Name: 423
Title: 08.24.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers Present: Dr Grady, Andrew Runyan, Tanner Nees, Alex Wallace, Blue, Neelesh Shirvastiva, Nathan Ashley, Nathan Sheely, Austin Shmit, Justin DeCoaster, Chris Lewis,  Tim Corbley, Ethan Fraley, Carl Fratus, Sean English, Miles Garcia, Tonio Catero, Jason Perkins, Joey Lama , Andy Lan, Camdon Martin, Thomas Anderson

Others Present: Jillian Langham, Alexis Hecksher, Faith Sanders

President- Getting a lot of the paper work done so we can be a fraternity, sign up for committees, Sept 28 is set pledging date, BOD will be here the 28th of sept to talk about the house and future of triangle,
VP- From last week we told everyone to sign up for a committee, if you haven’t do it soon, Parking - we need at least one from every pledge class to work. There is a minimum of 7 people needed; this will start next Saturday,
Treasure- Dues, check the board, we need every one to play at least $221 to at least cover what we owe nationals, IFC and insurance. If you looked at chapter spot no charges has been posted yet but starting after this meeting. There will be a lump sum charge so you know how much is needed to pay the semester. If you need a payment plan get with me.
Scholarship- I need you to take another screen shot of your class schedule, scholarship review
House- I have a running list of things to get for the house, next week is big work day and it will run till 5, please do your make ups asap,
Programming- We need you to decide on the dates Oct 25 November 1, Sept 12 is birthday party for Justin and Jill
Rush- 2 rushes this week, starting Frisbee at 12 on south oval, game night is Thursday, class talks are posted and sign up,
Manager-House is still here, everything works ok, and roofers will be here for next 2-3 weeks,
T-shirt- First tie dye shirts that are white $6 and black one $6.50
Liaison- Nothing really

Old business
Steward, schedules,
Austin is now appointed steward,
New business
Shack-athon and OU Texas pledge educator

Grady- Fullest I have seen this room ever, very happy
Runyan- Not a race
Nees- Wow that’s fast
Wallace- Wow Im third,
Blue- A dog still
Shirvastiva- Start work next week
Ashley- I want to 3d print things
Sheely- Hi
Shmit- Im really excited to cook bad food
DeCoaster- Nothing
Lewis- I have a 3d printer
Corbaly- Hot out side
Fraley- Sick for a week and i ready for it to be over
Fratus- Nothing
English- Puppy physics
Garcia- Puppies in our hands
Grabow- Only have one class
Catero- Keep your gpas up
Perkins- Live long and go get the play play
Lama- New board
Lan- Got a new job at sarkys
Martin- My hoover craft is full of yields
Anderson- So I got to meet cool car people and I work with Andy
Jillian- Nothing
Hecksher- Nothing
Sanders- Got a new job at forever 21

Mop head- Carl
Brother of the week- Tanner

Quote of the week
“Do you ever trust a crusty white sock”... Chris