Name: 429
Title: 09.28.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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President- First meeting for Pledge, Miles and Justin pledge educators, Lindsy Braums it a race, going to get with programming
VP- We had one not make it due o car trouble, retreat is going to be 24-26 of Oct, take off, membership accountability starts now emial to go out, working on place for retreat,
Treasuer- Pay dues
Secretary- Need to get the form from you pledges
Rush- Formal rush is over, rush went great,
Scholarship- Membership accountability, find out your grades, one on ones to start soon,
House- Lot of people have make ups, get with me to get choirs
Manager- House is here, work continues, thanks for being here
Programming- Waiting on emails
Steward- Want to welcome to everyone, come to tuesday dinners at 7pm
ASK- Looking to homcoming events for TASK, going to get dates to you,
historian- Need to capture new souls.

New business-
read mins posted, raise $5 for dinner
Old business-

Stocco- Welcome new members, looking forward to calling you
Dr.rady- Been a long times since im not first, great to see my son pledge
Mizlish- Got a chance to meet the new guys, im the oldy that hangs around, i have set goals and this is the first time chapter has blown past expectations, great to see this, We had a descusion on the house and pledging, been a dedications to filling this place up and growing here.
Powers- Since the last time i got a promotion as a lead engineer for the navy, I need articles, so if you have a epic thing happen, write it and send it to me, i bought a house
Bagwell- Hey everyone, Im the classist one dressed here, Great to see how many are hear, i work here at OU, 35 anniverury this year so its going to be a blast,
Buning- Im a alumni from pradue, i have been around awhile, i can always be a help, its not a race
Nygen- To park on cruz or lady with hose
Runyun- Its not a race
Toth- Im not first, great to see how far rush has come, not a race
Nees- Wierd not being first too, though i would hate restraunt job, made 70 dollars, not a race
Blueline- Its not a race but chris has a tropy for it
Wallace- Hi
Shirvastava- So it has been a month and cant log on to my computer, looking for new job
Slater- Get me a job with you neelesh
Ashley-.What????? Science
Sheeley- Nerd, study hard,
Shmit- Just a reminder food on tuesday 7
Decoaster- Nothing
Reynolds- Come to studying
Lewis- Its a race, study
Corbaly- Welcome new members, set a match on fire with lazer
English- Finaly did statics before it is due, 3 test
Garcia- Puppy i wont do what you tell me
Grabow- Ya new members, im enginerring physics
Tonio- Job hunting sucks, josh is beautiful
Perkins- Finally did calc before its due, justin is not satisfyin my social needs, it might be a race
Lama- Be fun with the race im blocking you
Lan- Hurry for 2 test and new members
Martin- Yea new members, war of ties
Jacobs- Bond number
Anderson- Got a interview with shell, i want to get out of second gear
Ian- Excited to be here and great pledge class
Paul- Great to be here and a great big, great racing
Octavio- Thanks for taking me, love my big,
Robby- I like new member riley, really exited to win race
Kevin- Dont want to lose, so who has fastest car,
Wyatt- Ready to race
Jd- Not good at racing but great at mario cart
Thom- Its not a race
Turner- Im going to smoke you at this race
Adam- Ready to race
Joe- Glade to be here and physics test 2mw
Steven- Glad to be here and not a race car
Langham- 3 test this week
Ash- 3 months till girl scout cookies
Cj- Congrads on the new guys and odds in your favore for this race,
Emily- Havent chaced away powers yet,
Clogo- Bunings tobe wife, nice to mee you all
Molly- Great to be at work and then go home to tyler and homework, my car looks fast
Aimee- Nice to meet you all, joshes girlfriend, getting masters in biology

Mop Head-None
Member of the week- New Members

Quote of the week-
"They told me the goat was a she" Tanner