Name: 476
Title: 11.13.2016
Last modified: 2017-01-22
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Business Meeting #

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present, Ex - Excused):
Br. Ethan Fraley - NP
Br. Camden Martin - P
Br. Ian Grady - EX
Br. Joe Scaggs - P
Br. Adam Aab - P
Br. Stephen Thung – NP
Br. Cameron Devers - EX
Br. Neal Helfrey – P
Br. Wyatt Maney – P
Br. Trevor Cooper – P
Br. Steven Narum – EX
Br. Kyle Burns – P
Br. Darren Midkiff – NP
Br. Hasani Duncan - P
Br. Matthew Borum - P
Mr. Phillip Rhoton- EX
Mr. Triston Warren- EX
Mr. Hunter Befort- NP
Mr. Nate Grady - EX
Mr. Tyler Schaper - EX
Mr. Harrison Powell - P
Mr. Greg Arleth – P
Mr. Tommy Mai – P

Br. Blue
Br. Wallace- P
Dancer dog- P
President: Cameron working on zoning. We switched to IGC last week. Getting a dumpster here next week.

VP: Retreat happened. Broken glass on the roof. Wear shoes.

Secretary: Nothing to report. Accountability reports next week.



Social: Rush continues. KU were here all weekend. They enjoyed the trip. There were slight miscommunications but all went well. This coming Saturday is Founder’s Day. Dinner will start at 6:00.

House Director: The fridge is broken. The house is still here. Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.

House Manager: Fridge purge after this meeting. Stop leaving food in the living room. Stop dumping food down the sink.

Treasurer: We’re all good.


Risk Management:

Pledge Ed: Most people for makeup lesson were not here. Tuesdays at 7:00

Athletic Chair: Nothing to report.

Old Business:

New Business:

Announcements: Dr. Strange freaking awesome- Blu. We should plan to go to Yukon to watch a movie. –Tommy.

Member of the Week: Trevor and Hasani- 3,
Trevor- ,
Darren Midkiff,
Darren and Matthew.
Camden aand adam

Mophead: Trevor and Hasani

Quote of the Week: