Name: 459
Title: 03.06.2016
Last modified: 2016-04-17
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Business Meeting #

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present):
Br. Miles Garcia - p
Br. Camden Martin - p
Br. Travis Jacobs – np
Br. Thomas Anderson – p
Br. Octavio Serrano – np
Br. Ian Grady - p
Br. Joe Scaggs - p
Br. Adam Aab - p
Br. Stephen Thung - excused
Br. Nick Son - np
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - np
Br. Cameron Devers - p
Br. Neal Helfrey – p
Br. Wyatt Maney – p
Br. Trevor Cooper – p
Br. Steven Narum – p
Br. Kyle Burns – p
Br. Darren Midkiff – p
Br. Travis Howell – p
Br. Juan Arango – np
Mr. Matthew Borem- np
Mr. Steven Carlisle- np
Mr. Hasani Dunken - P
Mr. Elliot Eudaley - np

Br. Blue
Br. Bruce
Br. Wallace
AOPi – Ellie
ASK - Mary

Registration for Big event closed it should be something?
Free food free T-shirt
Oh Wait!
Who is staying here for spring break?
Oh Wait!
Nationals are being weird about dues that need to be paid
A lot of money everywhere that we don’t have

Still have some dates for I-week and Retreat but they are subject to change
I will be gone for most of I-week so I will need some help

Secretary: n/a

Make friends and love you all

3 hours a week for study hours

A lot to talk about
Is anyone planning on going up to rolla this spring break?
We need to take the light back
The ASK event was great thank you for showing up
This week we have the AOpi event. This Wednesday at 6:00 pm lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. Jim Thrope. Be there by 5:45

“Everyone Knows I’m in Latin dance club”

When we get back from spring break. That Friday there is a latin dance party. Learn to dance and free food
Saturdays around 4 we will start scheduling brotherhood events.
Want to have a brotherhood weekend before retreat.

“This Weekend will be Epic”

What Weekend would we like to do it? I think the 26th and 27th. “little” brotherhood weekend.
Two things left
If we keep retreat on the 15th I will have Electric toga on the weekend after
Last thing
The 30th will be the Triangle date party. Will consist of dinner and dancing. After we can come back and have a chill night
We need to plan something about National Founders day.
I want it to be some of us going together.
Blue- can I bring two chicks?
Martin- they have to be two acute chicks

House Director:
Plumber didn’t show up
Everyone should live here this summer

House Manager:
New Mailboxes out so everyone has a mailbox
Next weeks workday is cancelled
(there is no workday/meeting next week)

If I don’t have a legally shakey documents back from you
If you cant pay your full dues get with me
(clap clap clap clap clap)


Risk Management:
No strikes
NO one got died
Chapter advisor:

Pledge Education:
Need to talk to certain chairs

T-Shirt: I’m working on it

Athletics: nothing

ASK: Thanks for coming to the philanthropy, im going to get with neal and put together one other thing

AOpi: come this Wednesday. Bye kids

Old Business:
Moving the vote for Philanthropy til next Business meeting 5-6-5
Vote for philanthropy
Motion to have an open vote for philanthropy
Stephen Thung - 10
Travis Howell – 0
Abstain - 2

No work day in a week

New Business:

Motion to pass meeting minutes with no objections
(no objections)

Vote to pass the budget next meeting

Blue- Does anyone like bottle rockets?

Howell- If you have something in the celarium right your name on it

Member of the Week:
Br. Martin- 10
Br. Sheely- 1
Br. Anderson- 0
Br. Garcia - 1

Br. Helfrey

Quote of the Week:

“I call this move filling the mop bucket, look it how wet its making you”
-Br. Martin