Name: 519
Title: 09.09.2018
Last modified: 2018-09-16
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Business Meeting #4  September 9 2018

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):
Br. Adam Aab-P
Br. Wyatt Maney- p
Br. Trevor Cooper- p
Br. Steven Narum- ex
Br. Darren Midkiff- p
Br. Mathew Boren-p
Br. Triston Warren- P
Br. Greg Arleth- p
Br. Hunter Befort-p
Br. Nate Grady- p
Br. Harrison Powell- p
Br. Ross Trujillo- ex
Br. Sam Korth-p
Br. Joseph Parackal-p
Br. Gregory Maddra- p
Br. Colin Plunkett- p
Br. Jack Zoellner- p
Br. Sam Penwell-p
Br. Matt Wilson- p
Br. Noah Craig- p
Br. Thomas Fugate- p
Br. Jordan Masterson- p
Br. Vikas Bhakta - p
Br. Walter Wilson - ex
Br. Jarand Kennedy-P
Br. Alton Rayburn-p

Others: N/A


President: Not too much to discuss. I've reached out to corner copy but no response on the composit. We will get a frame later this week.

VP: For retreat we are considering doing Mount Scott or Turner Falls, we will have a poll.

Secretary: Please get with me if you are not on the mailing list or have access to the drive.

Treasurer: Pay your dues. First payment is due September 23, 2 weeks from now.

Recruitment: We have given out 7 bids so far and we have two weeks until pinning. There are 2 more events before, if you want to do an event get with me. There is a cookout on tuesday and on friday there will be a nerf war at the house. We have moved away from the doing the bids but rather we have given out the bid card and pamphlet out. They just need to fill out the form and return it for us to add them on chapterspot. Please message people on the drive, we will not be advertising it because they will be private.

New Member Educator: I have been updating the New member manual. I will be talking to some people interested in being NME next year.

Academics: The proctoring schedule has been posted on official for the week. Please get with me if there are any issues or need to change something.

Social: We will be having a movie night monday, we will be watching the Godfather at 10 pm. We also have an ice cream social with GDP coming up from 3-5pm on Thursday. The party is this coming saturday, i still need some volunteers, please get with me if your interested.

Philanthropy: I believe we are going to be doing 4 hours this semester. If you have any events or runs you want to do please notify me.

House Manager: Please keep house clean. Please flush the toilet after you use it.

House Director: N/A

Risk Management: One thing for after meeting.

Athletics Chair: Instead of movie night come to our volleyball game at 10:15 this monday. Wear the red geico shirt otherwise a red shirt.

Historian: Now that pinning is getting close, a new folder will be on the google drive for pictures. I want to get the family tree update soon.

ASK liason: N/A

Old Business:

Vote to pass meeting minutes next week passed unanimously.

Discussion on whether to eliminate dress code for business meetings if there is not a guest present. No further discussion regarding it, no change made.

Vote to pass Part II. Active Organization, Article 1 - Membership, Section 4 passed unanimously.

New Business:

Pass meeting minutes

“The drink machine is up and running now, so if you have recommendations let us know. We are also going to fix the snack machine coming up.” - Triston Warren

“For the event this saturday, we will talk more in after meeting but there are some items in the basement that will be removed, see if you want anything to stay.” - Trevor Cooper

“I don't know what we're going to do about Phi Phi, we’ll see what we do.” - Darren Midkiff

Brother of the Week: Harrison, Collin, Thomas, Noah

Mophead: Greg Arleth

Quote of the Week: (Archived)