Name: 447
Title: 11.15.2015
Last modified: 2016-01-17
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Business Meeting # 14, 11/15/15, Fall 2015: 

Active Roll Call:
Br. Nathaniel Ashley –EXCUSED
Br. Nathan Sheely - PRESENT
Br. Justin DeCoster - PRESENT
Br. Christopher Lewis - PRESENT
Br. Ethan Fraley - NOT PRESENT
Br. Miles Garcia - PRESENT
Br. Derick Duffner - PRESENT
Br. Joey Lama - NOT PRESENT
Br. Camden Martin - PRESENT
Br. Travis Jacobs - NOT PRESENT
Br. Thomas Anderson – LATE
Br. Octavio Serrano – PRESENT
Br. Ian Grady - PRESENT
Br. Joe Scaggs - PRESENT
Br. Adam Aab - PRESENT
Br. Stephen Thung – EXCUSED
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - PRESENT
Br. Cameron Devers - PRESENT
Br. Nick Son – EXCUSED
Br. Neal Helfrey - PRESENT

New Members:
Mr. Richardson - EXCUSED
Mr. Arango - EXCUSED
Mr. Narum - EXCUSED
Mr. Wright - PRESENT
Mr. Howell - EXCUSED
Mr. Cooper - PRESENT
Mr. Midkiff – NOT PRESENT
Mr. Maney – PRESENT

Br. Jonathan Bluemlein
Mr. Will Zuniga
Ms. Courtney Holloway
Ms. Mary McCarty

President: Brother Brandon Montalvo will be here doing a chapter check Thursday through Saturday of this week. I will post the last scholarship prompt and Octavio’s essay on the board.

VP: If you haven’t gotten with Chris or Ian for retreat mileage, you should do it.

Recruitment: Teaching Neal about rush.

Scholarship: N/A

Social: This week, we will be going to the Big Chinese in OKC because Brandon Montalvo will be coming. This will be Saturday night followed by a movie/game night. December 5th is Holidays with TASK. An email will be sent out soon. We need help to cook turkeys and ham.

House Director: Mike Fouts will be here December 9th for a quarterly visit. New members should totally move in. Got used a newer washer and dryer. We will be replacing the ice machine.

House Manager: Trash cans are completely full so try not to use them. There will be room checks right before thanksgiving, most likely next Saturday.

Treasurer: Have more parking money. We should wait to use the money until after the last game. December is the last set of dues for the semester. Update the Steven Powers award!

Secretary: N/A

Philanthropy: If you have any questions about required hours, come talk to me.

Appointed Chairs:
T-shirt: Justin is now appointed T-Shirt chair.

Athletics: N/A

Historian: Pictures uploaded to drive.

Librarian: N/A

Social Media: New facebook post about Founder’s Day. Updating website constitution with revision number and Live-In requirement.

IFC Liaison: The basketball tournament is now from 3-8 this Friday.

ASK Liaison: Today, ASK is having nominations for elections on December 6th. Next week is initiation for ASK. Miles, Adam, Neal, and others wants ASK Liaison renewal for Mary McCarty.

E-Club: N/A

Parking: Price will not change for parking. Octavio needs names for help this next week. Octavio moves to raise the price from $20 to $30. Motion fails. Parking starts at 4pm.

Alumni Relations: Founders Day was good. If you have an alumni events, let the chair know so we can plan ahead. Sending out an email for I-Week.

Risk Management: N/A

Public Relations: Nothing planned until Spring Rush starts. If you want an event advertised, find me. Br. Michael Zacharia from RIT wants to talk to us about ideas and assist us with regular chapter duties.

Meal Plan: Need to replace fridge and maybe have a taste testing for a new meal plan.

Appointed Committee Chairs:
Pledge Ed (Octavio and Cameron): N/A

Chalk Bot: Box of stuff in the solarium.

Old Business:
Derick motion to vote to table the talk about keeping parking money until last game. Sheely seconds. Vote passes with 9.
Chris: 6 Frisbees and a football shipped.
Octavio moves to close old business. Adams seconds. Old Business closed.

New Business:
Joe: Want to repeal old financing part of constitution. Joe proposes to repeal all old financial documentation in Bylaw section 2 of active org, article 4 section 4. Joe proposes to add a repealed section to constitution filled with repealed items.
Justin moves to close new business. Adams seconds.

Mophead: New Member Wright
Member of the week: Br. Joe Scaggs
Br. Sheely: When I graduate, I will be starting a lecture series. “I Can Blue and So Can You”.
Br. Lewis: Fuck Baylor.

Quote of the Week:
“I jerk off with Will every night” – Octavio