Name: 452
Title: 01.17.2016
Last modified: 2016-02-21
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Business Meeting #1, 1/17/16, Spring 2016: 3:19PM

Active Roll Call (P – Present, NP – Not Present):
Br. Nathaniel Ashley - P
Br. Justin DeCoster - P
Br. Christopher Lewis - P
Br. Ethan Fraley – P
Br. Miles Garcia - P
Br. Derick Duffner - Excused
Br. Camden Martin - Excused
Br. Travis Jacobs – NP
Br. Thomas Anderson – P
Br. Octavio Serrano – Excused
Br. Ian Grady - P
Br. Joe Scaggs - P
Br. Adam Aab - P
Br. Stephen Thung - P
Br. Nick Son - NP
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - P
Br. Cameron Devers - Excused
Br. Neal Helfrey – P
Br. Wyatt Maney – P
Br. Trevor Cooper – P
Br. Steven Narum – P
Br. Kyle Burns – P
Br. Darren Midkiff – P
Br. Travis Howell – P
Br. Juan Arango – NP

Ms. Mary McCarty

President: n/a

VP: Ryan Bruce has been chosen for New Member Education.

Secretary: n/a

Recruitment: First, tis the season to rush potentials. First event is this Thursday, in the Will Rogers Room in the Union.
Reserved from 7PM-10PM, but we need to get early to set up. Pizza arrives at 7:30. Br. Grady has offered to take charge
with setting up this event. The room has its own sound system. I need applicants for my Rush committee. Write your name
and I will get with you. Last semester, attendance mandatory was 75%. This semester, there are 8 events, 5 need to be chalked
and flyered. Those are mandatory. You are now required to sit in with 2 different groups on campus. This will help meet others
in Triangle-respected majors. There are 17 total events. 75% is still required. Br. Garcia will print off list of different
organizations. Rush schedules will be on dining room table. Grab a bunch and hand them out. There are 398 that need to be passed
out. If you think someone is committed to pledge, there is a nicer and more formal schedule to hand out. EE’s should be at
Engineering 101, to help teach soldering. Another part of the advertisement for Rush includes class-talks.

Scholarship: Setting up meeting times to talk about this semester.

Social: Make friends

House Director: n/a

House Manager: Trying to implement a new plan. For make-ups, every week someone will have to monitor the house throughout the
week. I will send out two surveys on groupme. In-House needs to fill out ASAP.

Treasurer: Going to set up contracts for the semester.

Philanthropy: Signing up for Big Event in Org-Sync today. Need everyone’s names. If you sign up, you HAVE to go. Big Event is
the first week of April. Sign-up opens the 19th. You have a couple weeks to a month.

Risk Management: I am finalizing Triangle Risk Management docs. This is paperwork to refer back to. It is something nationals
wants us to have. There is also a new contract.

Joe motions to open old business.
Miles seconds.

Old Business:
Joe motions to vote on passing the last 10 business meeting minutes. Chris seconds. Open vote. Passes. 11-0.
Joe motions to close old business. Miles seconds.

New Business:
Joe motions to open New Business. Miles seconds.
Chris declares *inactive status* this semester.
Joe motions to close new business. Miles seconds.


Br. Cooper nominated by Br. Grady. Br. Helfrey seconds.
Br. Midkiff nominated by Br. Garcia. Br. Lewis seconds.

-Risk Management-
Br. Burns nominated by Br. Helfrey. Br. Garcia seconds.
Br. Nick Son nominated by Br. Scaggs. Br. DeCoster seconds.
Br. Anderson nominated by Br. Scaggs. Br. Lewis seconds.

-Judicial Committee-
*Because of Bond Number/Seniority the first 2 are Br. Ashley and Br. Fraley* Br. Serrano nominated by Br. Helfrey. Br. Thung seconds.
Br. Scaggs nominates the whole pledge class, Br. Duffner, and Br. Martin all at the same time. Br. Garcia seconds.

Miles motions to close. Joe seconds.

Absentee voting email going out – Joe

Robert’s Rules of Order email will also be sent out - Joe

Something should be written so that Social chair cannot also be risk management. Winter Ball tickets are on SALE NOW! – Miles

Derick – Buening announced a career fair. I will push to have this mandatory. His mom will give a short seminar on career fairs,
interviews, resumes, etc... That Saturday, we will have alumni here doing interviews. Still working out the scholarship. I
pushed during the BOD meeting that there should be a scholarship. We are looking at structuring it like last semester without
the 1 week notice. Awarded on Founders Day. Prompt will be out a month before, and two weeks before founders day is due date.
Looking at having multiple scholarships. Quality of submission problems on BOD’s side. I am highly against that.

Mary McCarty – Still liaison for ASK.

Parlor fees will now have to be paid online through the rent website. - Chris

Member of the Week: Br. Thung nominates FNGs. Br. Helfrey seconds. Reason: “Tradition”

Mophead: Nathaniel Ashley. Reason: starting work day early.

Quote of the Week:
“Age is just a number. Jail is just a place.” Travis to Miles