Name: 453
Title: 01.24.2016
Last modified: 2016-02-21
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Ashley, Garcia, Duff, camdin,Anderson,,ian,joe,adam, stephen, neal, wyate, tevor, narum,kyle, travis, late- ethan, work-

Sarah zink

Prez: Robert rules of order from here on out, going to talk with ifc about grades

Vp: Nothing much, get new members around

Treasure: Budget is going to be posted, Dues are due on the 7th feb,

Sec: get notes posted

Rush: Formal rush this weekend, Had 4 people sign up and 1 show up house hours, 2 events this week check the calander, Contact your primaries

Risk management: Nothing, all clear duely note that social can not run for this, a amendment will be written soon

House Manager: Starting a bike purge, if not clamed in a week they will be free, let the record show that adam is making a speculation that another chapter stole the

Social- no events yet

Scholar- Email out and check it, it’s a doodle pole

House: ice maker may be fixed

Ian: do homework
Anderson: fixing drive way Friday
Compton: hope someone is timing this,

AOP: Love to hear ideas on events to do
ASK: Nothing

Philanthropy: Signed up on org sink for big event, Habitat meeting tuesday

Old business
Secretary- unanumust 17-0 trevor
Risk- 11 burns, 2-sun, 2 anderson, 1 sheely, 1 martin
If in active on judicial- tabled
FNG on judicial-Travis
Tabled till read of risk
Narum 17-1 on judicial commitie
Darron 17-1 on judicial committee

New business
Treasuser Report to be voted on next meeting
President- Sent out email-read it and send my complaints
Vote to fund chapter dinner on parking money $6 per person 18-0
Point of inquiery on budget 17-1

Swear in

New officers sworn in.