Name: 426
Title: 09.14.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present: Marcos Stocco, Tyler Toth, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shirvastiva, Ben Slater, Nathan Ashley, Nathan Sheely, Justin DeCoaster,  Chris Lewis, Tim Corbaly, Sean English, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Jason Perkins, Andy Lan, Camden Martin,  Thomas Anderson

Others Present: Jillian Langham, Alexis Hecksher, Molly Preibie, Faith Sanders,

President- IFC roster is online so I can update easier now,
VP- Membership account ability checks are coming up, Pledging is Sept 28, Oct 24th-26 is retreat,
Secretary- I have a cabinet, EXEC meeting next week,
Rush- Because of the rain tie dye was moved to Tuesday with 3BQ, both are invite only, Eclub land party Carson 205 at 6, if tie dye gets rained out it will be moved, fliering
Scholarship- Evaluation coming up, need your mid-term grade for check, study nights be here,
House- dancer is a puppy, house meeting Sept 28th is closed to brothers at 12:30, and everyone here you need to move in,
Treasurer- Insurance is paid, parking money is going toward pledging, chapter spot is getting fixed, If you can’t get in chapter spot let me know,
Programming- FOS is up on Facebook rsvp, looking into philanthropy projects for chapter,
T-shirt- Nothing
Steward- Nothing
Social Media-Nothing
Liaison- Nothing
Parking- We did well, thanks for being there and helping, NO game for five weeks,
Manager- We need more brothers to show up to work day, Need to clean up outside, if you have make up choirs get with Ethan
Pledge ed- nothing

New business-
Make place for OU Id number in Google Dox, Compost and fire pit to be removed, Foosball table to be sold or fixed,
Old business- none

Stocco- I was glad to be here yesterday, I moved here to Oklahoma City, I’ll try and make it to Tuesday’s events and other events as i can. If we have 10 initiates it would be 3 times my bond numbers
Tyler- Lot of interviews Friday and a future job potentially, great rushing
Tanner- Make friends and bring them to me
Blue- I do not have a air horn today
Shirvastiva- I got my computer at work, now i just need my id card to log into it
Nashley- Kevin snores loud
Sheeley- Hi
Justin- Still need a lease
Chris-Pay dues
Tim- Nothing, had an interview with national instruments
Sean- Nothing
Miles- To the potentials
Thomas-Crazy week, great interview owowowowowowow zoid berg
Perkins- Last night was crazy, made a B on midterm and calc blows
Lan- Found my SS card so government can take there cut
Martin- Yea for cramming 4 weeks of Differential equations into 2 days
Anderson- YOU disappoint, oh hi boys and girls
Langham- Mathlab sucks
Preibie- 3 interviews last week and 2 potential jobs, great to see actives and alum
Sanders- Instead of studying I went to zoo and Spaghetti Warehouse

Mop Head- Thomas Anderson
Member of the week- Nashley

Quote of the week-
“Yik Yak, more like Yik Hacked” Camden