Name: 417
Title: 02.23.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present: Jeff Bowls, Mason Barber, Clint Shepard, Tyler Toath, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shivastaiva, Nathon Ashley, Austin Smit,
Justin DeCoster, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbley, Carl Fratus, Sean English, John Gregg, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Derick Duffner,
Chris Gibson, Cambdon Martin, Travis Jacobs,

Others present: Jillian Langham, Molly Priebe, Madison Brower,

President Going to talk to cobie, The composet is done-he is going to send me a draft, big event info is in- email to come soon,
Vp- Going to witchita wild life for retreat, pledging for joey, reinbersment form is online,
Rush- Account ability form
House- Plumbing in this house sucks like our H vac, machines work, power strips for tables, new exits,
Treasure- Pay dues, chapterspot
Secretary- Pledges to drive soon
Scholorship- Study nights this week, test and gpas
Programming- Friday went well, after party for maskarave,
Ask liason- none
Steward- Pledge ed is going on with me, check schedual,
Calender- Check the board,
T shirt- I have tshirts, servay for the tshirts
Athletic- Soccor sign ups next week,
Resident- Check house,
Social media chair- Nothing
Triangle liason- March 8 maskarave,
Pledge ed- Let me know when you can do make ups

old business-
new business-

Bowls-Better than cake,
Barber- Bill,bill,bill, bill ni
Shepard- So drop kick murphy thursday i will be getting tickets
Toath- Some people party in real life, i party in
Nees- Work wanted me to work full time but im full time student
Blue- Can you hook me up working on bowling machin
Sirvastiva- Sweets are free
Slater- One week to order homicoshin
Nashley- All you need is money to win
Shmit- Pianos
Dacoster- Nothing
Lewis- Long as week - jillian and Me are official
Corbley- Picture from the 40s is photoshoped
Fratus- Pay dues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
English- Homework
Gregg- I have homework but less
Lair- Sooners without boarders is collecting tabs
Garcia- If you read this and tell me first you get a prize,
Grabo- Check out ruf in dale 211, mmmmmmmm
Duffner-Im going to bring some tools, if you dont know how to use them dont use them, we didnt say happy bday
Gibson- Wish i could go to retreat but have drill, have homework
Martin- I live in a place with hot water
Jacobs- I also live in a place with hoot water
Brower- Driver licens on Tuesday
Priebe- Thanks for the machince help
Langham- I made a 82 on first comp 2 power

Member of the week- Justin
Mop head- Haily,
Quote of the week
"i dont care about it breaking, i just dont want to get juices all over me!" Haily