Name: 483
Title: 03.05.2017
Last modified: 2018-01-20
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Business Meeting #7    March 5, 2017

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):
Br. Camden Martin – P
Br. Ian Grady - Ex
Br. Joe Scaggs - P
Br. Adam Aab - P
Br. Stephen Thung – P
Br. Cameron Devers - P
Br. Neal Helfrey – P
Br. Wyatt Maney – P
Br. Trevor Cooper – P
Br. Steven Narum – P
Br. Darren Midkiff – Ex
Br. Hasani Duncan - P
Br. Matthew Borum - P
Br. Triston Warren- EX
Br. Hunter Befort- EX
Br. Nate Grady – EX
Br. Tyler Schaper - NP
Br. Harrison Powell - P
Br. Greg Arleth – P

Others: Mr. Ross Trujillo, Mr. Cameron Brinkmeyer

President: Got our composite. We need a frame. Nat’l convention is coming up this summer. Stocco is coming. Need to talk about lease info and talk with new guys. Essays for scholarships will be due April 1st.

VP: Big little ceremony is March 19th. Be there at 2:15.

Secretary: nothing

Recruitment: Thank you everyone for participating this rush season.

Scholarship: This was the first week I was counting hours. Punishments will follow if study hours aren’t met two weeks in a row.

Social: PMA LAN party was successful. A Christian sorority would like to tour the house sometime this week.

House Director: Neal- plans to take outside stuff to the dump

House Manager: pick up after yourselves. Mophead- Neal
Neal- I locked most of the cooking ware. Be mindful of sliding furniture.
I replaced the soap in the kitchen.

Treasurer: Second payments are due March 11th.

Philanthropy: we got 64 hours for philanthropy and 500 dollars. Big event registration is due at midnight tonight. Was approached by the vp of habitat for humanity relations, another opportunity for philanthropy hours.

Risk Management: I found watches and other articles from last night. Things are lookin good.

Old Business:

New Business: Proposal to amend constitution- more strict rules for attendance to business meeting. Missing 60% of meeting will result in possible debrothering.
Absentee voting
2 to 8 required hours for philanthropy

Announcements: R is April 22nd. SN- E-week starts this week.

Member of the Week: Wyatt, JS, CD, NH, HB

Wyatt- 2 Cameron- 1 Joe- 1 Hunter- 2 Neal- 8

Neal wins.

Mophead: Neal

Quote of the Week: idk

Pledge ed: social, president, historian will speak at the next pledge ed meeting.

Athletics chair: sign up for intramural soccer.