Name: 420
Title: 04.06.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present: Jeff Bowls, John Buning, Mason Barber, Clint Shepard, Andrew Runyan, Tyler Toth, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shivastaiva, Ben Slater, Nathon Ashley, Nathon Sheely,
Austin Shmit, Justin DeCoster, Josh Reynolds, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbley, Ethan Fraley, Carl Fratus, John Gregg, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Jason Perkins, Derick Duffner,
Cambdon Martin, Travis Jacobs, Thomas Anderson

Others present: Jillian Langham, Molly Priebe, Madison Brower,

President- NFB next Saturday; If you are going to do the athletic track need to RSVP for it to Bagwell, insurance next month, chapter spot still not right working on it to get it fixed, House Manager is now Ethan starting Now,
Vp- Starting next week, Tuesdays before dinner bro meetings to plan for iweek, be excellent to each other
Rush- Going to start rush schedule for fall
House- Thanks for showing up to big work day, had half show up of active chapter,
Treasure- Doing good right now, pay dues,
Secretary- noting
Scholorship- Attend study nights, dead week -first floor is quiet, study
Programming- April-ween coming up soon,
Steward- Meal plan bbcs, email to come out for future dates meals, if you have a request let me know in a email,
Calander- Email went out check for it, if you did not get it let me know
T shirt- Vote on the one you like,
Athletic- Going to put something together for the last few weeks,
Resident- 4th dryer timer is broken, parking is a issue,
Social media chair: none
Pledge educator- Pledge manuals are in, pledge ed Tuesday

old business-
new business-
Founder banquet... academic track - jeff will be running it.
Meal Plan... going in to effect next semester...everyone in house will pay, everyone out of house can be Tuesday only, have input on what meals we want, gives you a chance to spend 5 days a week with brothers, may help eat better, length of contract is a semester

How is the pricing going to be... what are size portions, cant buy in without notice, how are they going to keep track of who is in and who is out, quality and size of food, Who is going to be the catering, test meals, trial period, how is the clean after,
doing it where we dont cook is undermining creating a better brother by not letting us cook,
Vote: 5 dinners wins

T-shirt: Tron, Celtic T

Bowls- The sniffles are a curse, time to take a test Monday night
Buning- Every one do a good job on you test, if you graduating stay in touch,
Barber- I know hold dice to success in the house
Shepherd- Apartment hunting
Runyan- Scales hurt
Toth- According to a kid a i hop im spider man
Nees- So the guy in the red jeep got ticketed right before it started raining
Blue- Sorry for not being here for work day, Cinnabon things a taco bell are amazing
Shirvastava- I was the only one that showed up for math grd
Ben- Im hungry
Nashley- Unofficial- sheeley and me are having a game of thrown's watch party, puppy puppy puppy
Sheely- Manager would not let me leave for work day, desk never been cleaner
Schmidt- Going to quit homedepot , going to work at tractor supply
DeCoster- Nothing
Reynolds- So there is a soldering competition, 27in monitor - fluke - razberry pie starter kit - watch dogs - t shirts - south park of truth are all prizes,
Lewis- Hope i get the ou IT job
Corbly- All of you have invitations in you box to wedding
Fraley- Manager at job has left, life changing
Fratus- Hello end of statement
Gregg- i went home to look for a job, Im a live after taking a crazy drive through Houston
Lair- Noah is a OK movie and need to find a job
Garcia- Nothing
Grabow- Not much- if you left a coat on the coat rack, in a coat box in solarium,
Perkins- Physics makes me sad, bought stuff for my computer
Duffner- There is a movie out call bad words, need to go see it
Martin- Game of thrown's
Jacobs- Mid-evil fair bought a tunic
Anderson- Sooner baseball got to sit behind home plate for free, give away a lot of cool stuff,
Langham- Java Duck
Priebe- Got a co-op
Brower- Nothing

Member of the week- Blue
Mop head- Clint
Quote of the week
"Im a destroyer of worlds and lingerie stores"- Jacque