Name: 432
Title: 04.24.2015
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Business Meeting Notes
Attendance: Miles, Nashley, Chris, Blue, Octavio, Tanner, Neelesh, Ryan Bruce, Cameron, Will, Derick, Joe, Timmy, Ian, Adam, Andy, Sean
Paul, Courtney, CJ
IFC Meeting this past week with exec, not much to report, more to come in aftermeeting
Study for finals!
Vice President:
There’s not much going on, mainly planning out I-Week (keep an eye out for emails)
If any brothers have ideas for I-Week let me know!

On the subject of the parking lot. I had a meeting with the city this past week. They don’t mind us paving a parking lot. We would have to re-zone our lot. Because we went to the state court about the zoning of our lot we will have to get a zoning lawyer to make sure we don’t overrule any court decisions. Another thing is that we have to notify all home-owners within 350ft of our lot. Any brothers that will be around this summer could help a lot talking to neighbors about any issues with a parking lot. Anyone with some photoshop skills could make a mock-up of what the house would look like with a parking lot to show the city and neighbors.
More to come after Mike Fouts arrives and we talk about adding things to the approved list of things to buy.
No athletics to report
Great party last night
IFC Meeting Attendee:
I wasn’t invited to this weeks meeting 
House Manager:
I have 10 mop-head awards to give out. I am basically giving them to the first 10 people that showed up to last weeks business meeting. I will post the work day and business meeting attendance this week, correct it if anything is wrong.
For those that will be around for the summer and summer school we will make a schedule to clean for those that live here and those that are around often.
House Director:
From last night there is stuff outside the house that needs to be cleaned up
Winner for last week is – Octavio
There were no submissions for this week
New Member: Review this week.
New Member President: They say thank you for the party
Social Media: Nothing
Old Business: Andy’s Scholarship Vote Postponed
New Business: Paul’s Phone
Motion to move quorum to half+1 rather than ¾. Vote postponed till next business meeting.
Quote of the week: