Name: 440
Title: 10.04.2015
Last modified: 2016-01-17
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Business Meeting # 8, 10/4/15, Fall 2015: 

Active Roll Call:
Br. Nathaniel Ashley - PRESENT
Br. Nathan Sheely - PRESENT
Br. Justin DeCoster - PRESENT
Br. Christopher Lewis - PRESENT
Br. Ethan Fraley - NOT PRESENT
Br. Miles Garcia - PRESENT
Br. Derick Duffner - PRESENT
Br. Joey Lama - NOT PRESENT
Br. Camden Martin - PRESENT
Br. Travis Jacobs - NOT PRESENT
Br. Thomas Anderson - PRESENT
Br. Octavio Serrano – PRESENT
Br. Ian Grady - PRESENT
Br. Joe Scaggs - PRESENT
Br. Adam Aab - PRESENT
Br. Stephen Thung - NOT PRESENT
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - PRESENT
Br. Cameron Devers - PRESENT
Br. Nick Son - NOT PRESENT
Br. Neal Helfrey - PRESENT

New Members:
Mr. Richardson - PRESENT
Mr. Burns - PRESENT
Mr. Arango – NOT PRESENT
Mr. Wright – NOT PRESENT
Mr. Howell - PRESENT
Mr. Cooper - PRESENT
Mr. Midkiff – NOT PRESENT
Mr. Maney – PRESENT

Ms. Jillian Langham
Ms. Colleen Klockow
Ms. Mary McCarty
Ms. CJ Alsenay

B.O.D. meeting was today. November 14th is local founders day.

Retreat is in 2 weeks with a planned schedule. Emails will go out for schedule and packing list.

Once I get a good outline, I will make a guide with the committee. Rush never ends.

I need proctors. (Neal, Nashley, Octavio, Ian raise hands)

OU/Texas is this weekend. The game is at 11am. If you want to help, cooking will start at 10am. Setup is at 9:30am. New members should bring their blackbooks for all alumni that show up. After OU/Texas, there will be ultimate or Frisbee-gold happening. Festival of Sin setup will start on October 28th. 23rd is a LAN Party at the house, where alumni are involved. People for trivia will be getting their money. Holiday’s with TASK will be a holiday potluck. Details will be released soon. Alumni want a more detailed email about OU/Texas.

House Director:
House is still here. We will get a new Washer and Dryer this week.

House Manager:
Nothing to report.

Risk Management:
Haven’t been kicked out!

This month’s dues are due this Wednesday. Check emails on how to pay dues with credit card. Cash or check contact me in person. We are in the clear with parking money.

Form A’s have been sent in. Minutes are all online except last Spring.

If you are drinking soda cans around the manor, put in recycle bag. Money goes to the chapter. Old clothes will be collected next week. Bags will be in the foyer. Pie the Frat Guy (by Neal) is this week. It will be right across from dale Hall, on Wednesday and Thursday from 8am to 11am. All I need is volunteers. Signup on the white board. All the advertising will be done today. Extra-Life will be the week of retreat. We need volunteers to help co-host. Volunteers wont be able to attend retreat.

Appointed Chairs:
Justin has a festival of sin shirt. We are voting on a Fall Tshirt.
The Triangle Delta T Baseball Tee shirt, Longsleeve, wins.




Social Media:
Stuff is good.

IFC Liaison:

ASK Liaison:
Trivia was fun. Watch party is this weekend.

Pomping is from 6 – 11 in the concrete canoe area of the EPF.

OU/Texas next weekend, not a home game.

Alumni Relations:
Email sent out to alumni for the LAN party and other upcoming events.

Public Relations:
Post pie the frat guy on the facebook page. Historian can take pictures of the event.

New Member Education:
Everyone got blackbooks. Everyone can make Thursdays.

Appointed Committee Chairs:
House Furniture: 1 couch is gone. More research has been done. They will be refinishing the tables. 2 L-couches and 2 Side couches at the same would be good. An entire set of new chairs is $2k or we can get them redone.

Meal Plan:
Same place. Nothing has changed.

Chalker Bot:
Nashley’s boss is getting rid of electronics.

Homecoming: Look at E-Club.


Old Business:
Justin motions to vote to pass all previous minutes. Cameron seconds.
Vote passes.
Cameron motions to vote for inactive policy. Octavio seconds.
Vote passes.
Cameron motions to vote on judiciary. Octavio seconds.
Vote passes.
Cameron motions to table vote on risk management chair and vote on accountability. Octavio seconds.
Table passes.

New Business:
Miles proposes to set aside $30 from parking money for the extra life event.
Derick proposes $400 to an academic reward.
Neal proposes to use $150 of parking money on Festival of Sin Tshirt.
Cameron proposes for $100 for snacks for the rest of new member education.
Sheely proposes $1000 for a 3-D Printer.
Joe proposes $1500 for a bidet.

Cameron proposes we amend Bylaws Part 2 Subsection 5.
Cameron proposes ‘All motions to direct money out of savings funds must be voted upon by the active chapter.’
Cameron proposes ‘Vote to formally dissolve Programming chair into Social Chair and Philanthropy Chair’
Cameron proposes ‘Social chair has the responsibility of organizing and operating all social events which do not count as rush events.’
Cameron proposes ‘Philanthropy chair has the responsibility of organizing all chapter philanthropic activities.’

Member of the Week: Brother Shaft
Mophead: Br. Nathaniel Ashley

Br. Blue – 5k is cool.
Br. Sheely – You have to apply for when you want to graduate.
Br. Scaggs – Don’t leave trays in sink.

Quote of the Week:
“Wait, what’s incognito mode?”
-Octavio Serrano