Name: 415
Title: 02.09.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present- Mattew Meizlish, Ryan Bruce, Jeff Bowls, Mason Barber, Clint Shepard, Tyler Toath, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shivastaiva, Nathon Ashley, Nathon Sheely, Austin Shmit,
Justin DeCoster, Josh Rynolds, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbley, Ethan Fraly, Carl Fratus, Sean English, John Gregg, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow,

President- BLF was here Friday, took minutes for that,
Vp- Pledging next weekend, get bids back, be at after-meeting, Retreat is in the works, exec counsel knows what to get me,
Rush- Pledging this Sunday, 8pm event Tuesday, and lan party Friday 7pm, Rush the box if you need to, team for lan set up,
House- Start showing up to work day, $12 for 2 events
Treasure- Chapter-spot needs to be implemented this week or next, reimbursement for iweek we can talk, Pay Pay Pay Pay,
Secretary- Calender going out this week, April 4-6 mid evil fair
Scholarship- Schedules together for everyone, test schedules needed,
Programming- Went shopping for party on 21st, tried to get a hold of programming board- they where not there,
Ask liaison- None
Steward- Dinner special still on, check schedule, talking to Kahn to get new bowls, dont leave things in rise area
Calender- Will get with secretary
T shirt- 3-4 designs for people to vote on shirts
Athletic- Soccer coming up, 3 in for racket ball anymore takers,
Resident- Yes-see Meizlish notes,
Social media chair: none
Triangle liaison: none
Flyer chair: They will be done tonight

Old business-
Vote Change parlor fee to flat rate to $90 to start next fall, Passed
New business-
Weekly growth plan for triangle brothers,
Guest at house, ASK are not picking up after them self's,

Meizlish- Been here all weekend for BLF, had back misconceptions of BLF until yesterday, Meetings this weekend where awesome, they where very supportive for us, last time they where here that where doom and gloom,Oklahoma chapter always starts the crazy things first and makes it through,
myth- we owe 1. something to BLF, BLF owns the house out right, Blf is going to restructure in the next year, they are going to make us pilot chapter, 5 colonies/interest groups want to start new chapters, they are going to us our house to loan against, and help chapters that are having trouble, Put us on pedestal and use us. Triangle does things different
Resident halls have jacked up rates, university holds you hostage, Fraternity have nice houses and they need work to keep them nice and up to date, Blf wants it to be equal or greater then other chapter houses, Blf came in and looked at our house, Blue and Carl was on this tour showing them the problems, they pushed back and then noticed the magnitude
of things going on, mood changed after 10 min and they put fire under property manager to get things done, made a huge list of things to get fixed and livable for brothers in the chapter, thanks for Blue for complaining, if you can get the bathrooms an kitchens stem clean and get things fixed, internet that sucks a southbound rhino, hair on fire internet in the future,
lot of talk of fixing and getting brothers moved in, price may go up but well worth it on returned, the culture around the manor may have to change to keep up with all the things changing around, boarders are welcome in the fall, more brothers need to move in to keep crazy's out, 23 rooms and 31 people max, get alum to move in, there is a combo of cant move in or cant
afford it, try and experience living in the house for 1 year, how can i move in the house when i cant afford it?, have them talk to me about plans and money issues, PAY BILLS!!!!!!,
Bagwell put together a scholarship, the money sit in a bank of account, this is meant to give a scholarship, this is meant to be money given to brothers to help in school, I will try and have better communication from now on, Parking is my new job- BOD is going to work with historic society and become buddy buddy so we can get things done, when clearance is given paving will start, Founders is 12 April,
His job- yell if not done in 6 months,CBRE should have feet on the ground yesterday to get things done, Next month or so they should be evaluating everything to get done, the results of this weekend is things will get done,
Bruce- Came for dinner
Bowls- The following is all false
Barber- I do not have something, My nephew is not going to become a triangle because of Pokemon
Shepherd- Im not hungry
Toath- Jeff is intelligent, food
Nees- Nothing
Blue- Lego movie sucks
Neleesh- Nothing
Ashley- Jeffs words are a lie
Sheeley- Following is all false
Shmit- Pass
Decoster- Is everything true or false
Rynolds- If you see 2 boxes with my name on it let me know
Lewis- Puppies tired
Corbly- Tired
Fraley- Blake wanted to say he is all right, we will see him soon
Fratus- By things on, pay bills
English- Yea me, tons of homework
Gregg- Spent all Friday night in the right mind, Saturday with dad,
Lair- Told here what bobsledding was
Garcia- Details at after-meeting
Grabow- Hunnnnger,magic card

Member of the week- Meizlish, Blue
Mop head- Tanner for eyes sweating
Quote of the week
"Put a bag over there head, its not gay, right?" Daniel