Name: 462
Title: 04.10.2016
Last modified: 2018-01-08
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Business Meeting #

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present):
Br. Miles Garcia - p
Br. Camden Martin - p
Br. Travis Jacobs – np
Br. Thomas Anderson – np
Br. Octavio Serrano – ex
Br. Ian Grady - p
Br. Joe Scaggs - ex
Br. Adam Aab - p
Br. Stephen Thung – np
Br. Cameron Devers - p
Br. Neal Helfrey – p
Br. Wyatt Maney – p
Br. Trevor Cooper – p
Br. Steven Narum – p
Br. Kyle Burns – p
Br. Darren Midkiff –p
Br. Travis Howell – p
Br. Juan Arango – np
Mr. Matthew Borem- np
Mr. Steven Carlisle- np
Mr. Hasani Dunken - ex
Mr. Elliot Eudaley -np

Br. Blue
Br. Bruce
Br. Wallace
Ms. Cj

Free stuff
Br. Martin -M
Br. Grady – XL
Br. Aab –L
Br. Devers – XL
Br. Helfrey – L
Br. Maney – M
Br. Cooper – L
Br. Narum – M
Br. Midkiff - M
Br. Burns – M
Br. Howell – XL

I have talked with my exec council and set up meetings.

Nothing to report
Retreat at the end of April

Secretary: n/a

Make friends, make triangle great again

Finals are close don’t fall behind

Uhh date party this Saturday night, you can bring a goat. We will have to replace the pig. Dress Hawaiian yo. Show up at the house at 5. Except I need a couple brothers to show up early and set up the room at the union for dancing and activities. Dinner at 6. If you don’t like pork let me know now. At seven we will go to the union and hang out and have activities and even a raffle.
E-club would like to do another thing with us by the end of the semester
On the 22nd they want us to co-host an event. It is also the night before founders day brunch and ET.
E-club has extra money that they want to blow. Karaoke, lan, and board game night. I need to know if we want to co-host.

House Director:
Hobart works
The plumbers are still shi***
Midkiff-There are laws against digging up a grave

House Manager:
New basketball hoop. If you see Carl or Ethan tell them to move their bikes.
Martin- Give me those bikes to sell to pay for their outstanding dues

Most of you have given me money, however more money is good

Big event went well
Possibly doing more work with that organization in the future

Risk Management:

Pledge ed:
Its tomorrow and we will be discussing scholarship

Social media:
New insta pic up you should like it.
Looking into the twitter

We got a, new scratch that, old broken, scratch that, being fixed basket ball hoop


Pay your dues so we can get the shirt. Its about $15 per shirt plus taxes


The banner is almost done, thank you Wyatt, Adam, Trevor, Octavio and Sean for helping

Neal and I are working in the BBQ for the weekend before finals week.
We are looking for activates to do.


Old Business:
Pass the past 3 meeting minutes including this one
Abstain- 1
Risk Management vote
Br. Narum- 3
Br. Serrano- Camden Camden Camden
Br. Howell-not a magic 8 ball- 8

Motion to open vote
New Business:
Chapter says thanks to Ellie for making he sign
Pass this meetings minutes.
Start thinking about fun raisers

Howell-congrats to Darren and his robotics team
Bruce- Ill be teaching about how to file your income tax this Tuesday

Member of the Week:
Br. Cooper - 7
Every brother except shelly-1
Br. Air conditioning - 0
Br. Helfrey for leading big event -3


Quote of the Week:

“When I die I have 2 requests
1) For my remains to be scattered around Disney land
2) To not to be cremated”
- Sheely