Name: 521
Title: 09.23.2018
Last modified: 2018-10-14
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Business Meeting #6  September 23 2018

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):
Br. Adam Aab-P
Br. Wyatt Maney- p
Br. Trevor Cooper- p
Br. Steven Narum- p
Br. Darren Midkiff- p
Br. Mathew Boren-p
Br. Triston Warren- P
Br. Greg Arleth- p
Br. Hunter Befort-p
Br. Nate Grady- p
Br. Harrison Powell- p
Br. Ross Trujillo- ex
Br. Sam Korth-p
Br. Joseph Parackal-p
Br. Gregory Maddra- p
Br. Colin Plunkett- p
Br. Jack Zoellner- p
Br. Sam Penwell-p
Br. Matt Wilson- p
Br. Noah Craig- p
Br. Thomas Fugate- ex
Br. Jordan Masterson- ex
Br. Vikas Bhakta - p
Br. Walter Wilson -ex
Br. Jarand Kennedy-p
Br.Alton Rayburn-p



President: “New composite is finished just waiting on a frame now. Mike Fouts will be stopping by Wednesday October 17”

VP: “We will be having retreat at mount scott on saturday Oct 13 and then Big little the week after.”

Secretary: N/A

Treasurer: “First set of dues are due today, there are 5 people that haven't paid yet.”

Risk Management: “Starting next academic year we will start having mandatory life safety meetings. We are also planning a fire escape plan and fire drill.”

Recruitment: “Thank you for coming to all the rush events”

New Member Educator: “To the new guys i am your new member educator along with Nate grady and Sam Korth.”

Academics: “Im joseph, i posted your required study hours on official. You must get your hours completed each week and you must attend 75% to attend big events, lower does not allow you into smaller events. Hours must be done in house. Talk to me about any concerns.”

Social: “Emma Bachman was here from ASK last week and we are going to set up a coffee social event this wednesday 5-8 @ Second Wind. Festival is a little way out please let me know if you can assist. We are having a dinner with Kappa Phi next week. Thursday @ 5 we will have a BBQ with sports. If you want to do movie night this week let me know.”

Philanthropy: N/A

House Manager: “Good job keeping the house clean.”

House Director: “Im Br. Helfrey, Mike Fouts will be here the 17 and 18. He will purchase new washers and dryers. To out of house brothers please don't park in in house brother spots. We have pest control coming thursday at 2pm, if you want them to spray your room, keep your door unlocked. He will also be spraying the third floor bathroom. Tomorrow someone will come by to fix the comm failure.”

Athletics Chair: “We have another volleyball game tomorrow against Bucks. Horseshoes practice will be today, please sign up, $1 per person.”

Historian: N/A

ASK liaison: N/A


Old Business:
Meeting minutes pass

New Business:
Pass meeting minutes

“As steward, i’m upset that dishes did not get done last week. I need 2 people to cook and 2 people to clean dishes. Also i bought some chef knives to use for chapter dinner.” - Darren

“The neighborhood wants to do another neighborhood night out next tuesday night” - Trevor

“Baker mayfield” - Wyatt

“Sigma3 is up and running in the basement. Ill upload how to access it on official.” - Adam

Brother of the Week: Adam Aab

Mophead: Joseph Parackal

Quote of the Week: [Archived]