Name: 413
Title: 01.26.2014
Last modified: 2015-10-05
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Brothers present- Ryan Bruce, Jeff Bowls, Mason Barber, Clint Shepard, Tyler Toath, Tanner Nees, Blue, Neelesh Shivastaiva, Nathon Ashley, Nathon Sheely, Austin Smit,
Justin DeCoster, Josh Rynolds, Chris Lewis, Tim Corbly, Ethan Fraly, Sean English, Abe Lair, Miles Garcia, Thomas Grabow, Blake Dolin

Others present- Molly Priebe, Haily Head Ash Bodydston, Madison Brower,

President- Hazing form in, trying to get a hold of Mizlash, chapter spot should be set up soon,
Vp- Be excellent to each other
Rush- Check board for up coming events, need to bring board game to TASK game night EPF 200, Lan party Co Host with COG, taking soda and snacks to.
House- Kicked butt cleaning, big work day next weekend, starts at noon
Treasure- Budget is in front of you, vote next week on it,
Secretary- none
Scholarship- Schedule compiled, need to send me them asap, need test schedules,
Programming- none
Ask liaison- New Liaison, TASK game night tomorrow
Steward- Sorry for train wreck, meals as plan for next 3 weeks up tonight, Labeled the kitchen, please dont stake things crazy, BCCS this Tuesday- need list of count for attendance, need list of sides for BBQ, dues
Calender- Everything is up to date
T shirt- Working on t shirt, how about hoodies? $24-$30, ideas coming in so should have a list soon,
Athletic- Racket ball sign up this week is $20,
Resident- Reply to email about moving in for BLF, Get ready for BFL,
Social media chair- Going to get in touch with oumm and coe new letter, Facebook up to date, Go like our Facebook page,
Triangle liaison: TASK Game night

Old business-
New business-
Need to pass business meeting minutes, Introduce budget, Iweek and Retreat need to be switched around on money, look at money for scholarship and a little of of house,

Bruce- Want to by a Wii talk to me
Bowls- nothing
Barber- This is my thing double puppies
Shepherd- Award needs to be up dated
Toath- Upstaged today
Nees- That was fast, fried a new SD card
Blue- School is dumb
Neelesh- Half done with homework
Nashley- Everyone that is graduating get with me
Sheely- Been fantastic, new game will pay itself off in a week, a bumper car welded its self to the floor
Shmit- T shirts guys
Decoster- Love to make new t shirts, need ideas for them
Rynolds- Half way to getting my homework started,
Lewis- Glad no one was shot this week, keep phone charged for those events
Corbly- Lot and lots of homework
Fraly- Started watching Dexter, almost choked on popcorn Kernel
English- Work sucks
Lair- Made a girl cry his week, unstable emotions
Garcia- Skipped on elected officials and announcements new leaf blower,
Grabow- See blues announcement
Dolin- Got promoted and no money for it
Head- If all your classes on one day all the assignments due on that day
Prebie- Lots of drama this week, Tyler and me are on last 2 episodes of trigun
Brower- Put up fliers for TASK events
Boydston- Justin and Austin are having a baby together... named Shmitcoster

Member of the week- Blue for getting a blower that sucks,

Mop head- Tanner and Neelesh

quote of the week-
"Never pull out" in unison Blue, Carl and Tonio