Name: 507
Title: 02.18.2018
Last modified: 2018-02-21
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Business Meeting #20 February 18th 2018

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):

Br. Joe Scaggs- P
Br. Adam Aab- p
Br. Octavio Serrano- Np
Br. Cameron Devers- p
Br. Wyatt Maney- p
Br. Trevor Cooper- p
Br. Steven Narum- p
Br. Darren Midkiff- p
Br. Triston Warren- P
Br. Greg Arleth- p
Br. Hunter Befort-ex
Br. Nate Grady- p
Br. Harrison Powell- EX
Br. Ross Trujillo- p
Br. Cameron Brinkmeyer-EX
Br. Sam Korth-p
Br. Joseph Parackal-p
Br. Gregory Maddra- p
Br. Colin Plunkett- p
Br. Jack Zoellner- p
Br. Sam Penwell-p
Br. Matt Wilson- p
Br. Noah Craig- EX
Br. Thomas Fugate- p
Br. Jordan Masterson- Ex
Br. Vikas Bhakta - p
Br. Chris Nguyen- p

Others: Br. Camden Martin


President: I met with Kylie Frisbee and we are up to date on paperwork. We are still looking for a time to have our composite pictures.

VP: Pinning is today at 5:00, Primaries get with me

Secretary: Darren, Adam, and Cameron D need to be added on the list

Treasurer: Get your contracts in and pay your dues. There is now a venmo it’s @OUtriangle

Recruitment: Recruitment is done for the semester. We are planning on having benefit night’s please send me your ideas.

NME: We’re planning on having pledge ed on Thursday for the first time and then find a time that works best for the pledges.

Scholarship: Study hours will be posted soon.

Social: Good event last night. Please volunteer/participate in the game night on Monday. The game night is in the Willoughby lounge.

Philanthropy: Sign up for the big event if you haven’t.

House Manager: Don’t leave your dishes in your room

House Director: NA

Risk Management: NA

Athletics Chair: Pickleball is next weekend the sign ups are due Friday.

Historian: NA, Make good history

Old Business: Pass the meeting minutes. Change the name of scholarship chair to either academics chair or study chair. Proposals. Vote to pass the meeting minutes (Open vote 10-1-3 vote passes)

Part II Article 3 section 4

Any proposal may be altered by its creator and still be voted upon at the next official regularly scheduled chapter meeting so long as the active chapter receives the altered proposal via the Chapter Mailing list prior to the meeting of relevance by at least 72 hours (Open Vote 12-1-2 vote passes)

Rules and Regulation 12
Any person who is not an Active, Pledge, Alumni, or Manor Superintendent. can receive the door code to the manor so long as a 2/3rds of the active chapter votes in favor of said person. Each person can only be voted on once per semester. (fails by contention)

(if this proposal passes proposal 3 is postponed indefinitely)

Rules and Regulation 12

Only Pledges, Actives, Manor Superintendent, and Alumni of Triangle can know the manor door code. (Closed Vote 10-5-0 motion passes)

(if this proposal passes proposal 2 is postponed indefinitely)


Part II Article I Section 6
Section 6: The Academics Chair shall promote and encourage the highest possible academic achievement of each active and pledge. The Academics Chair is in charge of mandatory study hours and prepare study contracts. The accountability report of the Academics Chair consists of records of each member’s fulfillment of required study hours. (Open vote 9-2-4)

New Business: Pass the minutes. Darren is still working on the amendment about the 4.0.

ASK liason: NA
IGC liason: Planning an event with SAI

Announcements: T-shirts, you have 1 week to send any changes to Adam Aab. Clean up after you use the microwave/toaster/toaster oven. Clean up the counter if you make a mess. Don’t use appliances and not clean them.

Brother of the Week: Jack Zoellner (being the GOAT)

Mophead: Greg Arleth

Quote of the Week: “Can we give up monogamy for lent?” –Darren Midkiff