Name: 424
Title: 08.31.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present: Ryan Bruce, Mason Barber, Clint Shepard, Andrew Runyan, Tanner Nees, Neelesh Shirvastiva, Nathan Ashley, Nathan Sheely, Austin Shmit, Justin DeCoaster, Josh Reynolds, Chris Lewis,  Tim Corbley, Ethan Fraleys, Sean English, Miles Garcia, Jason Perkins, Derick Duffner, Andy Lan, Thomas Anderson

Others Present: Jillian Langham, Elise Shepard

President- I emailed Mizlish and no OU TEXAS weekend, if we want we can plan it, chalking don’t go crazy,
VP- Committee looking for places on retreat, it will be Oct 24-25-26, Festival is Nov 1,
Scholarship- Email coming out for study night times and what topics will be covered,
Rush- One event this week, Cook out at Reeves Park, 6-8 pm, call all contacts,
House- Came out with a plan to deal with rooms, google docs will be updated,
Secretary- Nothing
Programming- Going to call habitat for humanity, will find out about Shack-athon, student
Treasure- As you can see chapter budget is set, $710 for semester,
T-shirt- 40 shirts for tie-die night
Social media- Events have been posted to our Facebook, is our new web page, send me pictures,
Parking- made $1000, going to call about if we owe BOD anything, 2 weeks will do it again,
manager- lot of bikes around, going to put zip ties on them and if it is yours cut it, neighbor gone for a week keep an eye on her house,
Liaison- We have 52 girls as potentials,

New business-
Motion to send out a email and tell them to come get there stuff with in 2weeks or it will be moved out of the house. Sell what we can and trash the rest, seconded by Nashley , 13 pass vote Ethan point of contact for now,

Parking- raises $20 for Tennessee game, vendor license,

Old business- none

Bruce- Good job for getting your stuff together
Barber- The pass month I have learned that burn orange hurts the eyes
Shepard- Hi
Runyan- I’m here too
Nees- This kit is hard to take apart
Shirvastiva- Start work next week
Ashley-Does anyone know who this kit belongs too
Sheely- Lights are all switched
Shmit- Dat one
DeCoaster - Nothing
Reynolds- Tutoring 6-8 Tuesday Thursday, get me the shirt sizes
Lewis- Puppy circuits 2
Corbely- Trip
Fraley- Come see me for make ups
English- Puppy 25 pages of a job application
Garcia- Will mow lawns for money
Perkins- Interporated and head hurts
Duffner real happy with all the change going on today with cleaning, excited for the future
Travis- If you need to us the pressure washer, need if back
Anderson-boomer soooooonner
Langham- There was a wreck on Classen and Boyed
Mrs. Shepard- Living next to campus corner is the most epic thing ever,

Mop head- Nashley
Member of the week-Miles Garcia

Quote of the week
“____ is only good when you benefit”… Jason