Name: 427
Title: 09.21.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present: Marcos Stocco, Andrew Runyan, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shirvastiva, Nathan Ashley, Nathan Sheely, Austin Shmit, Justin DeCoaster, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbaly, Ethan Fraley, Carl Fratus, Sean English, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Derick Duffner, Joey Lama, Andy Lan, Camden Martin

Others Present: Paul Jannusk, Ian Grady, Jillian Langham, Faith Sanders,

President- Task exec has made plans for OU Texas, going to be a buy in, Miles Post the mins,
VP- Brother Hood committee is finding a place for retreat, no parking, be excellent to each other
Secretary- I have cabinets full and need more room,
Rush- Last 2 events this week, miles is going to run board game night, invite potentials
Scholarship- New study hours posted this week, going to have a tutor set up this next week for brothers, one on ones to start
House- There will be a make-up sheet, have a witness for your choir, giant table of stuff for sale,
Treasurer- Many have not paid, you failed us for not paying the minimum amount we asked you to pay, getting to be a brother is not free.
Programming- Need money for festival, puppies are needed, Build-athon is coming up info to come
T-shirt- none
Parking- Thanks to Chris BOD only needed to pay 700 to them, other than that money to the chapter, Next home game is Oct 18
Social Media- If you have ideas for the website get with me, for each pledge class the best page will be posted
Steward- I am going to get a schedule out for food tonight or tomorrow

New business-
Garage sale to come, See if ASK would help paint and fix up rooms,
Old business-
2 week notice has come to a end, need someone to sell all the things in the house that alumni left,

Hudson- I am the cheese best person on the show, biggest slice of salami in the room
Runyan- Sunday post, mail
Nees- I hate allergies
Blue- Forgot air horn
Shirvastiva- My supervisor starts this week, no password
Ashley- Rockets in space, 8 o’clock decent on to mars
Sheely- I got member of the week
Shmit- Some time the end is a start to a beginning
DeCoaster- Pass
Lewis- Tired, and week has just begun
Corbely- Lucky when they don’t change test
Fraley- Still trying to recover from mind blown
Fratus- My wedding is coming up, dress nicely, open kennel, behave yourself, I have transformed my backyard, need a little more help, you will be compensated, next Saturday morning,
Sean- Statics due tomorrow,
Miles- Great turn out at the Lan party
Thomas- Carls milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard,
Duffner- Nothing
Lama- Idk
Lan- Just went through half of my math review
Martin- Nothing legally important
Jannusk- If you want manual labor, I love manual labor
Grady- Great turn out for lan party, it was great
Sanders- My professors love Monday test and I don’t, 14 new candidates
Langham- same old same old, how much is chapter dinner

Mop Head- Camden
Member of the week- Sheely

Quote of the week-
"It would be bigger But i messed up!" Justin