Name: 433
Title: 08.16.2015
Last modified: 2015-09-14
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Business Meeting #1, Fall 2015: 8/16/15
Time Start: 3:01
Active Roll Call:
Br. Nathaniel Ashley - Present
Br. Nathan Sheely - Present
Br. Austin Schmidt - NOT Present
Br. Justin DeCoster - Present
Br. Joshua Reynolds - Present
Br. Christopher Lewis - Present
Br. Timothy Corbly - NOT Present
Br. Ethan Fraley - NOT Present
Br. Carl Fratus - NOT Present
Br. Sean English - NOT Present
Br. Miles Garcia - Present
Br. Derick Duffner - Present
Br. Joey Lama - NOT Present
Br. Andy Lan - Present
Br. Camden Martin - Present
Br. Travis Jacobs - Present
Br. Thomas Anderson - NOT Present
Br. Octavio Serrano - Present
Br. Brennan Parken - NOT Present
Br. Ian Grady - Present
Br. Joe Scaggs - Present
Br. Adam Aab - Present
Br. Stephen Thung - NOT Present
Br. Aristo Brizzolara - NOT Present
Br. Cameron Devers - Present
Br. Nick Son - NOT Present

Others Present:
[Alumni] Br. Ryan Bruce
[Alumni] Br. Jonathan Bluemlein
[Alumni] Br. Ben Slater
[Alumni] Br. Neelesh Shrivastava
[Alumni] Br. John Gregg
Mr. Will Zuniga
Ms. CJ Alsenay
Ms. Jillian Langham


Miles: Back on IFC Check.

Derick: Make sure that we are not propagating rumors.

Sheely: Formal Rush is this week! Thursday is the first day, at 6:30.
Parents and their kids will be touring the house. ALL HANDS ON DECK. Saturday from 8:30-Noon, then from 4-9, we will have 9 groups each of potentials wanting house tours! That is a total of 18 groups. Each active will give their own tour. Sunday is a free day for people we invite back. During the tours, write down the names of people you get to know and like. WE NEED THEIR NAMES. We will have ultimate, console games, and if we still like them, bid on Monday. Dress code is triangle shirts. We currently have 4 display rooms. WE CAN GIVE THEM FOOD. WE CAN’T GIVE THEM NICE THINGS other than food and water.
Josh: Call Powers for more info on the house.
Sheely: Bid procedure. Mondays we will be giving them bids. We have the right to revoke. Due to the membership accountability, you can only miss 3 out of 12 events. If you attend 5 that are formal rush, you will need 4 more informal events. Check the email for times.

Andy: n/a

Ian: Every weekend we will have a brotherhood event. We will be doing Big Event and we will be having Festival of Sin this semester.

Justin: Need to get spring minutes from Robby.

Philanthropy: n/a

Athletics: n/a

Nashley: Parking is on the first weekend of September. I am training someone from each pledge class to control the parking system. Hopefully 1 person from each pledge class will learn how to control parking on game days. $20 per spot.
: Lindsey will be under construction during the entirety of football season.

House Director:
Blue: Make sure to fill out the sign-in sheets for the house and emergency contact forms.
Derick: A lot of rooms have been painted and refinished. Current vacant rooms should only contain extra furniture, which is staged for potential move-ins. Keep all personal items in your rooms.

House Manager:
Neelesh: For work days, you will be put onto teams. Teams will be assigned shortly. Each chore will be done by teams. Before anyone is allowed to use the kitchen, there will be a test on kitchen procedures. Monday, 8/17/15, we will have a mandatory house meeting.

Adam: Will start taking pics during rush events.
Miles: Justin is taking over social media.

Chris: We cannot continue the chapter if people do not pay. In new business, there will be a lot of changes. We have zero money for food, events, teepee, or anything. We cannot rely on parking money to pay for the chapter. Make sure to email if you have any questions. In the future, we may or may not keep chapterspot.

New Business:
Derick: Motion to amend the bylaws. These will be: Academic Accountability/Suspension, Financial Accountability, Sexual Harassment, Drug Policy, Guest Policy, and Minimum Living Requirement. As an organization, we owe $20k. Alumni owe $10k. Last semester, 8 paid in full, 2 paid partial, and the rest didn’t pay at all. This is not cool.

[Concerns on Academic Suspension]:
Cameron: Specify the voting requirements. Have a standard for case-by-case decisions.
Derick: I will setup an open forum on information and wording for this suspension policy.
Cameron: Vote on each section each meeting throughout the semester, instead of having 1 final agreement.

[Concerns on Financial Accountability]:
Cameron: This still leaves a $20k hole and doesn’t solve the problems now.
Derick: We want to recollect the money, but anything that is owed from last semester, you won’t have to pay. From this point on, you will not be able to miss the current payments. Other things we can do to alleviate the high payments is using different incentives to pay that back. Etc... Refilling gravel, moving parking stops. This applies to actives with outstanding balances and alumnus with outstanding balances.
Ben: Add a definition of delinquent payments.

[Concerns on Sexual Harassment]:
Nashley: Change Triangle Fraternity to Oklahoma Chapter of Triangle

[Concerns on Drug Policy]:

[Concerns on Guest Policy]:
Derick: Define alumni of triangle in good standing.
Ben/Ryan Bruce: Reword ‘A brother that accepts responsibility of the guest’.
Chris: We should work more closely with alumni for this bylaw.

[Concerns on Minimum Living Requirement/Move-In]:
Ben/Derick/Chris: Change following initiation to sophomore semester or the fall after their initiation.
Cameron: We should add a clause talking about a potential meal plan. Also a clause for actives moving out after so many semesters. (6?).

Nashley: Motion to table until Sunday, Ian/Chris - Second.
Sheely: Motion to move meals from $5 to $7. Cameron - Second.

Justin Moves to close New Business, Miles seconds.

Old Business:
Membership Accountabilty? Andy has to find it.
Justin moves to close old Business, Miles seconds.

Officer Position nominations:
VP - Adam nominates Ian Grady, and Cameron Seconds || Ian nominates Thomas, and Chris Seconds
|| Adam nominates Joe, Octavio Seconds
Secretary - Chris nominates Justin, and Miles seconds || Ian nominates Stephen, Travis Seconds
House Manager - Chris nominates Miles, Justin seconds || Adam nominates Octavio, Miles Seconds
Philanthropy - Derick nominates Joe, Sheely Seconds

Quote of the Week: