
Every active member is required to live in the chapter house for a minimum of two semesters as soon as they are eligible unless they are a legal guardian or decided otherwise by a three-fourths (¾) vote by the active chapter.

New Business:

Pass Meeting Minutes


“We need to get our T-Shirts designed and made.” - Wyatt Maney

“Next sunday fro 2-4 we are having neighbors pumpkin carving next week so we may need to move business meeting. We are also having elections next week.” - Trevor Cooper

Brother of the Week: Jack Zoellner

Mophead: N/A

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