Name: 428
Title: 10.05.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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President-  Not alot going on, alot of events coming up from other chairs.
VP- 24-26 alabaster caverns is where we are going to retreat, Dads Day Nov 8th, Parking that day, reduced parking for them, membership accountability,
Treasuer- Pay dues,
Secretary- Read the min's,
Scholarship- Accountablity to start, Prospects gpa i will come talk to you, one on ones to start, dinning room for studying and study nights tuesday thursday,
Programming- Fund FOS, Build- athon one Oct 22 more info to come, Joe to eat pie 12 to go, Love input on theme partys,
Rush- Nope
House- No one is done till everyone is done, if you need make ups talk to me, tim documented everthing and moving forward and going to start selling,
Manager- Auto is what the ac units need to be set on, no sob stories for bikes, on deck,
Liasion- Wondering about bonfire thing, Thursday Oct 30th, get a permit, homecoming activites- making a board 6:30pm based on a book, OU-TEXAS, CJ to talk to Nashley
Steward- Cleaning schedule up on board,
Pledge ed- Be at tuesday dinner for steward, Joint pledge ed Nov 7th,

Old buisness- read the min's, vote for dinner passed,
Vote: For VP Standin- Miles (Nashley-Chris) Tanner(Tim-Sheely) winner = Tanner
New buisness-
Vote on house manager proposition option A B B wins
Nees- My car lost a anttana to the carwash
Blueline- Sigma is working
Shirvastava- Looking for a new job
Ashley- Pass
Sheeley- Ummm, try to start up something like hackjam
Decoaster- 4 exams next week and hack jam
Lewis- Just got back from eclub retreat
Corbaly- Doing lots of homework
Fraley- Sleep
English- Ugh
Garcia- Its sunday
Grabow- Going to fortworth next year for my wife
Lama- My new car sucks
Lan- What joe said
Martin- Had a calc solution
Neo- Didnt forget me this week
Ian- Pledge going great,
Paul- Well voting going slowly
Octavio- Only getting hazed here
Robie- Have reported triangle 18 times for hazing
Kevin- Nada
Wyatt- Sorry i was late
Jd- Got my first tv broadcast next week
Thom- Feel like prospect is degrading, us a new word
Adam- going good, still working on the manual
Joe- gald to be here
Steven- not much going on
Langham- new boots
Sanders- Spair tire rusted to my car and sleep 17 hrs
Findley- Pass,

Mop Head- Thomas grabow, sheely last week
Member of the week- Octavio

Quote of the week-
"clench all you want, its getting puppied"- Octavio
"It was my first time too"- Ian