Name: 439
Title: 09.27.2015
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Business Meeting #7, 9/27/15, Fall 2015:
(Written by Miles Garcia, in absence of Justin DeCoster)

Active Roll Call:
Br. Nathaniel Ashley - PRESENT
Br. Nathan Sheely – PRESENT
Br. Justin DeCoster – NOT PRESENT
Br. Christopher Lewis – NOT PRESENT
Br. Ethan Fraley – NOT PRESENT
Br. Miles Garcia - PRESENT
Br. Derrick Duffner – PRESENT
Br. Joey Lama – NOT PRESENT
Br. Camden Martin – PRESENT
Br. Travis Jacobs – NOT PRESENT
Br. Thomas Anderson – NOT PRESENT
Br. Octavio Serrano - PRESENT
Br. Ian Grady - PRESENT
Br. Joe Scaggs - PRESENT
Br. Adam Aab - PRESENT
Br. Stephen Thung - PRESENT
Br. Cameron Devers - PRESENT
Br. Nick Son - PRESENT
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - PRESENT
Br. Neal Helfrey - PRESENT

New Members:
Mr. Ed Louie
Mr. Kyle Burns
Mr. Steven Narum
Mr. Travis Howell
Mr. Darren Midkiff
Mr. Wyatt Maney

President: IFC meeting this week.

VP: Retreat is October 17th, Brothership meeting next week to plan retreat, if you have any ideas shot them my way, maybe buffalo tag

Secretary: read mins

Treasurer: not here

Scholarship: trial run of study hours, we shall see how it will go, i need proctors, come talk to me. 10hrs a week for now,

Rush: Check your attendance for events, you have 2 weeks to make sure it is correct, rush manal will start next week, find the sheet on the cork board.

Social: Console war next week, task event this Friday at 7pm

Philanthropy: For the event we had to push it back, advertise Monday and Tuesday, event hailed wed and Thursday of OU/Texas week, buildathon is coming up, we will be building a house again, more info soon, Neelesh: 4-4:30 helping kids stay on task with there homework, if you need info come talk to me

House Director: If you dont have this card you are in the wrong, New guys move in, ou surpluse open this week

House Manager: new system on the doors, turned out great, get with me for make ups anytime, room checks went great

t-shirt: bro decoster put together some shirts for us to choose from, we will pick next week
athletics: Ju jitsu is on monday and wed, in the basement, first time is free, if you have questions come ask me
scoial media: none
IFC: went to that meeting, going to get with president
ASK: nothing
EClub: pomping
history: its all history
libarian: we still have books
parking: Game this weekend, 11 am, need volunteers,
alumni relations: take picturs and send them out, try and get them to alumni day
risk managment: Passed both of them
PR: this is a philanthropy test trial, this might come a commitiee, this is to get our name out there
PE: Thursday and Friday is the time
Commitie: went shopping,email to come out
meal plan: shits expencive,
chalk bot: meeting tuesday after dinner, fun work to start
homecoming: get info for us doing a float,

Old buisness
By laws vote to on changing rule on depledging after missing 3 buisness meeting- Pass
By Laws change abstinations from a vote of no to ture abstination- Pass
By law levieing fine by exec councel- Pass
by law all exec councel votes said at the next meeting-Pass
risk management a elected position- tabled till position is detailed out
Athletics chair budget $50- passed
Reimbure Stephen- Pass
Replace Composite $100- Pass
Update Steven powers award $20- Pass
Walkie talkie on parking $100- Pass
Ou v Texas budget $75- Pass

New buisness:
Vote to vote on mins
Inactive policy- by cameron email
Judicial Committee- by cameron

Member of the week:
Br. Josh Reynolds

Mop head:
Br. Nick Son, Mr. Wyatt Maney, Mr. Kyle Burns
Quote board: