Name: 425
Title: 09.07.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present: Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shirvastiva, Ben Slater, Nathan Ashley, Nathan Sheely, Justin DeCoaster, Josh Reynolds, Chris Lewis, Sean English, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Jason Perkins, Joey Lama,  Andy Lan, Camden Martin, Travis Jacobs, Thomas Anderson

Others Present: Paul Jannusk, Robie Riley, Turner Kennedy, Jillian Langham, Alexis Hecksher, Faith Sanders

President- We had a Task Exec meeting last Monday, intermural are coming up next sign up, Sept 28 at 12pm be here, Chris Lewis has been approved to check our bank statements,
VP- Pledging the 28th, 4 bids back, let potentials know about the 28th when bided, brotherhood committee getting info on places for retreat. Chapter dinner this week,
Secretary- If you find a cabinet I need one
Rush- Study night career fair prep Wednesday and Tie Die Friday night, Only 2 events left on campus so let potentials know where the manor is.
Parking- Half of the pay goes to BOD for brother’s fund, Raise parking to $20, parking committee, starting up a hamburger feed,
Treasurer- The budget has been updated, need to vote on it, Sean needs chapter spot
Programming- Build-athon, donate for puppies, Facebook is to be posted next week
T-shirt- We have t-shirts, to be picked up today,
Liaison- No meeting last week,
House dad- Don’t dump big bowls of grease in the sinks, don’t forget about the bikes, No feet in chairs, Its a fixed price that is why it is so much, CRT and equipment to be on creggs list (in sell room)
Fliers- They are done just need to be approved,
Stewart- We need cleaning crew for Tuesday and Thursday,

New business-
Need Athletic Chair, Budget is passed,
Old business-

Nees- I dont know what it is but Sunday brings out the slow drivers
Blue- Air horn
Shirvastiva- Don’t have computer of phone so i just sit there
Slater- I had something but it’s gone
Ashley- Air horn
Sheeley- Career fair Thursday
DeCoaster- Nothing
Reynolds- Nothing
Lewis- Career fair
English -Bird
Garcia- Festival of Sin t-shirts?
Grabow- Thesis is killing me
Perkins- Sean’s bird, I can vote, my shoes is on blues chair, football
Lama- New sound system
Lan- What me, physics is hard, festival in china,
Martin- Hack the planet
Jacobs- uuuuuhhhh nothing
Jannusk- Wish my calc teacher was english
Riley- Scholarships are amazing
Kennedy - Algebra is crazy
Langham- Really nice out today
Sanders- I started my costume for FoS
Hecksher- Pintrest is cool

Mop Head- Andy
Member of the week- Justin

Quote of the week-
NO quote, Sad Week