Name: 515
Title: 04.22.2018
Last modified: 2018-09-09
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Business Meeting #27 April 22nd 2018

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):

Br. Joe Scaggs- P
Br. Adam Aab- np
Br. Octavio Serrano- Np
Br. Cameron Devers- ex
Br. Wyatt Maney- p
Br. Trevor Cooper- p
Br. Steven Narum- np
Br. Darren Midkiff- p
Br. Triston Warren- P
Br. Greg Arleth- p
Br. Hunter Befort-p
Br. Nate Grady- p
Br. Harrison Powell- p
Br. Ross Trujillo- ex
Br. Cameron Brinkmeyer-p
Br. Sam Korth-p
Br. Joseph Parackal-p
Br. Gregory Maddra- p
Br. Colin Plunkett- p
Br. Jack Zoellner- p
Br. Sam Penwell-p
Br. Matt Wilson- p
Br. Noah Craig- p
Br. Thomas Fugate- p
Br. Jordan Masterson- Ex
Br. Vikas Bhakta - P
Mr. Jarand Kennedy-P
Others: Mr.Britt Richardson


President: Working with BIT to have an optional business meeting the Sunday before finals start (May 6)

VP: Only brothers and pledges will be allowed in the house for brotherhood week.

Secretary: I’m planning on changing the mailing list

Treasurer: Pay your dues

Recruitment: This Friday is greek preview day. Come out and rep Triangle

NME: Joe and I are taking the new members out around campus on Friday to talk about Triangles history on campus.

Academics: Don’t tear up the book. We all did pretty good on study hours this semester

Social: We had a great event last night, and paintballing will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Philanthropy: Joe eats Pizza went well, please DM if you were there.

House Manager: NA

House Director: NA

Risk Management: NA

Athletics Chair: I purchased some new pool cues, uno attack, and a basketball.

Historian: send me pics from recent events including retreat.

Old Business:
Amendment to Bylaws of Part II Article 1 Section 7 Replace “of” with “for” in “Every two weeks, he is responsible of receiving accountability reports from every applicable officer.” (passed)
Amendment to Bylaws of Part II Article 1 Section 7 Add the Secretary may fix spelling and grammatical errors within Part II of the Local Constitution so long as he informs the Active Chapter at the next business meeting. (Failed)
Amendment to Bylaws of Part II Article 1 Section 6 Strike “and prepare study contracts”
The Social Chair shall have the responsibility of planning major
social events, providing brotherhood events, and providing
two Greek and two non-Greek social events per year. He is also in
charge of communicating and planning with the alumni for
Founders’ Day. The accountability report of the Social Chair
consists of the attendance of all members at the major social
events. (passed) m

Nominations for Risk Management-
Ross Trujillo (seconded) -
Gregory Maddra (seconded)- elected
Joe Scaggs (seconded)
Britt Richardson (seconded) -

Nominations for House Manager-
Sam Korth (seconded) elected
Jarand Kennedy (seconded)
Matthew Wilson (seconded)

New Business: pass the minutes (passed)
Part II
Article II
Section 3: This section outlines the requirements for holding an officer position. Officers shall be selected from the Active Organization and shall have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 from the University of Oklahoma. If at any time an officer fails to meet these requirements, they shall be removed from their position and be replaced through a special election.

ASK liason: laughs
IGC liason: NA

Announcements: This Tuesday from 4-6 there will be a leadership workshop in the president’s room please go if you’re on exec or want to be someday

Brother of the Week: Trevor Cooper

Mophead: Cameron Brinkmeyer

Quote of the Week: