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Title: Meeting Minutes for 02-11-01
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 02-11-01

Meeting Minutes for 02-11-01 (Meeting #5)

Meeting Start 6:43pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Kraft -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Yarrison -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Powell
Br. Martin -- LATE
Br. Lowe -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Garner
Br. Aldridge
Br. Rogers -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Ycedo -- ABSENT
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis -- ABSENT (excused)
Br. Siard
Br. Williams
Br. Rye -- ABSENT
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott
Br. McCann
Br. Kirkpatrick -- ABSENT
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Pl. Mulder -- ABSENT
Pl. Cantu

Quorum not present. No official business can occur during this session.

President's Report
- The applications for the campus awards I went over a few weeks ago are due this week. See me if you need the forms.
- If you're interested in doing executive staff for Howdy week, there are 8 positions open. These applications are due tomorrow.
- I need two people to be Junior IFC representatives. The first meeting is Tuesday, February 20th, at a time/place TBA. The FNG's or the pledges should send at least one person for Triangle.
- Pi Kappa Phi is sponsoring "Push America" -- a bike across the country to raise funds for disabled children. This week, they're also having a "Push Week" from March 5th-10th to raise money for this charity. There will be a car bash, a wheel chair decoration contest, a date auction, a short bicycle race, etc., that week. I'll sign us up for this.
- UIFI: For one week, they bring people from sororities and fraternities from across the country and split you up into mini-chapters. It's not free, but Triangle offers more scholarships than any other participating member in UIFI. There are many half-week sessions over the summer for people to attend. See me for the form, which is due May 1st. The scholarship information is on

Vice-President's Report
- I'll ask "Who will be able to drive at the retreat" at the next meeting.
- Retreat will probably be in North Texas, about three hours or so from here.
- Aftermeeting will be at 9:15 PM.
- For Tuesday dinner next week: SCS offers to cook. MDM and MPA will handle cleanup.

Secretary's Report
- I'll check the local constitution and see what we can charge for fines for missing meetings.

Treasurer's Report
- Pay your bills. At the rate we're going, we won't make our bill payments. Bills are due the 13th.
- Egghc.

Rush Chairman's Report
- We're down to the last week. This week's events:
    - Dinner at 6:30 PM on Tuesday
    - Info night/Net night at 7PM on Thursday
- I'll be running around closing out bids.
- Formal Pledging is next Sunday at 6:30 PM in the Manor.

Chapter Editor's Report
- Articles due next Sunday, unless you've talked to me.
- If you really want to write one, I have one article open.

House Manager's Report (Br. Branson reporting)
- Work day was cancelled because Br. Lewis is busy.
- Plan for another work day next Saturday at 1PM before the party.

Social Chairman's Report (Br. Branson reporting)
- There's a party on Saturday. This will not be a rush event!
- Trek will distribute information on positions/tasks this week.
- Be sure to wash your white (toga) sheet in Woolite. (NOTE: Br. Gilland has no white sheets.)

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- I'll finalize the program for the next semester this week.
- I haven't sent in the Form N in yet. I just need TDM's stats final grade.

Athletics Chairman's Report
- No report.

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
- Nic and Seth were in town.

Pledge Educator's Report
- No report.

Pledge Class President's Report
- No report.

IFC Representative's Report
- FNG's need to attend the talk on March 10 about sex and sexual assault awareness.
- Next meeting is a week from Tuesday at the Delta Upsilon's. They have chocolate chip cookies!
- Br. Branson: apparently, there are lots of problems with senior retention in fraternities on campus. We're doing well compared to others.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report (Br. Branson reporting)
- Br Siard and I danced for 15 hours yesterday. It involved a surprising lack of dancing.
- We ran a carnival for kids in the afternoon. That was cool.
- Bot Ball is having the Oklahoma regionals on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th. It'll involve some setup at a convention center. The specific time and location will be announced at a later date. If you're interested in helping, see Br. Siard.
- Adopt a School starts soon.
- Br. Gilland has an Omega Man meeting on Tuesday at 8PM. We've paid them our $25, and I'll be at this event in mid March.

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- We liaised with the ASK's at the chemistry review session this week.

Historian's Report
- Br. Thomas has missed the last few rush events, so he hasn't gotten any pictures lately.
- Last year's picture album needs to be put together. Br. Thomas will talk to Br. Yarrison about this.

