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Title: Meeting Minutes for 01-21-01
Last modified: 2005-08-27
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   Meeting Minutes for 01-21-01

Meeting Minutes for 01-21-01 (Meeting #2)

Meeting Start 6:39pm

Roll Call (those present, unless otherwise denoted)

Br. Wheatley
Br. Kraft
Br. Yarrison
Br. Powell - LATE
Br. Martin
Br. Lowe - LATE
Br. Garner
Br. Aldridge
Br. Rogers
Br. Ycedo - ABSENT
Br. Branson
Br. Lewis
Br. Siard
Br. Williams
Br. Rye - ABSENT
Br. Meizlish
Br. Scott
Br. McCann
Br. Kirkpatrick
Br. Gilland
Br. Thomas
Br. Martin
Br. Abernethy
Pl. Mulder
Pl. Cantu

* Minutes from the January 14th, 2001, meeting were passed.

President's Report
- IFC meeting this week at the Fiji house.
- CAC Big Red Rally people are looking for staff. I have the forms; see me if you're interested.
- IFC rep applications are out. You apply for all IFC staff positions, and check the ones you want the most. I'd really like someone to apply for this.
- is looking for people to help with direct marketing activities. If we host an event in the month of February, we get $100 flat out, and $4 per credit card application that we get people to fill out. In order to do this, we'd need to get ten people together for a four hour block of time. Friday, February 16th, 2001, from noon until four PM appears to be our best shot. I'll call them up and try to schedule us for that date.
- We're going to move the business meeting to 4:00 PM (also in the Sooner Room) to allow for Superbowl watching.
- Exec Council will meet at 4:30 PM on Tuesday once again.

Vice-President's Report
- Send me any retreat ideas you have now (this week, if possible).
- The aftermeeting will be at 9:30 pm tonight.
- Branson, Mulder, McCann, Cantu to cook on Tuesday night. Garner, Aldridge, Siard, and Kraft volunteer to clean up.

Secretary's Report
- The FNGs have been moved to the actives list.
- The website activities and officers list has been updated.

Treasurer's Report
- I'll make our first deposit tomorrow.
- I have yet to get the files from Br. Ycedo.
- Talk to me about payment options. If you'll be a month or more late, I will require promissory notes.

Rush Chairman's Report
- A list of rush duties has been passed around. Talk to me if you can't do what you're signed up for.
- We have a Volleyball tournament coming up on Saturday. I need somebody to grab drinks for that. Nevermind, Huston Huffman doesn't allow drinks on the floor. We'll just drink water.
- I need somebody to grab drinks for chem review (on Thursday, February 8th). Br. Yarrison volunteered.
- Also need somebody to pick up a movie and drinks for the movie night (Friday, February 9th). I'll do that.
- Again, if you need to change anything on the duties list, get ahold of me by tonight.
- I'll have a call list put together by tomorrow; I'll get in contact with you when it's your turn to call or escort.
- This Sunday is the SuperBowl. We're going to have a watch party at the Apache House. If you have contacts with rushees, and want to bring them to the party, do so. I think the SuperBowl starts at 7PM.

Chapter Editor's Report
- I'm going to send out a list of topics for people to volunteer to write for.
- Send me any ideas you have for article topics.

House Manager's Report
- Survey forms have been distributed, asking for your ideas on what needs to be done at the Manor.
- We're going to do a Wednesday cleanup again between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. We'll be raking leaves on the other lot, and around the bushes in front.
- The survey was a result of the house manager's meeting this week. We decided we needed pictures for decorating the first floor. If you have some, bring them over and we'll post them.
- Thanks to Br. Garner and Scott for helping to decorate the game room.
- There was some discussion about getting a new fold up table.

Social Chairman's Report
- Rush goes on, and nothing is coming up immediately.

Scholarship Chairman's Report
- Working on Form N as we speak.
- If you haven't given your grades to Br. Aldridge, please do.

Athletics Chairman's Report
- Basketball signup is Monday through Wednesday. Games generally run from Monday through Thursday, 5PM until 9PM. We'll need at least seven people to field a team, and must be pretty flexible in our scheduling. Sorry, I vote this down - we need more participants.

Alumni Relations Chairman's Report
- The rush schedule has been sent out by Br. Mercer, so the alumni should be up to date.
- We still need to send out the social calendar.

