Name: 422
Title: 04.27.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present: Ryan Bruce, Kyle Creasey, Clint Shepar, Blue, Nathon Ashley, Nathon Sheely, Austin Shmidt, 
Justin DeCoster, Chris Lewis, Ethan Fraley, Sean English, John Gregg, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Cambdon Martin, Thomas Anderson,
Cambdon Martin, Travis Jacobs, Thomas Anderson

Others present: Jillian Langham, Elise Shepard,

President- Not a lot going on, IFC recruitment starting up, bamboo will be picked up this week,
Vp- Peer evaluation form, return by Iweek if not i will be talking to you, iweek in 3 weeks get your schedule to me so i can make plans,
Rush- na
House- There is light in the bathroom, lights in elevator,
Treasure- Dues are OK, pay your dues, we will be back on track if we stick to this,
Secretary- Risk management
Scholarship- na
Programming- party was great, had collateral,
Ask liaison- Nothing
Steward- Menu to come out soon, try and get breakfast items for finals
Calender- na
T shirt- Pass
Athletic- Cant study 24-7 so ultimate Frisbee wed 5pm and Friday 5pm,
Resident- Everything works, lawn service here tomorrow, Jim is not Tammy, the first is coming up, after-meeting important, fuse needed, need to move in, free food on Tuesday
Social media chair- na
Pledge ed- Last one last week, make ups from here, write papers

Old business-
Accountability forms this week and give to vp

New business-
Party collateral: lamp, toilet,couch,paint wall,
Jurassic park

Creasey- Close your windows before it starts to rain
Shepherd- This is my last business meeting as active
Blue- Really need to do laundry
Nashley- Collateral
Sheely- Nothing
Schmidt- Was not prepared
DeCoster- Pass
Lewis- This semester ended to fast
Fraley- Nothing
Fratus- Nothing
English- Nothing
Gregg- Friday and Saturday was fun
Lair- I had something but i forgot it, collateral,
Garcia- Collateral causes problems,
Martin- I sleep for 16 hrs straight
Anderson- Im still hung over but i have a job this summer
Langham- My sample programming test is 11 pg long
Mrs Shepard- I got through my dead week and only cried once, smooth sailing from here

Member of the week- Soon to be FNGs
Mop head- Miles
Quote of the week
" I cant pull it out anymore, i need to clean it" -Justin