Name: 448
Title: 11.22.2015
Last modified: 2016-01-17
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Business Meeting # 15, 11/22/15, Fall 2015:
*taken by Br. Garcia in absence of Br. DeCoster*

Active Roll Call:

Br. Nathaniel Ashley - NOT PRESENT
Br. Nathan Sheely - PRESENT
Br. Justin DeCoster - EXCUSED
Br. Christopher Lewis - EXCUSED
Br. Ethan Fraley - PRESENT
Br. Miles Garcia - PRESENT
Br. Derick Duffner -PRESENT
Br. Joey Lama - EXCUSED
Br. Camden Martin -PRESENT
Br. Travis Jacobs - NOT PRESENT
Br. Thomas Anderson - PRESENT
Br. Octavio Serrano – PRESENT
Br. Ian Grady - PRESENT
Br. Joe Scaggs - PRESENT
Br. Adam Aab - PRESENT
Br. Stephen Thung - EXCUSED
Br. Aristo Brizzolara -PRESENT
Br. Cameron Devers - PRESENT
Br. Nick Son - EXCUSED

New Members:

Mr. Richardson - NOT PRESENT
Mr. Burns - PRESENT
Mr. Arango - EXCUSEFD
Mr. Louie - PRESENT
Mr. Narum - PRESENT
Mr. Wright - EXCUSED
Mr. Howell - EXCUSED
Mr. Cooper - EXCUSED
Mr. Midkiff – PRESNET
Mr. Maney – EXCUSED



President: Nothing really going on this week, IFC elections, visit with Montalvo went well, for second round call backs please have both brothers there.

VP: Look over Iweek for scedual to go out.

Recruitment: Clinics for helping us rush better, just throwing it out that I want to try and have one next Sunday, infront of you is a sheet of ideas for rush events,

Scholarship: Study for finals

Social: Nothing really

House Director: n/a

House Manager: Might have a house cleaning this week

Treasurer: Parking went well

Secretary: n/a

Philanthropy: n/a

Appointed Chairs:

Athletics: I spent money

ASK Liaison: elections

E-Club: Next event is Dec 3rd

Parking: made money, going to do a after action report

Risk Management: risk managed

Public Relations: Going to get rush set up and getting all rooms an paper work done to start off right

Appointed Committee Chairs:
House Furniture: None

Meal Plan: Fouts numbers look good, but there are some wording we need to ask about.

Old Business:
Repal Vote,pass
Repeal financial dates vote sec 4, pass

New Business:

Motion for $50 for chalk

$1000 dollars for spring scholarship

$300 Bidet

$300 Power Washer

Striking the 3d printer, pass

Octavio-chapter dinner this week

Ian-New members said caf trip

Member of the Week: Joe

Mophead: n/a

Quote of the Week: n/a