Pledge Educator's Report
- No report.

Pledge Class President's Report
- No report.

IFC Representative's Report
- Nothing to report.

Philanthropy Chairman's Report
- I need four or five volunteers for the area cleanup.
- They're taking applications for the Adopt a School program. Come see me if you're interested.
- Also, Dance Marathon is coming up.

Alpha Sigma Kappa Liaison's Report
- Nothing to report.
- Br. Rogers has become ASK liaison.

Historian's Report
- I'm missing a disposable camera or a roll of film. Contact me if you find one.

Public Relations Chairman
- Br. Martin has become the official point of contact for Public Relations.
- I haven't sent in a letter, as I'm waiting for comments from Br. Branson.
Discussion Now Begins
- Br. Branson says: I don't think it'll change anything. The Daily supports us, and the neighbors will not. It won't move public opinion much. If you'll feel better by sending a letter, that's okay.
- Br. Rogers says: I'm of the opinion that we could supply the editorial writer some factual information, and not write a response ourselves. A third party would sound less partial.
- Br H. Martin says: I think the actives saying something would be a good thing, as it'd give other people the perception that we're involved with this. I don't want to argue or dispute things, I just want to give people a feel for what we think, and some of the facts surrounding the situation.
- Br. Lowe says: I think it would be a good idea to talk to the person who wrote the article and tell him what the facts are.
- Br. Gilland says: I think there are many serious factual errors, but believe we should let a third party argue our case for us. If a third party writes on our behalf, it lends our case some legitimacy.
- Br. Wheatley says: I think writing an opinion letter to the editor is the wrong way to do this. It won't be viewed as one person speaking his opinion, but rather, the opinion of the group. I think we should create a press release and give the information to the paper, asking them to contact us if they have questions. If you write a letter to the editor, they can chop it up, and you don't know what it'll look like. Give them an interview, so we can present our side of the facts.
- Br. Kirkpatrick says: There is some confusion about whether writing a response to the editor and writing a press release is just one option. They're two separate possibilities. I think it's a pretty dangerous idea to get in the middle of this discussion. I'm opposed to doing this.
- Pl. Mulder says: You will drag yourself down if you get involved in this personally. I know people on the editorial staff, and can get them involved. If we wanted to, I could talk to one of them to do an interview or handle a working press release.
- Br. Lewis says: I don't think we need to write an editorial on it.
- Br. McCann says: Regardless of the content, an editorial response will look reactionary. It'll look like we're backpleddling.
- Br. Meizlish says: Public opinion sways more court cases than anything else. Everything that's been in the paper has been negative, against us, and incorrect. You lose support this way. A discussion of facts, discounting certain rumors, would be my idea.
- Br. Branson says: The press really hasn't been that negative. Actual press coverage has been unbiased, or slightly on our side. As far as the court case goes, this is a property question, and there is much less of an outlet for public opinion on this topic.
- Br. H. Martin says: I like Br. Wheatley's idea of a press release, and seeing if we get any interview requests.
- Br. Wheatley says: You guys need to rush, not be writing letters to the editor. The corporate lawyers and trustees are managing this topic. What Br. Branson says is right. This won't be a twelve person jury or anything. This will be one judge. They'll know how to move, they'll know what the law is. We'll ask to disqualify any judge from Norman. The judge will read the transcript from the Board of Adjustment. Everything will be a matter for the judge to decide on the basis of facts. If you want something to write, write letters to Rushees. Be good citizens, work on rush, and we'll handle the legal stuff.
- Br. Kirkpatrick says: Since the corporation president chose not to respond, I'd like to ask the brethren: "what higher purpose are you looking to accomplish by writing a response to the editor?" If we say we won't build parking on the lot now, we won't have the option to do so in the future. I agree with Br. McCann -- we should have written our materials before this editorial came up.
- Br. Gilland says: I'm all for focusing on rush. I would like to see something come out from this, though.
- Br. Kirkpatrick makes a motion to close debate. Motion passes, and debate is closed.

Reaper Report
- I sent out a list earlier in the week.
- Have lots of thing to bug people about, but no deadlines!
- Siard has some forms to finish. Branson has some. Secretary and VP have a few.
- Scholarship chair must register events beforehand if he has any.

