Name: 478
Title: 02.05.2017
Last modified: 2018-01-20
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Business Meeting #  2/5/17

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):
Br. Camden Martin - P
Br. Ian Grady - P
Br. Joe Scaggs - P
Br. Adam Aab - P
Br. Stephen Thung –P
Br. Cameron Devers - Ex
Br. Neal Helfrey – P
Br. Wyatt Maney – P
Br. Trevor Cooper – P
Br. Steven Narum – P
Br. Darren Midkiff – Ex
Br. Hasani Duncan - P
Br. Matthew Borum - Ex
Mr. Triston Warren- P
Mr. Hunter Befort- P
Mr. Nate Grady - P
Mr. Tyler Schaper -NP
Mr. Harrison Powell - P
Mr. Greg Arleth – P

Others: Br. Wallace, Br. Reynolds

President: study hours with IGC still on. Able to apply for social media chair for IGC.I would like to propose amendments to the constitution next week.

VP: nothing

Secretary: will talk with other offices in the frat to organize things.

Recruitment: Friday at 8:30 is Nerf War in the house.

Scholarship: Will enforce study hours after next week.

Social: start doing events after next week.

House Director:

House Manager: Trevor and I are still working on cleaning schedule for the night. Keep cleaning. Don’t throw away food or drink in the second floor bathroom. Mophead- Stephen Thung

Treasurer: Made a few changes to budgets, but little overall cost change. Active dues decreased. 75$ per meal for steward. 4.0 650$, FNGS- 900, Actives- 590$

Philanthropy: There’s a schedule for Pie the Frat Guy. Please fill out when you can volunteer. We need volunteers for Thursday. Need $29.

Risk Management: We should make parking passes for members. May get stickers.

Old Business: Meeting Minutes- 8 for 0 against 4 abstain
SN- spring proposal for constitution. 1 addition and 1 change to an amendment in the constitution. Will add safety deposit fee at the beginning of the semester for activity in the frat. Need to do at least 11 work days in the semester. Vote- 8 for 0 against, 1 abstain. Vote passes.
Should we add 325 to exec discretion? Sure. Budget vote- passes.

New Business: pass meeting minutes. NH- There are no philanthropy hour requirements. I want 5 hours from everyone for the semester. Neal wants to propose an amendment for article 1 section 9 of the constitution. Trevor wants to amend the constitution for brother activity expectations.

Announcements: TW- resume building and interview stuff this week. AA- Super Bowl watch party. JR- can come work out with me.

Member of the Week: Joe’s dog- 11 Wyatt- 6

Mophead: Stephen Thung

Quote of the Week: “No you don’t understand. It’s imaginary time, it doesn’t exist.” -Steven Narum