Name: 501
Title: 11.19.2017
Last modified: 2018-01-20
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Business Meeting #13 Nov. 19th, 2017

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):

Br. Joe Scaggs- P
Br. Adam Aab- P
Br. Stephen Thung- P
Br. Octavio Serrano- NP
Br. Cameron Devers- P
Br. Wyatt Maney- P
Br. Trevor Cooper- P
Br. Steven Narum- P
Br. Darren Midkiff- EX
Br. Matthew Borum- P
Br. Triston Warren- P
Br. Greg Arleth- P
Br. Hunter Befort- P
Br. Nate Grady- NP
Br. Harrison Powell- P
Br. Caleb Robertson- P
Br. Ross Trujillo- P
Br. Cameron Brinkmeyer- EX
Mr. Vikas Bhakta- P
Mr. Noah Craig- P
Mr. Thomas Fugate- P
Mr. Brandon Jackson- P
Mr. Samuel Korth- P
Mr. Gregory Maddra- NP
Mr. Jordan Masterson- EX
Mr. D’Adrian Narcisse- NP
Mr. Christopher Nguyen- NP
Mr. Joseph Parackal- P
Mr. Samuel Penwell- EX
Mr. Colin Plunkett- P
Mr. Chad Roberts- NP
Mr. Matthew Wilson- NP
Mr. Walter Wilson- P
Mr. Jack Zoellner- P

Others: Br. Camden Martin, Br. Ian Grady, Br. Neal Helfrey, Ms. Leonie Schlupp


President: Founder’s Day was a success, it was a lot of fun. Please finish the leftover food. Please don’t let the loss of other Triangle chapters make you worried for ours.

VP: I’m currently putting together I-week events.

Secretary: nothing


Scholarship: nothing

Social: Holidays with TASK will be soon.

ASK liason: Holidays with TASK is on Dec. 9th at 5:00 P.M. There will be dinner, cookie decorating, and dirty Santa.

House Director: Foutz’s visit went very well. He had some ideas for the house in the next 5 to 10 years. Also, the stove is now balanced on wood. If you have a complaint about the house, please write it on my board.

House Manager: Keep your things clean.

Treasurer: Pay your dues.

Philanthropy: Please talk to me if you need to get philanthropy hours.

Risk Management: nothing

Athletics Chair: We have no more intramural sports for this semester.

Historian: nothing

Pledge Educator: nothing to report

Old Business: the same Constitution change by Br. Maney, with the exact wording
The vote passes.

New Business:


Member of the Week: Br. Wyatt Maney

Mophead: Br. Triston Warren

Quote of the Week: No quote was picked.