Name: 418
Title: 03.09.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present: Mason Barber, Andrew Runyan, Tyler Toath, Tanner Nees, Neelesh Shivastaiva, Ben Slater, Nathon Ashley,
Justin DeCoster, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbley, Sean English, John Gregg, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Derick Duffner,
Chris Gibson, Cambdon Martin, Travis Jacobs,

Others present: Molly Priebe, Madison Brower,

President- New composite, pledge class letters on the board,ifc handed me good things, Stoles for seniors, got list of soroity events to be emailed out.
Vp- Thank you for volentieering, news report for the botball, be nice to each other
Rush- Nothing
House- None
Treasure- Pay your dues, if not talk to me,
Secretary- None
Scholorship- Study nights going great, more ask are showing up then triangle,
Programming- Post Purim Party, just barly sumitted stuff for big event,
Ask liason- nothing
Steward- nothing
Calander- Rolla, spring break,
Tshirt- Im sick, vote to be up in a week,
Athletic- none
Resident- none
Social media chair- Got a hat
Triangle liason: ASK wants to have igniciations at the manor,

old business-
new business-
Need to decide on how to run meeting, house cleaning, check emails, First robotics compotition sat 3 days of this month,

Barber- Need to start triangle robot wars,
Runyan- Yes but we slap edicational on it and get free money to run it
Toth- Kids and robots awesome and lego movie, 2 yrs with money
Nees- Not having a car sucks
Shirvastava- Capston teacher told me what my grade will be
Slater- Thanks for ordering homintoshin, we ordered 44 dozens, covering our party for party
Nashley- Not here right now please leave message at the beep
Sheely- Insomnia + Stress= Sad Austin
DeCoster- I think im still drunk
Lewis- Im exited for rolla
Corbly-Im exited for rolla too and we are getting a puppy
Fraley- If i get the IT job my life will get 10x better
Fratus- Pay dues
English- Went to work
Gregg- Last night was fun to a point
Lair- Never having puppies again
Garcia- Rave and afterparty was awesome
Grabow- Going to bed at a good hour
Duffner- Good morning, if you have advil i will love you
Gibson- Saw new 300 movie it was awesome,
Martin- We should have a robot fueled by puppies
Jacobs- I just got all of mass effect and fabile serious,
Brower- Going to houston insted of school this week
Priebe- Nothing

Member of the week- members that went to botball
Mop head- Carl
Quote of the week
"If i could give $20 million dollar hugs!" John