Executive Committee Report
- No report made.

Old Business
- No old business.

New Business
- Br. Kirkpatrick would like to make a motion discouraging the writing of an editorial letter, and suspend all communication by the active organization with the media until at least February 19th.
- Br. H. Martin says: I would like to discourage making a hard and fast rule against talking to the press. I don't write anything unless I think it's really good. I think it's in our best interests to think about these things on a per-item basis.
- Br. Kirkpatrick would amend his motion to say: except in cases determined by Executive Council.
- The bill passes.

Action Item List
- BMG: Need to make and distribute call list
- KLR: Make sure I get my car to the shop to get fixed.
- SCS: Fill out Form X for budgeting


Br. Wheatley
- Worked nine and a half hours today, running wire, moving tiles, etc.

Br. Kraft
- Job interview on Thursday.

Br. Yarrison
- Going to Ohio to check out Ohio State University for becoming a grad student.

Br. Powell
- Although I tried to avoid it, I'm reading three books at the same time.
- Dropped out of numerical analysis
- Now in Foundations of Analysis
- Also discovered the Apache houses' washer is leaking

Br. Martin
- Some high school girl hit my car. Clearly her fault, but they're disputing that. I'm trying to get my car repaired.
- I still don't know when I'll be able to get into Computer Architecture this semester.
- School is fun, ain't it?

Br. Lowe
- Nothing to report.

Br. Garner
- I feel very optimistic about this semester.

Br. Aldridge
- I decided on Foundations of Dialysis this week. I feel purged!
- Classes will be really cool this semester.
- I'm really glad I chose this week to go to Huston Huffman, on the schedule I did.
- I'm going to start giving an enzyme of the week. This week's is: aldolase

Br. Rogers
- Lisa and I are doing the bridal registry this week -- if I seem stressed out, this is why.
- I finally have fourteen hours, which means I can finally get my money from the state regents. I added a math minor, and a piano class.
- I have a phone interview on the thirtieth with Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines. I'm working on getting an internship this summer.
- If anyone knows a cheap place where I can get a Palm, let me know at the aftermeeting.

Br. Branson
- Rush is going well.

Br. Lewis
- It's been a pretty boring week.
- This week sucked too.
- At least I'm getting some on a regular basis.

Br. Siard
- I have an interview with National Instruments, probably in Austin.
- I think I became the first person to deinstall Windows 2000 without having to format my HD.
- I had set theory six times this week, and I'm only in two math classes.

Br. Williams
- Good weekend.
- The movie High Fidelity was good.

Br. Meizlish
- I am six days a week so busy. I'm getting six hours a sleep a day.

Br. Scott
- Janet Reno made a special appearance on SNL last night.

Br. McCann
- I'm now enrolled in 24 hours of class. 3 math, 4 CS, and 1 philosophy. Over $6K for out of state tuition!

Br. Kirkpatrick
- I have to turn in a problem set or a drop slip for my Open Channel Flow class.
- Off to a great start so far. Fourteen weeks until the semester is over.

Br. Gilland
- For those of you who haven't seen Snatch, it's quite humorous.
- I'm getting sick.
- We've had two rush events in the past couple of days. I have one guy who's begging or a bid.
- Had under a week of classes, and already missed two.
- Four of my five classes discusses set theory, and the one I sat in on gave a massive dose of set theory.

Br. Thomas
- I humbly report nothing.

Br. Martin
- I got an interview for a computer lab job.

Br. Abernethy
- Classes suck, homework sucks.
- Snatch was good. The soundtrack was decent too.

Pl. Mulder
- Never try three nights in a row going to sleep at 6AM with alcohol in your blood.
- Woke up to fireworks this morning -- my room overlooks Owen field.
- Overall, while I was not here, I was dancing every night coming home with a different girl. I want just one!
- I've got 17 hours of class, and I'm having a great semester. Maybe I'll even become a brother.

Pl. Cantu
- I've been invited to do an IBM internship in Houston this summer. I'll be working with UNIX.
- I came home to the aftermath of an overflowed bathroom. My wife and I had a fun five days cleaning that up.

Final Announcement
- Br. Gilland receives the award for getting the Welcome Back party set up.

Meeting End 7:52pm