Name: 445
Title: 10.25.2015
Last modified: 2016-01-17
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Business Meeting #11, 10/25/15, Fall 2015:
*This weeks minutes brought to you by Miles Garcia*

Br. Nathaniel Ashley - PRESENT
Br. Nathan Sheely - PRESENT
Br. Justin DeCoster - EXCUSED
Br. Chis Lewis - PRESENT
Br. Ethan Fraley - PRESENT
Br. Miles Garcia - PRESENT
Br. Derick Duffner - PRESENT
Br. Joey Lama - NOT PRESENT
Br. Camden Martin - PRESENT
Br. Travis Jacobs - NOT PRESENT
Br. Thomas Anderson - PRESENT
Br. Octavio Serrano - PRESENT
Br. Ian Grady - PRESENT
Br. Joachim Scaggs - PRESENT
Br. Adam Aab - PRESENT
Br. Stephen Thung - PRESENT
Br. Nick Son - NOT PRESENT
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - NOT PRESENT
Br. Cameron Devers - NOT PRESENT

Others Present:
Ms. Mary McCarty

President: The scholarship prompt is going out this week, which is due before founders day. Nominations for positions are open to everyone.

Vp: N/A

Sec: N/A

Treasurer: Pay dues!

Scholarship: Get ready for your mid-semester grade checks!

Rush: I have attendance, so I am going to be compiling data for events.

Philanthropy: Trying to get campus corner restaurants to give a percentage for a day.

Social: Festival of Sin is soon!

House director: Please take the first washer and dryer to the curb. Elevator is broke as shit and costs too much

House manager- Make ups come talk to me

Tshirt- shirts are ordered, should be here in a few weeks

Athletics - N/A

Social media - N/A

Appointed Chairs:
Eclub Liaison: Mystery party this week
Historian: N/A
Libarian: Send me a list of books we need
Parking: N/A
Alumni relations: N/A
Risk management: We are safe, great job
New member President: Octavio is dropping the ball harder than they drop the soap in prison
Furniture: survey going out
Chalk bot - teams divided up

Old Business:
Vote on Judiciary commite members- adam pass camdon pass

Risk management proposal is out check it so we can vote next week

3d printer tabled

adam motions to raise camara budget too $300 and passes

task holiday tabled.

Motion to table all partking money, passed

New Business:
Minimum live in requirements, read them

Chris: fly died in vat of grease
Derick: Parking spots are marked, you can see the letters, we might tow you.

Member of the week: Joe Scaggs
Mop head: N/A
Quote of the week: "Daddy…." -Chapter to Blue