Public Relations Chairman
- Nothing on the PR horizon.

Reaper Report
- Br. Ycedo needs to show up with Br. Rye.
- Br. Aldridge needs to complete his form N.
- Br. Branson needs to get the Spring Break T-Shirts made.

Executive Committee Report
- Kind-of didn't really meet. Called Br. Williams about the retreat.
- Tuesday at 4:30 PM will be our next meeting. We'll talk more about retreat.

Rush Committee Report
- I don't think we need to meet this week. I'm just following up with bids.
- No meeting this week.

Old Business
- No old business.

New Business
- No new business.

Action Item List
BMG: I need to get some action at the party.
BMG: Need to get the Form A's ready.
HPM: I should check on my finals.
JDP: I need to be reminded to pass out Valentines Day NULL meeting fliers.


Br. Powell
- We'll be postponing the NULL meeting until Valentines Day. It'll be a black roses theme.
- Caught some form of plague on Thursday or Friday, leaving me incapacitated for two or three days.
- My mom bought me six cans of chicken noodle soup, which are sitting on my desk.
- Computer ethics homework sucks. I'm stuck writing papers.
- My roommate got a Playstation 2, and it really looks pretty.
- There are 14 days until I turn 24.
- It's fun to do taxes while you're on Nyquil
- "Just because it's free, doesn't mean it works." - Basis for s/w eng. project.

Br. Martin
- There were two fifteen minute delays on the turnpike today. This gridlock is exciting.
- I think I just have allergies. If I get the plague, I will destroy all of you.
- My car should be fixed this week. I'll be excited to get my other car back.

Br. Garner
- Last night was pretty cool. I had a lot of fun.
- I had a dream, and part of it was in Spanish.

Br. Aldridge
- I have to agree with Br. Garner -- last night was cool.
- I'm organizing expedition number two in two weeks.
- Does anyone want to play Volleyball next Sunday at noon? Let's plan for indoors at Huston-Huffman.
- Enzyme of the week: aspartate amino transferase

Br. Branson
- Dance Marathon was great.
- I've discovered Br. Siard loves big butts, and he can not lie. Them other brothers can't deny.
- London Cuckolds starts on Wednesday, not Thursday. Get your tickets early. Lots of British humor about women sleeping around on their husbands.
- Helped unload three tons of legos on Friday.

Br. Siard
- Dance marathon was great. It was a great deal of fun.
- I want to get a Hells Angels shirt from Alpha Chi Omega.
- I also got a phone number for someone at the Omega Phi Psi fraternity
- Chemical reagent of the week: hydrargium
- I offered to trade Brett's father my hat with part of his library.

Br. Williams
- I'm in extreme financial distress at the moment. My roommates don't know how close we came to loosing the little necessities.
- Otherwise, life is good.

Br. Meizlish
- I now have two jobs. I'm working in the library doing re-shelvings and database repair. Not great money, but lots of hours. It's only Mondays through Fridays, and work ends at 5PM. So I have free evenings and weekends.
- This week, I have Valentines Day and the girl I'm seeing's birthday this week. Should be lots of fun.

Br. Scott
- This was a long week. Had lots of work to do.

Br. McCann
- Life is wonderful.
- Video game of the week: Ready to Rumble Boxing Round Two for the PS2

Br. Gilland
- Father was in town, and determined my truck is dead. However, I took him to see Snatch on Saturday, and watched Aeon Flux, Whipped, and others. He likes Snatch.
- Saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on Saturday. Much goodness.
- PS2 Ready to Rumble makes me happy.
- Illegitimate child of the week: Jamal

Br. Thomas
- Last week was busy.
- The pseudo-particle of the week: electron (it's pretty prominent in our life)

Br. Martin
- I saw Hannibal this week. It was a good movie, but bad.

Br. Abernethy
- I got the plague on Wednesday, just in time for my first test on Thursday.
- Went home for the weekend, and found out my brother will become a wrestler.

Pl. Cantu
- I realized how much sanitary work at my apartment is done by my wife.
- Do not see Battlefield Earth.

Rushee Murphy
- I had my first chemistry test on Thursday. Didn't go to the review. Got a 95%.
- Life has been pretty slow. Got my girlfriend a Valentine and put it in the mail last week.

Final Announcement
- Br. Garner for getting me (Br. Aldridge) out this week.

Meeting End 7:38pm